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Extended Producer Responsibility: A Materials Policy for the 21st Century

June 2000

Bette Fishbein (INFORM), John Ehrenfeld (MIT), and John Young (Materials Efficiency Project) (2000, 290 pp.,)
ISBN 0-918780-73-X

This book addresses materials use and its environmental impacts worldwide; EPR policies and programs in the United States; e-commerce and its potential environmental impacts and implications for EPR; and the corporation's role in implementing EPR and related policies. Prepared on the occasion of Expo 2000, the international exposition held in Hanover, Germany, from June 1 to October 31, 2000, the report's findings were presented by it authors -- Bette Fishbein of INFORM, John Ehrenfeld of MIT, and John Young of the Materials Efficiency Project -- at the Berlin Resources Summit preceding the exposition.

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