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Read about the Global Footprint Network and learn how to find your personal footprint.
Ecological Footprint

Read about the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, an organization that has transformed the way food is grown, basing its techniques on Alan Chadwick's farming systems started almost forty years ago.

Read about how two creative individuals have found a unique way to make one-of-a-kind notebooks from vintage record sleeves, thrift store buys and reclaimed office paper, each with their own interwoven papergeist.

Find out what technology exists to create a significant amount of paper from alternative fibers.
The Wheat Sheet

Read about TerraCycle™ Inc., the world's first company to mass produce a product that actually leaves a negative ecological footprint.

Meet eco-innovator,
Larry Zirkle of
Total Reclaim,Inc.

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Our Founder

Joanna D. Underwood began INFORM in 1973 with the goal of documenting the environmental impact of business practices and identifying practical options for change. Under her guidance, INFORM became and remains a prime force in educating decision-makers from both the public and private sectors about the need for preventive approaches to some of this country's most complex environmental problems.

Ms. Underwood moved on from INFORM to pursue her own projects in 2006. Her legacy includes what we refer to as INFORM’s Top 10 Achievements, and, of course, the many awards INFORM won during the years of her leadership.

INFORM's Top Ten

1976–1978 – INFORM’s investigation of the land sales industry leads to proposed consumer amendments in the Federal Interstate Land Sales Reform Act.

1986 – INFORM’s recommendations result in the creation of the US EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory, a system for industry to report its releases of toxic chemicals.

1989 – INFORM is among the first organizations to promote the benefits of using natural gas as a fuel option.

– INFORM’s chemical research documents the benefits of preventing waste and inspires the federal 1990 Pollution Prevention Act.

– INFORM’s investigation of chemical plants finds that companies can reduce waste and save money by preventing pollution at its source.

– INFORM publicizes extended producer responsibility, a policy approach that makes manufacturers responsible for their products from creation to disposal.

– INFORM’s Toxics Watch report reveals that much of the toxic waste released into the environment comes from consumer products, not chemical manufacturing plants.

– INFORM is among the first organizations to call attention to the threats posed by the hazardous substances contained in the millions of cell phones discarded annually.

– INFORM’s Bus Futures report concludes that investing in natural gas buses is key for making progress toward cleaner buses and cleaner air.

2004–2005 – INFORM’s Cleaning for Health program helps 77 institutions in the Northeast prevent more than 56,000 pounds of toxics chemicals from entering the waste stream.

We are very proud of the awards INFORM has won over the years, and the testimonials from supporters and admirers.

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