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Read about the Global Footprint Network and learn how to find your personal footprint.
Ecological Footprint

Read about the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, an organization that has transformed the way food is grown, basing its techniques on Alan Chadwick's farming systems started almost forty years ago.

Read about how two creative individuals have found a unique way to make one-of-a-kind notebooks from vintage record sleeves, thrift store buys and reclaimed office paper, each with their own interwoven papergeist.

Find out what technology exists to create a significant amount of paper from alternative fibers.
The Wheat Sheet

Read about TerraCycle™ Inc., the world's first company to mass produce a product that actually leaves a negative ecological footprint.

Meet eco-innovator,
Larry Zirkle of
Total Reclaim,Inc.

Larry Zirkle Photo


Who We Are

"We are dedicated to educating the public about the effects of human activity on the environment and public health. Our goal is to empower citizens, businesses and government to adopt practices and policies that will
sustain our planet for future generations.

INFORM prides itself on more than three decades of identifying innovative technologies, practices and products that provide practical solutions to complex environmental and health-related problems. Through the 1970s and into the dawn of this millennium, INFORM’s work – published in more than 100 extensively-distributed, accessible, and groundbreaking reports – helped focus public, government and industry attention on emerging environmental issues, and identified practical, implementable measures to tackle them. Our reports, and the outreach and advocacy we spearheaded around them earned us widespread recognition and numerous awards.

More importantly, our efforts made a difference. INFORM had a national impact on key environmental issues, such as chemical hazard prevention, solid waste prevention/extended producer responsibility, and sustainable transportation.

We’re making sure that our work will continue to effect change. We recently completed a strategic planning process, from which we emerged with a revised mission, vision, and approach to informing our stakeholders.

The new INFORM will preserve the activist spirit of the original organization, using information on environmental effects to shape corporate practice, public policy and public opinion. In addition, the new INFORM will disseminate this information by making strategic use of video and the web to reach and engage a greatly expanded audience, serve our supporters and facilitate deep interaction among the communities – online and off – to which we connect.

INFORM’s work will be centered around three key programs: Cleaning for Health, Extended Producer Responsibility, and Outreach through INFORM Media.

We are excited about our new direction – one that retains the best of the organization’s old programs and combines them with the technology of today and tomorrow – and will keep you INFORMed as we build and progress.



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