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  • We’re partnering with the High School for Environmental Studies to create a Secret Life class in which students make their own videos.
  • The Secret Life of Cell Phones was screened at cell phone recycling collection points throughout the Johns Hopkins University campus on Earth Day.
  • Zayed University in Dubai has requested use of Secret Life materials for its students.

Fact Sheets

All our fact sheets are PDF files unless noted otherwise.


Executive summaries:

  • Tracking Toxic Chemicals: The Value of Materials Accounting Data,
    Mark H. Dorfman and Marian Wise (1997, 80 pp.) ISBN 0-918780-68-3
    Explores why New Jersey's materials accounting data is a valuable means of collecting information on toxic chemicals and would greatly improve the Toxic Release Inventory, the federal database of toxic chemicals. The report shows how the materials accounting data provide a new way of measuring pollution prevention progress.
  • Risks on Record: An Overview of TSCA's Substantial Risk Reporting System with Bulletions on Selected Chemicals
    Carolyn Nunley (1996, 45 pp.)
    When a company discovers a "substantial risk" to human health or the environment associated with a commercial chemical it manufactures, processes or distributes in this country, it is required to report this information to US EPA. However, very little public attention has been paid to the more than 13,000 "Notices of Substantial Risk" recorded in EPA's database over the last 20 years. Risks on Record is the first major independent initiative to analyze this little-known resource.

  • Toxics Watch 1995
    (1995, 816 pp.)
    Consolidates and examines data from the Toxics Release Inventory, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and numerous other sources to determine trends in the use of toxic chemicals in commerce, their presence in industrial waste, and their release to the environment. Looks at the legislative developments in the field, new information on health effects, and the rise of the environmental justice movement.

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