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  • We’re partnering with the High School for Environmental Studies to create a Secret Life class in which students make their own videos.
  • The Secret Life of Cell Phones was screened at cell phone recycling collection points throughout the Johns Hopkins University campus on Earth Day.
  • Zayed University in Dubai has requested use of Secret Life materials for its students.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets on Advancing the Shift to Sustainable Transportation

Executive summaries:

  • Clean Transportation for New York: A Long Road Ahead
    Roberta Weisbrod and Gina Goldstein (2000, 42 pp.,).

    Documents policies and programs aimed at putting clean-fuel vehicles on the road in New York State and City. Includes findings on New York's progress in making the transition to cleaner vehicles, as well as recommendations for significantly accelerating the acquisition and use of clean-fuel cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles throughout the state.

  • Spotlight on New York: A Decade of Progress in Alternative Transportation Fuels
    James S. Cannon (1997, 28 pp.,).

    Provides a complete summary of New York State and City's progress toward sustainable transportation through a variety of innovative programs and inspired initatives.

  • Harnessing Hydrogen: The Key to Sustainable Transportation
    James S. Cannon (1995, 360 pp.,) ISBN 0-918780-65-9.

    Provides a comprehensive overview of national and international initiatives to produce pollution-free hydrogen from renewable resources and then store, distribute, and use it in vehicles

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