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  • We’re partnering with the High School for Environmental Studies to create a Secret Life class in which students make their own videos.
  • The Secret Life of Cell Phones was screened at cell phone recycling collection points throughout the Johns Hopkins University campus on Earth Day.
  • Zayed University in Dubai has requested use of Secret Life materials for its students.

Welcome to the Green Circle

INFORM is proud to feature Environment Furniture as

our first Green Circle member!


The green furniture store has become an extremely successful and environmentally conscious company, with showrooms around the nation. They have an inspirational business model for companies looking to join the Green Circle and support the campaign for higher environmental literacy.

Environment Furniture has made environmental stewardship their first and foremost responsibility and privilege. They create all of their unique furniture collections utilizing reclaimed, recycled, and sustainably harvested wood and are committed to environmentally conscious production. In the past year, Environment has also passed stringent entry requirements to become a partner member of the Tropical Forest Trust, a leading global organization working to promote sustainable forestry at the local level.

Environment Furniture also focuses on sustainable practices in their showrooms and production spaces. The green furniture store completed their second carbon inventory and eliminated any processes that emit VOCs from their production process. They’ve implemented a green operations guide and enforced paper use policies in their offices and retail locations. These are the meaningful changes that really influence the effect of the commercial industry on the globe. Environment Furniture has really paved the road for other commercial industries to follow in their footsteps and make a realistic, profitable, and earth-friendly business model.


INFORM is inviting a group of corporate leaders that exhibit visionary commitment to sustainable business practices to join INFORM's Green Circle.

The Green Circle is designed to promote companies that share the vision of a 21st century economy based on practices that preserve the environment, and protect public health without compromising commercial success.

As a member of INFORM's Green Circle, your company can be associated with INFORM's recommended business practices, thereby building trust in your brand. Specifically, members of INFORM's Green Circle will receive:

  • Acknowledgment in the closing credits of our videos
  • Placement of your logo on INFORM's website (the new website is set to launch this June), and on marketing and collateral materials
  • Prominent branding and/or participation in upcoming INFORM public appearances, such as sneak-peak video screenings and INFORM's popular Green Holidays Sustainable Products Silent Auction in December
  • A case study conducted by INFORM staff on what your company is doing to reduce usage of resources and protect the environment
  • 20% discount on consulting services to help your company

Note: Size and placement of logo, case study, and other benefits in keeping with membership level.

  • Corporate Leaders:  $25,000
  • Corporate Partners: $10,000
  • Corporate Associates: $5,000

Other (exclusive) opportunities that meet your company's social responsibility goals at excellent value:

  • Unique sponsorship of new video in Secret Life series
  • Sponsorship of launch party for new video release
  • Sponsorship of year-long social media intern
  • Sponsorship of MAD (Making A Difference) Question section on our website
  • Sponsorship of online auction on e-Bay of sustainable products (6x/year)

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