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  • We’re partnering with the High School for Environmental Studies to create a Secret Life class in which students make their own videos.
  • The Secret Life of Cell Phones was screened at cell phone recycling collection points throughout the Johns Hopkins University campus on Earth Day.
  • Zayed University in Dubai has requested use of Secret Life materials for its students.

Recycle Your Cell Phone

What are the benefits of recycling cell phones?

There are several reasons that recycling cell phones is better for the environment. Recycling cell phones conserves natural resources and reduces the huge environmental impacts from resource extraction. Recycling cell phones also prevents toxic substances from polluting the soil, water and air when they’re sent to landfills or incinerators. And recycling reduces the amount of waste that towns and cities have to handle.

Extending the life of the phone through reuse is the best thing we can do, so mail it in, take it back, donate it, or sell it online!

Mail it in

If you are ready to recycle your phone and want to mail it directly to a recycling facility,
like GreenPhone.

Take It Back

Below is a list of national stores that have cell phone take-back programs. Stores will take back all cell phones – no matter where they were purchased. Some stores are not listed because they have store-by-store recycling policies as opposed to company-wide policies.

Alltel Sam’s Club
AT&T Wireless Sprint Wireless
Best Buy Staples
The Body Shop T-Mobile
Circuit City Target
Costco US Cellular
FedEx Kinko's Verizon Wireless
Office Depot Virgin Mobile
OfficeMax Wal-Mart
Radio Shack

Sell It

Cell phones have value. Make some money for yourself! Here are some websites where you can sell your cell phone online.



Donate It or Hold a Fundraiser

Here are some organizations that will donate the proceeds from cell phone recycling to charities of your choice, or help you carry out a fundraiser for your school or community group.



To Recyclers:

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control conducted an analysis using EPA test methods, and determined that cell phones can be classified as hazardous waste. INFORM urges all recyclers to follow the United Nation’s Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative Decision Tree Procedure – a guidance document on the international movement of hazardous waste under the Basel Convention. You can find the Decision Tree in Appendix 4(b) of the Guidance Document here.

We also encourage you to take the Electronics Recycler’s Pledge of True Stewardship.

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