How Long Does a Trane Ac Last

How Long Does a Trane Air Conditioner Last

Air conditioners are excellent appliances that increase our comfort level when the temperature inside is way too high. ACs are complex machines with several components that have to run adequately to perform the cooling function we need for comfort. Like vehicles, air conditioning units need regular maintenance to perform as expected and last as intended.

Since air conditioners, Trane units included, don’t come very cheap, we need to protect the investment and get the best out of it for the longest time. Nobody wants to buy an AC system once a couple of years; we need to maximize our return on investment. Trane AC units will perform as expected for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Having said that, the estimated useful life of a Trane AC is around two decades. Usage, maintenance, and environment are some factors that will impact the cooling system’s lifespan. We want you to benefit from your Trance AC for the longest time so keep reading to learn how to make your AC last for 15-20 years.

Make your Trane AC last for many years- here’s how!

No matter the appliance we’re talking about, proper and regular examination and tune-ups are crucial for good performance. The Trane AC units don’t make for an exception. We recommend you hire professionals for routine maintenance work. It’s one critical step to take to reduce the risk of problems. It’s also essential to maintain a high quality of the air.

Here are some preventive maintenance steps to take on for expanding your Trane AC’s lifespan:

  • Examine the fan motor to see if all parts are intact. They shouldn’t show signs of damage or be loosened.
  • Monitor volts and amps on the fan motor
  • Tighten every electrical connection
  • Check out the water condensate, drain lines and refrigerant for leakages
  • Replace the filtration system from time to time or as often as necessary
  • See if all wirings are connected and properly working
  • Check out the refrigerant pressure and compressor voltage. They should be within the operational and safe ranges
  • Remove the dust pile up by cleaning out the blower wheel
  • Wash the condenser coil. Throw away any trash.

Get the most out of your Trane AC and ensure excellent air quality and lifespan for the unit by hiring professionals for air conditioning maintenance work. The Trane AC unit will stay in great shape and you will stop minor problems from turning into severe issues.

Here’s why a Trane AC system is a good investment:

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