American standard vs Trane hvac which is better

American Standard vs. Trane

Whether you look for a heat pump, an air conditioner, furnace, coils, air handlers, or other accessories, the final step is often choosing between American Standard and Trane. They’re the most reputed brands in the industry and have been around for more than a century.

American Standard and Trane are owned by the same company

Some say that American Standard and Trane are the same company, but if you take a better look into it, you will see some differences. Truth be told, the two companies are owned by Ingersoll Rand, which is a massive multinational corporation that owns companies in many industries.

American Standard was born in 1885 and purchased Trane in 1984, which can create some confusion amongst customers. Today, Ingersoll Rand is the parent company, while Trane and American Standard manufacture their air conditioners in the same factory. Either way, American Standard and Trane are prestigious for their reliable and durable products.

American Standard and Trane efficiency

Efficiency, quiet operation, and value for money are the aspects that matter when the two companies rank their air conditioners.

Xv201trucomfort variable speed represents the most effective air conditioner and impresses with a 22SEER rating and 750 stages of comfort for exceptional climate control. The air conditioner can automatically adjust temperature and maintains speeds to prevent temperature spikes. It runs quietly and has the cheapest cost per minute.

The most efficient air conditioner for American Standard is the AccuComfort variable-speed platinum 20 air conditioner with a seer rating of up to 22. The system also automatically adjusts to having the most effective speed to keep the comfort levels. It runs incredibly silently and has features to reduce operating spending. The two systems sure do resemble a lot!

The most significant models

American Standard Platinum 20 and Platinum 18 and Trane XV201 and XV18 come with variable speed compressors. The compressors operate at modulating capacity between 40% and 100%. They will speed up or slow down to ensure a proper amount of air conditioning to balance the temperature in your home.


Trane xr13 to xr16 and American Standard silver models are single-stage systems. Whenever they are on, the air conditioners will run at total capacity. Even if some temperature swings may occur, these are the most affordable systems to cool your house.


Trane xl18i and American Standard gold17 are two-stage central air conditioners. They run at low speed (65% of capacity) to maintain even temperatures. They will use high speed only for fast cooling after lowering the thermostat setting.

Low profile

If you’re looking for air conditioners with small footprints and cabinets, we recommend looking at the low profile of the silver 16 and xr16. These are compact models, specially made for limited space. You can install them under a deck or on a patio.

Additional Trane air conditioners

Trane differs from American Standard as it also provides two proprietary models with superior efficiency and performance:

Trane xl16i

The air conditioners in the “i” series come with a variable-speed fan. They match the speed to the compressor’s speed, use less electricity and run 3-5 decibels quieter than other models. You will pay $85 to $150 more than a single-stage fan model.

Trane xr17

It’s the only two-stage model with an affordable price in the XR series. It has an 18-SEER rating and it’s appropriate for warm to hot climates, especially if the humidity is high.

Trane and American Standard features

When you look for air conditioners, you will notice that American Standard and Trane units are some of the best to buy. They impress with performance, innovative technologies, and reliability.

American Standard and Trane offer three specific series based on cooling stages. They present a high-end variable speed range and offer single-stage and two-stage air conditioners.

American Standard has three series: AccuComfort Platinum, Gold, and Silver, whereas Trane offers: XV TruComfort, XL, and XR. Accucomfort and TruComfort represent the top of the line for the companies; the units within these series have the most efficient energy star. Air conditioners from both companies exceed seer standards, run quietly, and ensure excellent quality air and comfort.

American Standard and Trane coils

Most air conditioners from American Standard have 100% aluminum spine fin coils, whereas the silver 16 side discharge comes with a plate-fin coil. The air conditioner coils from Trane resemble those from American Standard.

Trane coils are also used for heat pump equipment and systems—it’s what happens to American Standard ac coils. They are all tested for quality and performance.

Trane and American Standard compressors

Air conditioners from the American Standard’s platinum series come with 700 stages compressors and variable speeds. Trane’s air conditioners’ compressors are similar to American Standard compressors.

American Standard and Trane warranties

Air conditioners from both companies come with a 10-year limited warranty on the outdoor coil and a 10-year warranty on internal functional components.

The American Standard’s AccuComfort and gold series models, along with those in Trane’s true comfort and xl, come with a 12-year limited warranty for the compressor.

Typically, air conditioner manufacturers don’t provide any kind of warranty on labor—after all, it’s not them installing your air conditioner!

Whether you buy a Trane, American Standard, or any other brand, you should always make sure that the manufacturer has approved the contractor. When not correctly installed, the air conditioner won’t perform as expected and will wear out long before its time. Needless to say, installation with a non-certified HVAC technician will void the warranty.

Trane and American Standard air conditioners pricing

Even if you don’t stress about the budget, you will still want to know which of the two companies offers the best value for the price. An accurate price is tricky to provide you with, as dealer prices vary significantly. Moreover, the manufacturers aren’t open to giving that information.

In some way, we understand the policy as there are several factors impacting the final cost from beginning to end. The size of your house, the complex grade of the installation, the climate you live in, and so many more will reflect in the final cost of the air conditioner installation. To make it even more complicated, you will see that dealers can only sell American Standard or Trane—they cannot sell both!

Should we be meticulous, we would have to highlight that DuraToff top on the premium brand air conditioners will increase the price of the units. Trane supplies them standard, whereas American Standard will charge an extra fee. If you want to limit your spending, this is where you can cut down.

Another factor worth considering is that Trane charges dealers a marketing fee so that the contractor will raise the cost too.

All in all, your local contractor and dealers can offer you the most accurate cost for specific models and installation estimates. Don’t forget about the maintenance and service costs. You should include those too to save in the long run.

In Conclusion

Both American Standard and Trane are known for quality and prices above what other brands will offer. Even if you pay the extra buck, you will have an air conditioner with a longer life expectancy and lower risk for mechanical problems than models from other brands.

American Standard and Trane are estimated to be within 3% to 5% of one another. American Standard AC is often more expensive than models from Trane.

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