How Do American Standard Air Conditioners Rate

How Do American Standard Air Conditioners Rate

American Standard is a manufacturer with a long tradition of making HVAC systems. Its lineup of air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and HVAC-related equipment impresses with reliability and affordable prices.

Who is American Standard?

American Standard was born in 1929 when American Radiator (made cast iron radiators) and Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company (produced plumbing) joined forces and became one company. The company would later buy Trane in 1984.

In 2008, Ingersoll Rand bought American Standard and maintained both the American Standard and Trane HVAC lines. To this day, the companies’ HVAC systems resemble on many levels and sometimes, the only differences come from the color and badging.

Is American standard AC a good brand?

American Standard’s systems are more affordable than Trane’s systems. The high installation costs make American Standard (and Trane) some of the most expensive options but worth every penny.

The company thoroughly tests every unit in a harsh environment to ensure that its products offer the best performance. It’s why most customers recommend American Standard to people in extreme climates. Since the units are smaller than the majority, American Standard units are quite popular with mobile and small homeowners.

The air conditioners from American Standard impress with their excellent build and reliable performance, but their energy efficiency leaves room for improvement. For example, the highest-efficiency AC unit from American Standard has a 22 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency), whereas a unit from Lennox can reach a 28 SEER. When we look at the reviews, we also notice that people aren’t happy with the noise level of the units, especially when compared to systems from other brands.

Despite the minor pet peeves, American Standard’s air conditioners don’t need many repairs and are easy to service. With proper maintenance, American Standard systems have a whooping 25 life expectancy.

How do American Standard ACs rate?

Taking a look through four lenses will give you a better picture of American Standard air conditioners:

Energy management

The unit’s compressor is crucial to control energy use. Like most brands, American Standard obtains three tiers of energy efficiency, depending on the compressor.

Single-stage compressors

Most of the brand’s Air conditioners (four out of seven) come with a single-stage compressor. With a single-stage compressor, the AC will run at 100% capacity when it is on. Such units are less energy efficient in the long run, but a lower price is an attractive trade-off for many customers.

Two-stage compressor

With a two-stage compressor, units win in energy efficiency. They come with two gears, with 65% as low and 100% when the unit has to catch up (due to outdoor temperature spike).

Variable-capacity compressors

Two American Standard units come with compressors that modify speeds in small increments (1/10th of 1%). The modular variable speed compressors will speed up and down and offer the most efficient type of cooling. These units are perfect for very warm and humid climates.

Comfort management

Single-stage compressors lead to temperature swings and are typically paired with single-speed blower fans in the furnace or air handles. A two-stage AC will be better, especially when combined with a variable speed blower fan.

A variable capacity AC combined with a variable speed blower fan will result in the most comfortable cooling.

As for controlling staged cooling, American Standard makes three types of Thermostats: AccuLink Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The AccuLink models are touchscreen and have a built-in Nexia Bridge for smart home automation.

Communicating technology

You can use American Standard for American Standard’s proprietary communicating technology. With communicating technology, the furnace and AC send data back to the thermostat, which will be able to accurately monitor the system’s operation to improve temperature control and humidity levels.

Humidity management

ACs can dehumidify the air. When the refrigerant in the indoor coil removes heat out of the air, it becomes very cold. The moisture in the air condenses onto it. However, the coils are sloped with a drain, so condensed moisture is drained away.

A variable capacity AC runs long and low cycles to eliminate more water throughout the day. A two-stage unit will remove 70% moisture, whereas a single-stage unit will be 50% efficient in dehumidifying a house. Therefore, the more humid an environment is, the more you will need a two-stage or variable speed unit to dehumidify your home.

Sound management

Since they run lower than other models, variable capacity compressors are quieter on the low end. Compared to other reputed brands, American Standard air conditioners are a tad louder than most. Even if sound level should never be an essential criterion when buying, it’s an aspect to consider.

Consumer ratings

Here’s how most customers rate American Standard air conditioners on several levels:

  • American Standard Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 92%
  • American Standard Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 93%
  • American Standard Quality as Compared to Other Brands 95%
  • Overall American Standard Opinion from a Technical Perspective 85%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 84%
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