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How Good Are American Standard Heat Pumps

Heat pumps represent an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces for all climates. Like your refrigerator, the heat pump will use electricity to take heat from a cool space to a warm area so that the warm space gets warmer and the cool space cooler. Since they transfer heat and do not produce heat, heating pumps will efficiently create a comfortable environment in your home.

If you need a heat pump and are considering buying American Standard, the following examination is for you. Out of the sea of options, American Standard heat pumps stand out with energy efficiency, durability, and reliability. Will that be enough for you?

How good are American Standard heat pumps?

Heat pumps come in many models, and knowing which model is best for your house is challenging. Apart from the price, you will need to consider the unit’s energy efficiency, features, and size. American Standard is reputed for the high quality of its products. The answer to the questions is, every time, “sure, they are.” Let’s see why!

The options from a distance

American Standard has several heat pumps of various sizes. The efficiency of the heat pumps varies between 13SEER 9HSPF to 20SEER 10HSPF. The three categories of heat pumps have specific names: Platinum, Gold, and Silver, with Platinum 20 Communicating Heat Pump as the top-of-the-line model.

We find the Silver 13 Heat pump as the economy model at the other end. American Standard’s top-of-the-line is Platinum, whereas Silver and Gold are the more economical alternatives. If you look for bells and whistles and are willing to pay the extra buck, anything in the Platinum series will fit your needs. When you have a limited budget and are happy with a less complex heat pump, you can go with the 13 Seer Silver unit.

What types of American Standard heat pumps are available?

Some people don’t really understand the function of heat pumps. Even if they’re made to heat a secluded space, they can also cool that space. Heat pumps are, in fact, complete climate control solutions.

American Standard heat pump linesApart from the size and price, three main specifications are worth considering when selecting the heat pumps: Heating and cooling efficiency, comfort levels, and sound levels.

Premium models are the perfect combination of efficiency, quietness, and comfort. Low compressor modulations, rapidly altering fan speeds, and highly-sensitive thermostat technology makes these heat pumps impress with performance. Opt for such heat pumps if you have a large house as their efficiency leads to lower energy bills.

The silver and Gold series is the budget and middle-of-the-road heat pump model. They will offer similar attributes but won’t have the same impressive energy efficiency and comfort level as the models in the Platinum series. However, they have lower prices which matters when you’re budget-oriented.

The features to expect

One of the many reasons American Standard has been a reputed company for all these years is its focus on developing innovative technologies. Additionally, the brand has a track record for reliability that surpasses brands in the average area. Here are some of the most notable features:

Select features

Select features of American heat pumps are:

  • Spine fin condenser coils
  • Variable-speed ECM condenser fan motors and variable speed ECM blower motors
  • Two-stage heating and cooling


AccuComfortIt’s American Standard’s variable-capacity compressor technology. Most compressors have one (100%) or two stages (70-80%) of operation, whereas the Platinum 18 and Platinum 20 heat pumps present 750 stages, from 25 to 100% of capacity. Therefore, the compressor will modulate up and down in .1% increments. This way, the heat pump will operate at the power you need, according to the indoor and outdoor conditions, to ensure optimized air conditioning and heating with accurate temperature balance.

American Standard utilizes the Duration compressor. It’s a proprietary compressor that amazes professionals with durability and performance.

Control with Nexia

You can use the Nexia app to control the American Standard AccuLink thermostat control and Platinum heat pumps. The app allows you to control also lighting, home security, sensors, electrical outlets, garage doors, etc. For convenience, Nexia works with Alexa devices. As for the acculink thermostat, we notice the user-friendly touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Heat pumps in the Platinum series come with 12 years warranty for the compressor and ten years on parts. Most manufacturers offer limited warranties and the American Standard doesn’t make an exception.

Don’t forget to register your heat pump right after the installation is complete. If you wait too long, you will no longer be eligible for a standard warranty.

Best Selling Models Ratings

American Standard Silver lineSilver XI Heat Pump

The heat pumps in this series are the most affordable form, American Standard. The heat pumps range from 1.5 to 5-ton capacity, with prices varying according to the size. The units have a 14 SEER rating, respectively 9.2HSPF. The heat pumps come with Energy Star certification, ensuring good comfort and high efficiency.

Silver 14

The heat pump isn’t as effective as the upper-end models, but it’s competitive. Its SEER rating is 14.5 and the HSPF is 8.5. It’s a two-star energy-rated model.

Silver 15

The units come with a compelling blend of heating and cooling technology, the Duration compressor, and a competitive price. The 3-star energy-rated model reaches a 16 SEER rating and a 9.5 HSPF rating.

Silver 16

The model stands out with its quiet operation and solid energy efficiency. It uses environmentally-friendly refrigerants and has a solid build. Ratings are 17 (SEER), 9.6(HSPF), and 3.5-star for energy.

Silver 16 Low Profile Heat Pump

Similar to the Silver 16, this model has a slim profile, so it’s ideal for confined spaces. Its HSPF is 10, and the other ratings are the same as Silver 16.

Gold 17

The Gold 17 heat pump balances efficiency, comfort, and price, presenting features like a two-step duration compressor in the upper-end heat pumps. It’s a four-star energy-rated model with a 17.25 SEER and 9.6HSPF rating.

Platinum 16

The units come with two-stage heating and run quietly. The prices are affordable and the units stand out with durability. They present a 19 SEER rating and 9.2 HSPF. They help you cut down on the energy bill and come with a 12-year warranty for the compressor and a 12-year warranty for the other parts.

American Standard platinum lineAccucomfort™ Platinum 18

The heat pump functions smoothly throughout an extensive range of temperatures. It has an 18 SEER rating, a 10 HSPF, and a four-star energy rating.

Accucomfort™ Platinum 19

It’s an excellent choice for confined spaces or areas where you need a subtle heating solution. It’s the quietest model from American Standard and it’s perfect for installing near bedrooms and outdoor living spaces. It has 19.5 SEER and 11.5 HSPF ratings. As the energy-star rating, AccuComfort Platinum 19 has a 3.5 rating.

Accucomfort™ Platinum 20

Accucomfort Platinum 20 is the American Standard’s top-of-the-line model. It runs perfectly thanks to its low compressor modulation and fan speeds, which count for efficiency and noise levels. The SEER rating is 20, whereas the HSPF is 10. The unit has a five-star energy rating and received the Most Efficient of Energy Star award in 2019.

What about pricing and warranties?

Contact your local American Standard HVAC dealer to learn about the costs for installation, running, and the best model for your home. Needless to say, the premium models are the most expensive, as they ensure excellent comfort, energy efficiency, and noise control. They also offer the best energy savings. Always think about the energy bill savings when investing in a heat pump.

The mid-range models offer excellent comfort and energy efficiency and don’t break the bank. The entry-level models shouldn’t surprise you if they have lower efficiency and fewer features for adjustments. If your wallet is thin or you have a small house, models in the lower-end will be a good fit.

American Standard heat pump warranties

American Standard has a 12-year limited warranty on the compressor and a 10-year limited warranty for the internal functional parts and the outdoor coil. Talk to your local dealer about the various warranties with American Standard heat pumps.

Here’s a video detailing the pros and cons of the various tiers of American Standard products:

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