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Which Type Of Air Cooler Is Best For A Room?

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If you live in a hot area or where you usually face dry summers, you can opt for an air cooler to help you fix the issue. One thing that makes air coolers popular is that they are very economical to use and they are generally friendly to the environment.

One of the aim of Informinc is to offer you relevant information on gadgets, devices, and other appliances used at home or in the office. For instance, we will be looking at the right air cooler to use in a room. What air cooler should you choose?

First off, it is important to understand that there is a difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner. Here, we are talking about the air cooler and which is the right choice for a room. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

  1. Deciding the Air Cooler by Its Type

There are generally two common types of air coolers out there. This includes a desert air cooler and the personal air cooler. Both the coolers are used in different climatic conditions.

  • Desert Air Cooler

Desert Air Cooler in large roomDesert air coolers are usually used in the extremely dry climate areas. These coolers come in a large size and are generally the best choice for a large room. With their large design, they also use large water tanks and they come with huge fans too. The huge fans are big enough to push cool air to the farthest corner of the room.

If you want an air cooler that can also be used outdoors, a desert air cooler should be the best pick for you. You can use them in your backyard or on the terrace without a problem.

Desert air coolers are also called window air coolers, and they can cool areas of up to 550 sq. ft. That makes them the perfect choice for using in a large bedroom or in the living room.

  • Personal Air Cooler

young woman sleeping in bed with personal air cooler besideA personal air cooler comes with a smaller size than the desert air cooler. Furthermore, they are the best choice to use in humid weather conditions. If you live in an apartment with small rooms, a personal air cooler would be the best pick for you. Generally, they are the best choice for using in a small room.

Besides that, these units are known to use less energy compared to desert air coolers. Also, personal air coolers tend to be quieter than desert air coolers, which makes them comfortable enough to use in a small room. Even though the personal air coolers come with small water tanks, they can offer excellent cooling for several hours.

The personal air coolers can cover up to 200 square feet. That is why they are suitable for installing in a small bedroom or in the kitchen.

  1. Consider the types of Cooling Pads 

Besides the type of air cooler, you also need to consider the cooling pads onboard. Keep in mind that there are two major types of cooling pads.

  • Honeycomb cooling pads are the first types of cooling pads, and they are cellulose pads that look like a honeycomb. They tend to be very durable and highly efficient too. Also, you will only need to replace them once in two seasons. But, they happen to be very expensive to buy.
  • Aspen cooling pads are the other type of cooling pads. They are three times cheaper than honeycomb cooling pads and come with the look of dried grass. Besides that, the aspen cooling pads come with a texture of wood shavings. Unfortunately, the aspen cooling pads happen to be less efficient than honeycomb cooling pads. But, they are very economical.

So, when choosing the air coolers, consider the one that meets your needs and preferences accordingly. Units that run with aspen cooling pads will be cheaper to buy compared to those with honeycomb cooling pads.

  1. Consider the Motor

One feature that most people ignore is the motor on the air cooler. The motor will determine the delivery of the air cooler and if it will work efficiently at keeping the room cool as needed. First off, it is important to ensure that you choose an air cooler with a strong electric motor. The motor should be able to run efficiently. If you go for the cheap motors, they may end up overheating after a few minutes of running.

Even as you choose a unit with a powerful motor, you should consider if the manufacturer offers a warranty on the motor and if it will run quietly. You don’t want a cooler that will run while making noise.

Luckily, there are multiple room coolers out there that run on powerful motors that are durable and quiet as well.

  1. The Design 

A lot of people tend to ignore the design of the air cooler as they are shopping for one. The design of the air cooler entails the size, and how much space it will take in the room. Just because the air cooler needs to heat the entire room doesn’t mean that it should take a lot of space.

Plus, the air cooler might be too big and even mess up the aesthetics of the room. Ensure that the room cooler you choose is in the right size to fit in the room and that it comes with a sleek and stylish design. Remember that the air cooler will sit in the room throughout. That is why you should go for one that will beautify the room without messing up the look.

  1. Mind the Brand

The brand of the air cooler is another thing you should consider when looking for a good unit. It is advised to always go for the right model from a reputable brand. Choosing an air cooler from a recognized brand assures you of reliability and durability. You can even be lucky to get a trial period deal when you choose an air cooler from a reputable brand.

Even without the air cooler, there are other natural ways to keep your house cool during those hot days. This will help to reduce the energy costs of running the air cooler. All in all, ensure that you choose a reliable, efficient, and durable room cooler.


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