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4 Most Important Car Parts That are Crucial For Road Safety

With part failure being one of the leading causes of road accidents, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that your car’s safety parts are functioning properly.

From stopping your car in time to driving it safely on the road, you need a few car parts for all these processes. Without these parts, you and everyone else on the road is at a high risk of falling prey to an accident.

In this post, we are talking about how such situations can be avoided. Here’s a list of four important car parts that must be in good condition for a safe driving experience.

1. Lights

Whether you are driving on a highway or on a narrow road, the lights on your car play a vital role in procuring your safety.

Here’s a list of important lights that must be functioning properly in your car:

  • Headlights: Whenever you are driving after sunrise, the roads can be dark even with street lights. That’s where headlights come into play.

If the headlights on your car are functioning properly, you will be able to see the road in front of you to have a safe drive.

  • Taillights: Taillight is the red light on the back of your car that shines up when you turn on the headlights. Its purpose is to inform the vehicles driving behind you about you driving in front of them.

This enables them to keep a distance from your car.

  • Indicators: Whether you are overtaking others on the highway or turning in a direction, indicators help people driving behind you and ahead of you know your next move. Based on this, they can make way for you or maintain distance from your vehicle.
  • Brake lights: to inform others on the road about when you are applying the brakes on your vehicle, brake lights are important. These also glow red, and are often confused with taillights.

Driving without these lights means that you are not considering the existence of other vehicles on the road. This is not safe at all. If the headlights, indicators, or tail lights on your car are not working, get a new pair from

2. Brakes

Anyone who has watched a number of action movies would know the consequences of driving without brakes. You can’t stop your vehicle the normal way, and if you are driving such a vehicle, you are inviting a collision.

If your car’s braking system is not performing optimally, it may be time to get it tested and repaired or replaced.

In most cases, you wouldn’t need to replace the entire brake assembly. A new set of brake pads will do the job.

3. Shatter Proof Windshield

Older windshields used to be made of material that would shatter away into thousands of pieces if an accident took place. The shattered glass would obviously injure the passengers inside the car.

Windshields made of shatterproof glass have a layer of polymer in the middle of glass layers. This layer does the job of binding shattered pieces so they don’t scatter and harm the driver or co-passengers.

4. Mirrors

When you drive on the road, it’s crucial to get a clear view of the vehicles riding and driving behind you. This will enable you to take turns or overtake other vehicles safely.

Mirrors are also useful while parking the vehicle and while driving through narrow lanes.

Wrapping Up

For a safe driving experience, a number of accessories and car parts are crucial to be installed in your vehicle. From rearview mirrors to the right lights, everything is important.

In this post, we mentioned four car parts that are crucial for road safety.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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