best electric fly swatter reviews

The Best Electric Fly Swatters

best electric fly swatter reviewsLast thing you want to go through when you go to sleep at night is to hear a buzz that is going to keep you up all night (not to mention you’re going to scratch all night long).

There are many ways that can help you get rid of the annoying flying insects, but if you really like to have some fun while doing it, the electric fly swatters (aka “mosquito rackets”) are the perfect method for you.

What is an electric fly swatter?

Even though their name pretty much says it all, the electric fly swatters are rackets-like devices that feature an electrical charge that is going to zap insects on contact.

We all know that mosquitoes, for instance, aren’t just annoying, but they’re also pretty dangerous for out health too as they carry a massive number of diseases, transmitting them to people and animals around the world. The electric fly swatter is one fast and sure way to get rid of them.

Affordable and easy to use, the electric fly swatters are a great option to keep mosquitoes away at home but also when you go out for a camping trip.

How to choose an electric fly swatter?

The market gives you plenty of options and even if you think it’s not difficult picking the best one, some features aren’t to be overlooked at when buying.

  • The size

This is the very first thing to notice on a racket and you should pick one that matches the challenges of the environment. For instance, if you’re planning a vacation in a mosquito-dense environment, a larger racket is the best option. However, if you’re only looking for one for your patio, a smaller size may do its tricks as well.

  • The design

You should also pay attention and notice how the racket is strung. If you’re dealing with some small biting bugs, you should get one with close-set strings so that the insects don’t just pass through it. When you’re trying to get rid of mosquitos, flies or bees, an electric fly swatter with fewer strings that are even placed far apart may be successful too.

  • The power

As they’re named “electric”, they should get their power from a specific source. Some of this type of devices run on disposable batteries, whereas others are going to charge through an electrical outlet.

If you want to get one on your camping trip, it’s better that you choose a racket that comes with several power options since you don’t want to have a useless racket with you.

  • The build

Another thing to look at is the shape of the handle, or, better said, its ergonomic shape. You want to feel it comfortable in your hand, right? It should also provide a good grip so a rubberized handle is always a good option to have in mind.

One last tip

Even if you’re going to find many electric fly swatters that come with extra-features, but efficiency, safe grip and ease of use are always going to count more. Don’t fall into temptation and pay the extra buck for a feature that makes no sense (why have LED lights on a racket when you can’t see the mosquitoes in the dark anyway?) and make sure you take a look at your wallet when adding to shopping cart.

TOP 7 Electric Swatter Reviews

Are you feeling overwhelmed in the early spring with all those yellow jackets, queen wasps and hornets? If that’s the case for you, you should take the problem under control with the AOWOTO Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Insect Fruit Mosquito Killer.

Some may find its low price the most appealing part, but the electric fly swatter comes with plenty good things. You can use it for killing flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies and all sorts of flying insects that bother you.

Small and lightweight, the tennis racquet –look alike device features 3 buttons so that you may easily turn it on. When you want to send current to the killing grid, you only press the button. Anyway, a red power indicator is going to give you notice that you may use it. The fly swatter presents a 3-layer grid design so that there is no risk for accidental shock. The outer mesh grid isn’t electrified so there is no risk for shock from the outer grid.

The design is smart and the electric bug zapper is foldable, checking the portability box as well. You may use it both indoor and outdoor. The bug zapper also has 2 safety features so that the risk for accidental contact is minimal. It features LED light so that you may spot the bugs in the dark, catching them.

The build is good and the fly swatter is made of ABS long lasting material.

What we like the most about it:

  • It has a smart design
  • It’s foldable and highly portable
  • You can use it indoor and outdoor
  • It comes with protective mesh grid

The downsides don’t compromise its overall value:

  • Some doubt its durability
  • The zapping sound is a bit loud

Effective, portable, small, lightweight and easy to use, the electric fly swatter is a great buy, especially if your money is tight.


One thing to notice about DAEN Electronic Bug Zapper – Mosquito Racket, Fly Swatter is the very large grid that comes with strong 3400V. The electric fly swatter is easy to operate and comes with on/off switch. You only need to swing it towards the flies, hornets, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

The design is smart and the bug zapper comes with blue LED light which is going to lure the mosquitoes, so that you may easily kill them afterwards.

Charging isn’t complicated with this one. You may simply plug it into an USB device, charging it fast and easy. You don’t need to stress about forgetting it in the charger as the battery presents an overcharge protection feature. In addition, you may use the fly swatter before the charge is complete. The 1200mAh battery capacity is going to provide use for a good amount of time.

The fly swatter is safe to use as it has a double-layer design. Both its handle and the racket head are made of new environmentally friendly plastic, without including any chemicals. The mesh is made of steel, so it’s durable.

Made to take the indoor and outdoor use, the fly swatter has a good size and weight. It runs on 2 AA batteries and it’s portable and effective.

Let’s take another look at the positives:

  • It has a large electrified grid
  • The handle and head are made of durable and safe plastic
  • It runs on 2 AA batteries
  • It’s for outdoor and indoor use

The negatives shouldn’t stress you at all:

  • It may not be efficient against large flies
  • Not everyone goes for the bright colors

All things considered, as it’s reliable, effective and comes with a very large grid, the electric fly swatter is a good buy for most.

The Bugzoff Electric Fly Swatter [Destroys Insects in Seconds] Mosquito Repellent u0026amp; Insect Bug Killer is no revolutionary product, but a dependable and sure thing when it comes to killing flying insects.

The electric fly swatter features an improved electro-mesh so you may use it both indoor and outdoor. It kills wasps, mosquitoes and other insects.

Easy to use, the fly swatter comes with a safety feature so that the risk for accidental contact is null. You need to press a button in order to activate the grid, which takes the accidental injuries out of the equation.

The electric fly swatter has a tough build and it’s highly portable. You may easily pack it with you when travelling. No need for cleaning either.

The design is good and the grip is sturdy. The fly swatter has a good weight and feels good in the hand, with nice balance to it. It runs on disposable AA batteries.

Its looks may not be the main attraction, but the price and overall value sure seal the deal for many.

Our list of good things looks as follows:

  • It’s portable and effective
  • It comes with safety feature so there is no risk for accidental contact
  • It kills various insects
  • It has a good weight and provides nice grip

The things we don’t like aren’t major at all:

  • One may find it too big
  • The handle could have a better build

Even if the electric fly swatter isn’t all roses and rainbows, it still stands as an effective, portable and easy to use device at home or when travelling.

If you don’t have the patience to check the details of the Elucto Large Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito, you may very well take a shot in the dark and buy it.

Standing out as one of the most popular choices out there, the electric fly swatter is going to help you get rid of the annoying insects even faster than expected. You don’t need to extra special skills when using it; simply touching the insects is going to be enough. It comes with buttons on the handle, but the risk for accidental operation is minimal.

Unlike other models, this one comes with only one layer of thick electrified wires. This sure explains its high efficiency and easy maintenance. There are no insects trapped inside, there is no cleaning to be done later on either.

You’re going to need to use 2 AA batteries on the bug zapper. There is no charger involved so you don’t need to wait until the batteries are charged. However, you should have some spares around the house.

Made of new ABS plastic, the electric fly swatter is safe to use around kids and pets. It’s an environmentally-friendly device which takes the indoor and outdoor use.

Easy to use and lightweight, the bug zapper ensures fast operation every time.

Let’s take a closer look at the details:

  • It’s easy to use indoor and outdoor
  • It runs on 2 AA batteries
  • It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • It has just one layer of thick electrified wires

The downsides don’t make us hold down:

  • It’s not very powerful
  • It doesn’t come with a protective outer layer mesh

Nevertheless, as it’s affordable, lightweight and easy to use, the electrical fly swatter is always a sure buy and quite a bang for your buck too.


probably one of the most popular electrical fly swatters out there, the Sourcing4U Limited the Executioner Fly Swat Wasp Bug Mosquito Swatter Zapper is going to be a sure buy anytime.

The secret behind its performance is the single-layer design. The single layer is made of 1.2mm Zinc steel. The bug zapper comes with on/off button and LED warning light. The button on the side has a large size so the risk for accidental operation is low.

The electronic elements are good quality and the fly swatter has a good weight. It’s easy and comfortable to hold and the handle ensures a secure and sturdy grip.

The fly swatter is made with ABS plastic which is going to take the use for a good amount of time. It runs on disposable AA batteries which are available pretty much everywhere. The build is good and the fly swatter has a durability feel to it.

Let’s highlight the main good things:

  • It has a single-layer design
  • It’s effective and powerful
  • It’s made with long lasting ABS material
  • It’s easy and safe to operate

The inherent flaws aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • It’s not quiet when zapping
  • It may not be as effective on wasps

It goes without saying that, for a very attractive price, you’re going to get a dependable, effective and powerful electrical fly swatter that is going to serve you for quite some time. Why complain?


If you’re not looking for an electrical fly swatter that runs on disposable batteries, but on one that comes with rechargeable battery, take a look at the Zap It! Bug Zapper Racket Mini, 4000V, USB Rechargeable.

Even if the racket-like bug zapper is smaller than other models, this doesn’t make it less effective. By contrary, the bug zapper features a 4,000-volt grid which is going to eliminate mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies and other flying insects. No worries about cleaning the bug zapper as this one disintegrates the insects so there’s nothing to clean later on.

No worries about not having the disposable batteries around the house either. The bug zapper is easy charge and you only need to plug it into a USB device. Once it’s charged, you may take a full swing and kill the annoying pests.

The handle is comfortable even in a small hand and the grip is sturdy. The handle also features a LED light so that you see at night all the flying “enemies”.

Despite its strength, the bug zapper doesn’t pose any risk for accidental contacts. You need to press the activation button and see the indicator light how it glows, allowing safe operation. Nevertheless, even if you touch the electrified grid by accident, a triple-layer safety mesh is going to protect you.

Lightweight and quiet, the electric fly swatter is safe and using it is a breeze. In addition, you get 2 of them for just one price!

Highlighting the things, we like the most:

  • It comes with a 4,000 volt-grid
  • It features triple-layer safety mesh for protection
  • It’s lightweight and effective
  • You may plug it into a USB device for charging

The negatives are nothing to worry about:

  • The cord is a tad short
  • The handle could be longer

All in all, for a good price, you get a dependable, rechargeable and strong bug zapper that is always safe and easy to use.

Are you willing to pay an extra buck for some extras on your electric fly swatter? If so, you should definitely take the leap of faith with the Piazz 2-in-1 Electric Bug Zapper, Fly Swatter Racket.

This is a 2-in-1 device that combines both a bug zapper racquet and a mosquito killer lamp. The device features a LED light trap so it’s going to lure mosquitoes, killing them automatically at night. You need to turn on the light and the “free hand” button as well. The versatility of the device is amazing as you can also use it as a night lamp. It even comes with a stand to hold it- go figure!

The 3000volt powerful grid is going to kill all sorts of flying insects with just one zap. However, there’s no need to worry about your safety as the bug zapper comes with a 3-layer safety mesh which is going to eliminate the risk for accidental touch.

The bug zapper comes with an USB cable so that you may charge the durable Li battery. You may use the fly swatter inside and outside and a charge can last you even a couple of months.

The bug zapper is made of long lasting ABS environmental plastic and it’s in for the long run.

Our favs look like this:

  • It’s both a mosquito killer lamp and a bug zapper racquet
  • It features a LED light trap for luring the mosquitoes at night
  • It runs on a rechargeable Li battery which you may charge by USB cable
  • It’s strong and looks really cool

The parts we like less aren’t major:

  • It does make a zapping sound
  • Some may think it’s pricey

As long as you’re focusing on the benefits, you’re going to see the picture of a dependable, powerful and cool looking 2-in-one insect repellant device.

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