Bryant Furnace Inducer Motor Noise

Bryant Furnace Inducer Motor Noise

Gas-powered furnaces come with several elements that provide accurate and relatively quiet operation. One of the noisiest components of the furnaces is the inducer/blower assembly, especially when something goes wrong with the furnace. A loud noise coming from your Bryant furnace is an obvious sign that you should take a good look at it, as something could be wrong.

What’s the role of the inducer motor?

The inducer motor/blower assembly has several functions, providing proper operation of the furnace. The inducer will begin to operate throughout the initial start-up sequence of the furnace. It’s one of the steps of checking and balancing that makes the furnace ready for operation.

Throughout the start-up sequence, the inducer motor will start to operate, clearing the heat exchanger of any gas left from the earlier run cycle. The inducer blower will monitor the amount of air that goes through the heat exchanger. When there’s enough airflow, the combustion of gas will be clean and safe.

Is it difficult to troubleshoot the inducer motor?

As the furnace starts to age, the inducer motor will also show signs of wear. As the inducer motor starts to run throughout the start-up stage of furnace operation, one of the most apparent signs of a defective inducer motor is the loud noise right after the thermostat informs the furnace to start the healing phase.

A loud humming or whirring sound when the furnace begins to run are common signs that the inducer motor fails. A tapping noise is also common.

Should you repair the inducer motor?

The old age of the furnace is the no.1 reason for which the inducer motor stops running. Most of the time, the internal bearings will wear out, and you cannot repair the original engine as the unit is sealed.

You will only be able to replace the unit with a new one. The unit replacements could be higher priced than the original, but the price is reasonable most of the time.

The inducer motor can keep running for years, and you may postpone replacing it if you can handle the noise. However, the inducer motor is faulty, and you will still have to solve the problem. It’s only a matter of time until the inducer won’t accomplish its tasks, the furnace won’t complete the start-up, checks, and it will not operate. It’s difficult for a regular homeowner to realize when the motor went from being loud to be faulty. Many people consider that the noise is loud enough to make repairs. Once the engine is replaced, the furnace will run quietly and properly again.

Can you expand the durability of the inducer motor?

It has been repeatedly highlighted that taking care of the furnace is essential for expanding its components’ durability. You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for maintenance and servicing. Change regularly the air filters so that the elements don’t struggle to perform. When the furnace tries to work, all components will work harder and generate less heat, but use more energy and wearing out before than they should.

When the motor doesn’t have to struggle to operate, it will last for a longer time. Make sure that nothing blocks too many heat registers inside the house. When the heat produced by the furnace doesn’t correctly go through the ductwork, it will remain behind, putting stress on the furnace’s components.

Once the inducer motor gets loud, you should address the issue and not postpone servicing. However, it’s wiser to call the professionals as they know best to identify the causes and make the replacement.

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