Purchasing for Pollution Prevention

Free HVAC and Building Equipment

Purchasing for Pollution Prevention: Specifying and Sourcing Mercury-Free HVAC and Building Equipment — PDF version. In the past, mechanical systems used in buildings might contain pounds of mercury. While manufacturers of building equipment have made substantial progress in reducing or eliminating mercury in building system control devices, some HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) and

Fact Sheet on High-Bay Lighting

Purchasing for Pollution Prevention: High-Bay Lighting: Opportunities for Mercury Reduction and Energy Efficiency What is high-bay lighting? Why should I be concerned about the mercury content of lamps? What types of lighting systems can be used in high-bay settings? Which systems contain less mercury? What are the drawbacks of metal halide HIDs? What are the

Purchasing for Pollution Prevention

INFORM’s Purchasing for Pollution Prevention Project is designed to help federal, state, and local governments purchase safer alternatives to products containing persistent, bioaccumulative toxic chemicals (PBTs) such as mercury, lead, and dioxins. INFORM staff are identifying products that contain PBTs and working directly with purchasers and policymakers to identify, evaluate, and specify less toxic alternatives.

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