Certified cybersecurity professional

Benefits of Becoming a Cyber-Security Professional

Today, every organization irrespective of its size needs to have a dedicated IT team or a team of professionals whose sole job is to safeguard the data that gets exchanged within and outside the organization. More so, for some of the companies who deal with customer data like banking, finance, and health. Every bit of

Users Reluctant to Believe that Hacking Means Bad News

Talk about strange user behavior. In mid-May this year, Microsoft had to pummel its users with a series of warnings and alerts, pleading with them to remove a vulnerability in earlier editions of Microsoft Windows. The warning was direct: a BlueKeep vulnerability might cause a cybersecurity outbreak. That is, the malware could spread without human

Security Cameras working through Glass

Can Security Cameras Work Through Glass?

We’re pretty tempted to install a security camera in the window facing outside for securing the front door or backyard. We also think that mounting a security camera indoor, looking through the window may be a good idea too. But does your security camera work through window glass or any kind of glass? What problems

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