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Best Caffeine Pills

When you’re trying to remain alert and to perform better, caffeine is one of the most effective ways to try. The benefits of caffeine are many, sustaining both mental and physical activities.

Caffeine pills are beneficial when you want an accurate dose of caffeine and not many other ingredients into the mix. The options are many, so that a selection would help you a lot.

TOP 10 Best Caffeine Pills

   1. Jet-Alert Double Strength

Even if the price is going to catch your attention, Jet-Alert Double Strength is more than just an affordable product.

The caffeine pills are a great help when you’re feeling tired or drowsy, giving you the boost of energy that you need. One capsule can easily replace a cup of coffee, and many have substituted the morning coffee with the Jet-Alert Double Strength.

The capsules are easy to swallow thanks to their shape and size. They’re not round, but rather lengthy and you may easily split them in half. You can take just one half, in the beginning, to see how it works for you. After taking it with some water, the pill may kick in in 10 minutes. When you take it with some food, the tablets need 20 minutes or so to show the power.

Even if it’s not recommended, the caffeine pills can be dissolved in some water. They work even faster this way, but be ready for the taste. It’s not great!

One capsule can keep you alert and energetic for 3 hours. The caffeine pills are safe as coffee, and only adults and children over 12 years can take them.

Here’s our list of pros:

  • They work fast
  • They have a good shape and size for easy swallowing
  • You can cut them in half and even dissolve in water
  • They keep you alert for 3 hours

The cons aren’t major:

  • The taste isn’t great
  • One may experience stomach pain at first

Regardless of the minor issues, caffeine pills are efficient, easy to swallow, and affordable. Isn’t that enough?

   2. Vivarin Brand Alertness Aid

Vivarin Brand Alertness Aid only contains caffeine and is FDA approved, and many like them for high efficiency.

Caffeine pills are great for improving your mental alertness and sustain your mental efforts throughout the day. Should you feel drowsy or tired, Vivarin Brand Alertness Aid is precisely what you need for a boost of energy. They’re efficient without making you all jittery.

Since the only active ingredient is caffeine, it makes sense why the caffeine pills are so reliable. They’re coated, which means they’re less harsh on your stomach, especially when compared to coffee. You can use one caffeine pill instead of your regular cup of coffee.

Not only that, the caffeine pills work, but they also don’t cause any problems when you try to fall asleep. Some may only need half of it to feel the effects.

You should store the caffeine pills at room temperature, away from humidity and high temperature.

On top of everything else, the box is pocket-sized and easy to carry in a pocket.

Let’s check the best parts once more:

  • The only active ingredient is caffeine
  • They’re FDA approved
  • Some may only need a half of pill
  • They boost your mental alertness and wakefulness

Don’t make a drama out of the minor problems:

  • It’s better that you don’t take the pills on an empty stomach
  • They also contain calcium, so make sure you have enough water throughout the day

Having said that, keep in mind that the Vivarin caffeine pills are only containing caffeine, so they’re quite efficient for your mental alertness. The pocket-sized box is excellent to carry with you, which is a selling point for many!

   3. California Essentials Caffeine Pills

Made in our USA, California Essentials Caffeine Pills – Energy Focus and Endurance Booster are great for kicking you early in the morning.

The pills contain calcium and 200mg caffeine, and are free of milk, gluten, wheat, egg, soy, lactose, and are vegan. They also don’t contain artificial colors, flavors, fillers, preservatives, or added sugar.

You can rely on the caffeine pills for improving your exercise since they help you burn calories and handle the physical efforts a lot better. When you have issues focusing or look for improved mental energy and clarity, the caffeine pills are both safe and effective.

You can use a cutter pill for cutting the pills in half and even thirds. Many only need half for a boost in the morning. One tablet can easily replace a cup of coffee. You’re not going to feel jittery, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Unlike other caffeine pills, California Essential Caffeine pills give results from day one. They only need 10 minutes or so to work.

Going over the best parts once more:

  • They work from day one
  • You only need half for feeling the effects
  • You can even cut them in thirds
  • They give mental energy and sustain physical performance

We’re not concerned about the downsides:

  • One may find the pills difficult to swallow
  • It seems that they don’t have an expiration date

All things considered, caffeine pills are safe, effective, and work right from the start. They’re affordable too and made in our USA.

   4. Prolab Caffeine Tablets 100 Count 

The Prolab Caffeine Tablets 100 Count probably wins the popularity test, and there are many reasons for which people are so satisfied with the caffeine pills.

Prolab Caffeine pills will give you energy and focus, but without the anxiety or jitters. Since they’re calorie-free and don’t cause any stomach pain, the pills help you feel better and sustain your mental and physical efforts.

You can rely on Prolab caffeine pills and replace your typical cup of coffee. They work in less than 15 minutes, and the effects can last for hours. Some noticed that two caffeine pills in a day are enough, with three causing some restlessness before going to sleep.

The pills contain 200mg of pure caffeine and have no sugar. They can also help in weight loss as a thermogenic and work as weight loss supplements.

Strong enough to reduce tiredness and to elevate your mood, Prolab Caffeine tablets are easy to cut in half and reliable.

Let’s have another look at the benefits:

  • They’re reliable for improving your mental alertness and focus
  • You can use them in weight loss
  • They don’t contain sugar or calories
  • Even half a pill may be enough

The negatives aren’t significant:

  • The taste isn’t great
  • One may feel nauseous when taking the tablet

The popularity of Prolab Caffeine Pills speaks volumes, and that should be enough of a reason for you to try them. Word!

   5. Nature’s Truth Caffeine Tablets Plus Green Tea Extract

For those of you looking for caffeine pills that are natural and medium-strong,  Nature’s Truth Caffeine Tablets Plus Green Tea Extract, 120 Count is a great option.

The caffeine pills are made with 200mg caffeine and 20mg green tea extract. They’re gluten-free and non-GMO, feeling quite gentle on your stomach. However, it’s wiser to take them on a full stomach.

When you’re looking for better energy and improved mental clarity and focus, the pills are a reliable option. You should replace sugary energy drinks with caffeine pills. Some notice their efficiency when losing weight too.

You should take two pills to boost your alertness. Don’t worry about side effects like jitteriness or problems falling asleep. The caffeine pills don’t cause either of them.

There are 120 pills in one box, and the price is excellent for the quality and number of tablets you get.

Here’s our list of positive aspects:

  • The pills contain green tea extract
  • They’re gentle on the stomach
  • You can take them when trying to lose weight
  • The price is great

Don’t back down over some minor aspects:

  • You may need two tablets for feeling the effects
  • They’re not FDA approved just yet

Regardless of the slight negatives, caffeine pills are still a useful and gentle-on-your-stomach option to keep in mind.

   6. Amazing Formulas Caffeine 200 Mg 240 Capsules

For less than $10, you get a bottle of Amazing Formulas Caffeine 200 Mg 240 Capsules, which makes the pills highly attractive for one shopping on a tight budget.

Apart from the affordable price, the caffeine pills sure bring many good things to the table. They’re made with 200mg caffeine and don’t contain any additives.

You can take the pills for sustaining energy metabolism and increased endurance when exercising. Many use the tablet as pre work out boosters.

Due to their efficiency, you should also take the pills for better focusing and increases alertness throughout intellectual activities. Should you go through the weight loss process, the Amazing Formula Caffeine pills are reliable to take. They help you lose weight faster.

For most, one or two pills should be enough throughout a day. It’s better that you don’t take more than four tablets in 24 hours.

The caffeine pills don’t cause jitters and don’t interfere with your sleeping habits either.

Let’s check the negative aspects once more:

  • The pills contain 200mg of caffeine
  • They boost physical activities and sustain weight loss
  • They don’t alter your sleeping habits
  • They’re a good value for the price

The shortcomings are nothing to worry about:

  • Some noticed that the expiry date isn’t accurate
  • They’re a bit big, but water will make swallowing easier

Affordable and practical, the Amazing Formulas Caffeine pills are a solid choice for anyone shopping on a thin wallet.

   7. Nutricost Caffeine Pills

For those of you who’re using caffeine pills already, the Nutricost Caffeine Pills will feel highly effective and robust.

Nutricost Caffeine Pills are made with 200mg of caffeine per capsule but don’t contain any sugar or calories. They’re gluten-free and non-GMO.

You can confidently use the Nutricost Caffeine Pills to improve your metabolism and lose weight faster. They’re a reliable help when taken as pre-workout shakes, sustaining your physical efforts. They can also help you focus better, acting as a brain booster, and increasing your mental energy. The caffeine pills work without making you feel jittery or unable to sleep at night.

Many know that caffeine can also reduce inflammation, which is why Nutricost caffeine pills work when dealing with muscle soreness.

You may need 20-30 minutes until the pill kicks in. Once it does, you’re not going to have to take another one for 12 hours or so.

The pills are easy to swallow and easy to store as well. They’re great value for the price too.

Here’s what we like the most about the pills:

  • You only need one in 12 hours
  • They work rather fast
  • They give not jitters or headache
  • They boost brain activity and sustain physical exercise

The downsides aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • FDA does not evaluate them just yet
  • You cannot cut them in half

The good outweighs the bad, and Nutricost Caffeine is an excellent choice for those of you who already rely on caffeine pills.

   8. Torch Hustle | Premium Caffeine Capsules

Since Torch Hustle | Premium Caffeine Capsules contain more than caffeine, it makes sense that the pills help you stay in the game and focus a lot better.

The caffeine pills will increase your body’s energy level, with Alpha GPC, Dynamine, and Teacrine also included in the formula. They give you no jitters no crushing, but only sustain your power of focus.

Not only that the pills will sustain your energy throughout the day, but they will also help you feel better. They also reduce your level of stress and improve your concentration.

Another benefit of the pills is that they improve the remembering and processing information, sustaining your cognitive performance. The cognitive functions get better all together, not only your focus or memory.

The pills are manufactured in an FDA registered facility and are of great value for the price.

Let’s have another look at the good things:

  • They contain caffeine and ingredients that give you mental and physical energy\
  • They don’t cause crash nor jitters
  • They improve your cognitive function
  • The value is high for the price you pay

Don’t worry about the inherent flaws:

  • They may not have the same effects for everybody
  • If your budget is tight, the pills may seem expensive

Try to focus on the positive aspects as they are so many and give the pills a try whenever you want a boost for your mental or physical activities.

   9. Primaforce Caffeine Tablets 200 mg

When you’re looking for some caffeine pills that maximize your energy, without any crashing, the Primaforce Caffeine Tablets 200 mg should be on your shopping list.

The caffeine pills contain 200mg of caffeine and are a reliable choice for pre work-outs. They help you concentrate better on intellectual tasks and even sustain your efforts when losing weight. You can rely on using the pills together with other substances (acetyl l-carnitine or choline).

The pills are easily absorbed and give your system the energy it needs for power output and excellent performance.

One caffeine pill should sustain and boost your performance for 5 hours. It’s safe not to take more than three caffeine pills in 24 hours.

The positive aspects recommend them for many:

  • They improve both physical and mental performance
  • They help you lose weight
  • They’re fast-acting
  • One pill is good for 5 hours

Don’t let the downsides change your mind:

  • They’re produced in facilities where traces of wheat, fish, peanuts, and more may appear
  • Some expected a greater boost

The caffeine pills work, and you can even sleep after taking tablets. Give them a try!

   10. Pharmanaut Focus The Official Nootropic of Esports

Should you look for something more than caffeine for a boost throughout the day, the Pharmanaut Focus The Official Nootropic of Esports is one reliable option to consider.

The pills are made for competitive esports and people looking to achieve the highest level of cognitive

performance. The formula is going to eliminate distractions and help you focus on your tasks. They also improve your working memory.

The pills will improve the executive function, psychomotor speed, attention, social, and memory cognition. They’re all fundamental for performance in esports. Since reaction time is essential in competitions, the Pharmanaut Focus will help you stay in the flow state, increasing your reaction and processing times.

The pills are made with caffeine, vitamin B6 and B12, Huperzine A, Bacopa leaf powder, N-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and L-Theanine. They contain no fillers whatsoever and are both allergen and gluten-free.

Two veggie pills are going to be enough to improve our performance. You can take them with the mid-day meal or 90 minutes before your competition or activity.

The pills give you a significant boost and no crash. They help you focus and don’t cause an increase in heart rate.

Here’s our shortlist of pros:

  • They’re great for improving your gaming performance
  • They contain caffeine and other active ingredients
  • They don’t contain allergens, fillers, or gluten
  • Two are enough in 24 hours

The pet peeves shouldn’t make you change your mind:

  • They’re pricey
  • They only contain 150mg of caffeine

Great for anyone into gaming, should try the pills for improving their performance, despite the high price.

Best caffeine pills for studying

Anyone preparing for an exam and looks for a significant boost should take a look at the Smarter Vitamins 200mg Caffeine Pills – MCT Oil from 100% Coconuts + 100mg L-Theanine.

The caffeine pills will boost your energy and alertness but also clear your head and help you focus. They don’t cause a tingling feeling nor a crash of energy like coffee or energy drinks.

The formula includes L-Theanine, which improves cognitive performance and MCT oil, which is made from 100% coconut. MCT oil gives an instant source of energy that we cannot get from a regular diet. The healthy fat is easily digested and boosts metabolism, helping you lose weight.

The pills give natural energy you need for better focusing and alertness. L-Theanine will eliminate the risk for jitters that you usually have from caffeine.

Your body quickly and better absorbs the soft gels, and you can also use them for pre-work-out. They’re nootropic brain boosters and contain no artificial colors, egg, milk, corn, soy, preservatives, tree nuts, fillers, dioxides, or magnesium stearate.

The caffeine oils help you stay vigilant and react better. They can also boost your problem-solving performances and reasoning activities.

Here’s the list of pros:

  • They’re made with caffeine and many great ingredients
  • They’re easily absorbed and boost metabolism
  • They improve cognitive performance and power of focus
  • They don’t contain harmful components

The cons shouldn’t worry you at all:

  • Some may experience headache
  • One may feel that the pills aren’t fast enough

Even if the caffeine pills aren’t all roses and rainbows, they’re still a reliable and practical choice to use when studying.

Best caffeine pills for weight loss

Anyone looking to lose some weight should sustain the efforts with some effective caffeine pills lie Genius Caffeine, Extended Release Microencapsulated Caffeine Pills.

The caffeine pills are made with microencapsulation techniques, giving you the energy you need. They boost your metabolism, helping you lose weight faster. Caffeine will sustain thermogenesis, speeding the rate at which your body burns calories. The pills can also block your appetite for food for many hours.

The advanced fat loss formula will help you stay focused and lose weight too. The recipe is natural and doesn’t include any junk. Genius Caffeine is made with veggies capsules and has no unnecessary additives, fillers, nor dyes. The pills improve your endurance, blood flow, muscle performance, and do it without the stimulants.

Here’s what we like about the pills:

  • They boost mental energy and power of focus
  • They improve the metabolism and help you lose weight faster
  • They don’t contain any harmful ingredients
  • They’re effective and reliable

The downsides shouldn’t stress you at all:

  • Some noticed that they\re not fast
  • The risk for headache isn’t null

No matter the formula, the pills will help you do better in physical and mental activities, giving your metabolism a nick kick.

Buying guide for caffeine pills

Caffeine supplements typically come in the form of capsules. Every caffeine pill contains a concentrated dose of caffeine and has a compact form for easier swallowing.

The best part about caffeine pills is that they’re cheaper than coffee. Most come in easy to carry bottles in a pocket or a bag. You only need a bit of water for taking them, with some pills allowing easy cutting in half and even thirds.

Good quality caffeine pills are formulated with 100-200mg of caffeine, which is either synthesized or extracted from tea or coffee beans.

Who should look into using caffeine pills?

Caffeine pills can work for many different people for many various reasons. Here’s who can benefit the caffeine pills:

  • People wanting to boost their metabolism and lose weight
  • Students or anyone studying and looking for improving the focusing and cognitive performance
  • They can work instead of coffee
  • You may use caffeine pills instead of energy drinks
  • Athletics and fitness aficionado interested in improving the aerobic capacity or reducing the muscle pain after training can also use caffeine pills

What to look for when selecting your caffeine pills?

The variety of products and manufacturers renders the selection process rather challenging. Here’s what you should pay attention to when buying:

  • Reviews- No matter how attractive the caffeine pills look to you, you should also check the reviews of both customers and third-party professionals. You may always find out information that isn’t displayed on the label when checking other people’s take on the pills.
  • Brands- It’s not a bad idea to give the newcomers a chance, but you should trust the most experienced and most popular manufacturers. Their popularity exists for a reason! Get the information you need about a brand, and don’t hesitate to ask around and even have a talk with the customer service.
  • Price- It can be both a deal-breaker and a deal sealer- it’s all about the size of your wallet. You may find reliable and effective caffeine pills for less than $10, but expect to pay a bit more than that for the real deal. Anyways, caffeine pills will always be more affordable than coffee.

What makes good caffeine pills?

  • Ingredients- Some caffeine pills are formulated exclusively with caffeine, whereas others also include L-theanine or ginseng for better efficiency. No matter the ingredients, make sure that your caffeine pills have no sugar. They’re nothing but a joke if otherwise.
  • Use- You want to be able to use natural and fast caffeine pills. You should be able to take them with a sip of water and not a full bottle of water. The box should be easy to carry around and comfortable. You don’t want to take a pill every hour. Therefore, look for tablets with enough caffeine in the formula.
  • Taste- it’s not mandatory for your caffeine pills to be tasty, and tasteless capsules are ideal. However, if You don’t want to have to take a tablet every hour, so look for the pills with enough amount of caffeine in the formula.
  • Taste- it’s not mandatory for your caffeine pills to be tasty, and tasteless capsules are ideal. However, if you plan to dissolve the tablets, a pleasant taste, or no taste at all is excellent.
  • Efficiency- No caffeine pills are okay if they don’t work. They should kick in fast and don’t cause anxiety or jitters. They should boost your mental and physical energy, and even speed up your metabolism. Good caffeine pills do it without causing headaches or difficulties when going to bed.
  • Amount- You know that your caffeine pills are high quality when you only need two or three in a day. Efficient caffeine pills work fast and ensure a better performance for at least five hours.

FAQs on caffeine pills

Q: What’s the best way to take caffeine pills?

A: It’s better that you only take a half of a caffeine pill containing 200mg of caffeine. A sip of water should be enough and try not to take it on an empty stomach. Even if the tablets and not as acidic as coffee, they may still cause stomach discomfort.

Q: Do caffeine pills lead to side effects?

A: Caffeine may cause some side effects, no matter how you take them. Poor quality sleep, headaches, or jitters happened when you had too many caffeine pills. Stomach upset, fast heartbeat, anxiety, and irritability are also on the list of side effects.

Q: What’s the method for making caffeine pills?

A: Caffeine pills are made with pure caffeine and a solvent (water or supercritical carbon dioxide) for pulling the caffeine out of the coffee beans. Another process involves caffeine synthesizing, with coffee beans being the most common source, nevertheless.

Once the pure caffeine powder is obtained, it’s pressed into tablets/pushed into capsules, together with the stabilizers and binders.

Q: Do caffeine pills need a lot of time for kicking in?

A: Caffeine levels in the blood may get at the maximum 60-90 minutes after you ingested the pill. If you’re taking the tablet with a generous meal, it may take the tablet longer than that to kick in. However, caffeine pills are dependable on timing. You know what you get pretty accurately.

Q: Is there a safe number of caffeine pills?

A: Caffeine pills will lead to side effects at high dosage, and you don’t need many of them for improving your physical and mental performance. Three mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight should be enough for many, without leading to any side effects. It’s 200-300mg of caffeine for most people out there. The risk for side effects is high when the number goes a lot higher than 300mg of caffeine, though.

Q: Caffeine pills or drink coffee?

A: When you need a fast and easy way to boost your body’s caffeine levels, the caffeine pills are your best shot. Coffee also gives you caffeine, but it needs more time to kick in/. It’s also challenging to carry around and messy. Let’s not forget that the caffeine intake of coffee does differ from roast to roast. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants that caffeine pills. If you are all about the taste of coffee, the caffeine pills may not be for you.

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