Digital Marketing Agencies in Kentucky – What You Need to Know and our Top 15

Digital marketing is all about marketing work and electronic devices or the internet. Business is always using search engines, email, social media, and various websites to get in touch with current and possible customers.

Why would you consider digital marketing?

Even if traditional marketing still exists in phone communications, print ads, and physical marketing, digital marketing slowly made it since it happens electronically and online. Therefore, there are endless opportunities for all kinds of brans to use video, email, a website based, and social media marketing.

Since digital marketing provides numerous possibilities and strategies, you may quickly get creative and play with different marketing methods without emptying your wallet.

Analytics dashboards for controlling the success and ROI of your campaign are only some of the many tools you can use with digital marketing. Most of the time, any of these tools are more effective than traditional marketing tools.

What digital marketing agencies in Kentucky impress us the most?

If you’re in Kentucky and plan to go with a digital marketing agency finally but don’t know which one to choose, here’s a list of the most reliable digital marketing agencies in Kentucky at the moment. It’s not a rank, but rather a list of suggestions:

1.      Post-Modern Marketing

The agency manages to impress with high professionalism. They provide professional solutions to any project, and they charge from $100 to $149 per hour. 10-49 people work for this agency, with 40% of the projects concentrating on web design.

2.      One Thing Marketing

They are interested in building an excellent relationship with the customers, winning the trust of their customers. Only 2-9 people are working for this one, whereas the costs per hour also range from $100 to $149.

35% of their work focuses on Search Engine Optimization.

3.      FusionWRX

The service focus is 15% for Marketing Strategy, but their projects also include graphic design, web design, search engine optimization, public relations, out of home design, and digital strategy. Should you be interested in direct marketing, branding, or social media marketing, the agency is more than happy to help. They have amazing new ideas and ensure a professional view in many areas.

4.      Guardian Owl Digital Boutique

With 25% Pay Per Click focus, the agency never stops to go by their promises and impress the clients with the results. The minimum project size is $5,000, and you pay from $100 to $149 per hour.

5.      Oddball Creative

The agency’s projects are mainly on web design (25%), but they also handle direct marketing, digital strategy, search engine optimization, and advertising. Social media marketing, branding, and graphic design are projects to address as well

The minimal project size is $5,000, whereas the costs for a one-hour range from $50 to $99.

6.      Endeavors Now

They have the skills and know-how to help your business grow. 40% of their work goes in email marketing, but they also take social media marketing and search engine optimization. It’s a small team, ready to take any challenge in digital marketing.

7.      Ashton Advertising

Charging from $100 to $149, the agency is mainly concentrating on email marketing (25%). Projects on search engine optimization, web development, and web design present the same interest (25%). They really go for one-of-a-kind problems and solutions.

8.      Vividsites

It’s a full-service digital marketing agency that has more than 15 years of innovation in the industry. They’re flexible and focused on web design (30%). They succeed with projects in email marketing, mobile app development, e-commerce development, and UX/UI design. Anyone with a project on search engine optimization, digital strategy, or social media marketing should give them a try.

9.      Russell’s Group

Excellent with projects on social media marketing, pay per click search, and search engine optimization, the people in the agency are developing expert-level campaigns for quality traffic to your website. The minimal project size is $5000, and there are 10-49 people in the team.

10.  BuzzMaven

Focused on SEO and Google Ads for more than two decades, BuzzMaven has a minimal size project of $10,000. They charge you $200-$300 per hour and focus on pay per click projects (30%), but don’t disappoint when it comes to content marketing, business consulting, and social media marketing too. If you are in the business of betting / gamble (which is probably right since we are talking about Kentucky and the first thought popping out is the Kentucky Derby) you need to know that they rarely venture into this niche.

11.  The Marketing Squad

Specialized in email marketing, but ready to handle applications in web design, content marketing, and social media marketing too, the people at The Marketing Squad help your business get where you planned to get. The price ranges from $100-149, and $5,000 is the minimal size project.

12.  Courier-Journal Media

The agency will back up your efforts to develop your brand by getting to possible clients through a comprehensive marketing approach. They impress with web development, but also make an excellent impression with projects in search engine optimization, digital strategy, and email marketing. They charge from $100 to $149 per hour, and plans should be more significant than $5,000.

13.  Spears Digital Marketing

Addressing mostly to small businesses willing to grow, the agency only includes 2-9 people in the team. 30% of their projects are on Social Media Marketing, but they’re also great at web design, email marketing, and content marketing. You would have to get in touch with them directly for finding the numbers on prices and minimal size projects.

14. Brewer Digital Marketing

The people in the team have been determined to use bleeding-edge structured markup strategies and new hotel software tools, so that they would obtain solid platform. The team only includes 2-9 people, and the minimal size for the projects is $5,000+. They focus on email marketing, but also impress with projects in digital strategy, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

15.  ChartLocal

There are 10-49 people in the team, and the agency shines when it comes to advertising projects (20%). They also do a great job when it comes to applications in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay per click. Placed in Lexington, KY, the agency doesn’t display the prices per hour nor the minimal size for the project. Give them a call for all the details.


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