Cables All Over The Floor? With These Methods, You Can Cover Them

Have too many wires run loose on the floor? Or have you bought a new PC that comes with a bundle of cables, and you don’t know how to hide those ugly black chords? Well, look no further! In this article, we intend to help you fix your cable hygiene! Yes, that’s right! Organized and well-arranged cables contribute to improved residential hygiene as well as some unwanted and unintentional falls and accidents. Seems only fit that we master the domestic cable hygiene too! 

Cables are an important part of our houses, and thus, by extension our day to day life. Whether it is a desktop computer that comes with too many cables or a fridge that comes with only one, every electronic appliance needs functioning cables. Unkept or mismanaged wires could not only make the place look ugly but also reduce the shelf life of these appliances that they come with.  

As important as it is to keep yourself and your house clean, it is important to keep these reptile-like useful strands clean and in place too! As these cables and wires can really be a mess at times and can hurt you as well. Thus, the following are the few methods that you could use to ace your cable management: 

Get cable covers: 

You can now get tags and labels to arrange your chords as per the appliance they go with, their voltage or power, or the area they would be in. The first step is to spread and separate them out on a flat surface. After this, you could label them. You could use a simple piece of paper, marker, and an adhesive material to make these labels, or you could buy colourful peppy markers from your nearest retailer. Once all the wires have been labelled, the next step is to secure them in their position using sleek and minimalistic cable covers. 

Cable covers hold chords in place and conceal their bodies – thus, taking care of the aesthetic as well as cable’s safety. These cable covers can be helpful in many ways such as it can hide the unwanted wires as well as increase the space on the floor and also reduce the risks of trips and falls. These trips and falls can be sometimes risky as one may get hurt or injured badly. The cable covers can be used at home and as well as in the office. Cable covers can not only be used for floors but as well as for the staircase. 

Get carpets/rugs: 

This cab considered to be the easiest way to hide your wires at home or the office that is at home, especially if they lay on the floor. Get a nice demure carpet, and push the cables below it. However, you may soon notice that because of the underlying cables, the carpet is uneven now. These wrinkles may create tripping and falling hazards. You could do away with this uneven flooring by introducing special cable covers for carpets to your cables. To know more about the types of cable covers that can be used to cover the wires safely and properly, click here! There are various types of cable covers introduced to us from which one choose the most suitable one for your floor. As we know in some cases the wires are also there on the staircases and that can also be covered with carpets. Again as discussed above wires below the carpets can also sometimes be risky so one has the benefit to keep the cable covers under the carpet.   


How do you secure cables that are vertically placed? You could make use of cable clips. They come in various colours to accentuate the looks of a plain wall. You could also use paper clips for the same purpose. However, the tighter your clippers are, the longer they’ll hold the wires in place. These clippers can be used for the wires hanging on the wall as well as, for office and home floors. 

Clippers can hold the wires strongly and firmly with the wall and protect them from breaking and coming into someone’s legs. This can be really helpful and effective in the long run as it is comparatively cheap. This can also help you reduce the risk of stumbling over the cables. 

Behind the desk: 

The laziest way to do it! If you have a desktop at hand, you could tuck all the wires behind the desk or under it. The same goes for any other electronic appliance. All the wires and chords could hide in the hindsight. This not only conceals them but also takes the least amount of time! However, the wires may make it more difficult for you to clean the hidden area, or even sit comfortably at your desk. 

By this, one can atleast hide the bundles of wire behind the desk or under it and also make it a not and put them such that they do not get mixed up. Another way around is to coil the wires and tie them with a thick thread or rope in order to keep them untangled. 

Get creative: 

One way to cover up the ugly long stretches of cables is to not cover them at all! Yeah, you read it right! You could use those lines of wires to sketch out inspiring graffiti or silhouettes on your walls. That is one creative approach to it! However, be gentle with the cables, as too many twists and turns may lead to breakage. You could also ask for professional help if the bundle of wires runs too deep, and it does not look like it is an easy job to untangle.  

We hope this article has inspired the manager in you, and you make the most of the cable arranging supplies to regulate your domestic hygiene. Also, be careful about the trips and falls. Happy organizing!

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