How To Unclog Drains: The Signs And Treatments To Know For Your House

Clogged drains can be a nightmare! They stink, and the water never goes down quick enough. Besides being a bad sight, clogged sewer drains could also be a severe health hazard for you and your family. So, it is mandatory to keep your house’s sewer system clean all the time as it may cause problems and bring diseases to your family and you. Some of the most visible signs of an impending drainage problem are: 

Bad smells, 

Blocked toilet, 

Bubbling sinks

Wastewater can be seen on the drains, shower area, and bathtubs. 

Be watchful if you see any of these signs, and stop using the water from plumbing fixtures as there could be serious health problems that might affect you and your family. One or more of these signs are enough to get in touch with a professional plumbing service provider. These professionals can provide you with various services that can solve your plumbing issues.  Click here to know more about home drainage issues that come your way every now and than.

Let’s see some of the individual drainage issues that you might experience at home and how shall they be handled in your day to day life.

Drainage problems in the Toilet:

Toilet blockage signs are the most obvious and noticeable ones as this is officially one of the biggest and most visible drainage systems of the house. You will see the primary signs of individual and central drainage problems here first. And when you are ready to solve the most common solutions that come to your mind are the homemade remedies and then in the worst cases, you go and look around for some professionals. Some of the details that might catch your eye could be:

Variations in the level of water in the toilet

Slower and sluggish action upon flushing, 

Obnoxious smells can be noticed at a little distance from the drains 

Ditches not running off fast enough 

Water and waste are rather backing up

If you see only one or two such signs, it may not really be an emergency. However, if you start noticing the signs and unbearable smell increase, you might need professional help. In some cases, it might be possible that you can handle things by your own and in such cases use of snakes, hangers, drain cleaners, acidic solutions is advisable. This is the most generic way of cleaning the drains by yourself and in the worst scenario, one can always take help from professionals. 

Washing machine and laundry area drainage problems:

The toilet water level could also be a sign of another underlying pipeline clogging. If you can hear extraordinarily noises of gurgling in the bathtub and the basin while you are doing your laundry in the machine, it may mean that the problem here is not with your toilet but another pipeline of your bathroom area. This could mean that your washing machine drainage is the one that needs to be inspected. As many times doing your laundry in the machine can collect the waste and dirt of the clothes in the drains which will at sooner or later clog your drains.

Deeper issues of the pipes:

There could be deeper drainage problems that can be estimated from the toilet. There is an easy test: Notice if your flush is not disposing of the waste properly. Turn on all the taps of the bathroom and see if there are any bubbles popping up in the toilet. If both of these got a “Yes”, then possibly some of your pipes are at fault and it’s not really the toilet. This can also be possible that in the long run drains are blocked with the dirt and waste disposed of through the various drains of the house and which are also connected to your toilet. Hence, you may face problems with your toilet drains as well and in such cases, one should always seek the help of professionals. Call your plumber as they need to figure out where exactly the problem is and fix it.

Pressure problems of the drain: 

The downward action of water into drains happens because of the natural course of gravity. However, if there is any abnormal pressure drop in the drain, the air-traps, vents, and seals will start malfunctioning. In normal circumstances, there should not be waste-water or gases coming back up through air-traps, vents, and seals. An abnormally low-pressure creates a Siphon effect and brings out contaminated water into your sinks. In some cases, it might be possible to get rid of these bubbles using home remedies or some chemicals. But if all of this doesnt work then one will have no other option left apart from calling professionals. These problems can only be completely detected and treated by a professional team of plumbers.

Alien things in the drains:

Ever heard of root intrusions into properties? Well! Tree roots can be big reasons for property malfunctioning and drains are no exception. Since drains are damp and plants get space here, even a minute crack in the line can invite the roots into your drainage system. In many cases, especially with older constructions and concrete pipes, tree roots enter the septic tank and causing problems in the drainage system. These roots tear apart the drains and make space for themselves in the drains. They grow longer and bigger and eventually block the drains in the long run. So, it becomes very difficult for the dirt, waste and water to flow through and it starts clogging in the drains. 

To solve tree root issues, it will be great to locate your property’s main drain cleanout. In most cases, it is a round covered pipe located in the garden and in some cases where you cannot locate in the garden they might be located somewhere around the house and if you can’t locate it yourself, contact an experienced plumbing company as this is a specialized task and needs to be solved by a professional.

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