Dremel 4000 vs 4200 toolkit full comparison

Dremel 4000 vs. Dremel 4200- Which One is Good for You?

Dremel 4000 vs 4200 toolkit full comparisonTruth be told, any hobbyist, DIYer and even any regular homeowner should have a Dremel rotary tool as it may come in handy for all sorts of jobs and projects around the house.

Easy to use and highly versatile, the Dremel tools really stand out from the crowd and almost never disappoint. However, they come in a nice variety of models so you do know which one fits your needs and skills the best.

For instance, one may have to choose between Dremel 4000 and Dremel 4200. You can confidently use them for engraving and carving, but also for cleaning and polishing. Sharpening, grinding and sanding your materials comes easy when using either of them. Even though they’re both versatile and ensure amazing performance, they do present some differences.

What are the main differences between Dremel 4000 and 4200? At a quick glance…

It’s pretty obvious that Dremel 4200 is an improvement over Dremel 4000, but the closer you look through the details, the easier it’s going to be to realize that they’re pretty similar on many levels.

Both rotary tools run on 1.6-Amp motors so they’re going to give the same amount of strength. Same motor, same performance- or in theory, anyway.

Going on with the comparison, we notice that both models include adjustable speed, with speed ranging between 5,000 to 35,000RPM. They also include separate on/off speed control.

The newer model isn’t just lighter or longer than the previous model, but it also comes with a longer electrical cord.

However, the two rotary tool kits start to become apart when it comes to their kit options and the accessory change system. you’re going to notice that Dremel 4000 used the EZ Twist Nose Cap, whereas the 4200 features an EZ change system.

As for the kit options, Dremel 4000 comes with one more attachment and accessories combination than the 4200. Rest assured that Dremel 4200 manages to overcome this as its kit options include more accessories and attachment than most kit options of the Dremel 4000 series have to offer.

What’s to say about Dremel 4000?

Dremel 4000 rotary tool comes with a 1.6 Amp motor and its speed is variable and adjustable, ranging between 5,000 to 35,000RPM.

The series includes several models, but it’s the 4000-6/50 that stands out from the crowd. This one contains an impressive number of accessories and comes with 6 attachments. It’s a versatile all-in-one tool.

However, all the kits come with a rotary tool and a heavy-duty plastic carrying case.

Here are the specifications on Dremel 4000-6/50

  • It has a 1.6Amp motor
  • It presents an EZ change system
  • The speed ranges between 5,000 to 35,000RPM
  • It comes with 6 attachments and 50 accessories

What are the main features of Dremel 4200?

The Dremel 4200 runs also on a 1.6 Amp variable speed motor and the speed ranges also between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM. It includes separate speed and on/off controls, so you may start/stop it at the speed you want to use. Therefore, the tool is going to maintain the setting, even after you turn it off. This feature is going to allow you to change the accessory/attachment, turn the tool back on and use the same speed as before turning it off. This is one amazing feature to have, especially if you worry about the consistency of your job.

Even though the 4200 comes with the same motor and similar performance, there is a big difference between the two. The Dremel 4200 presents better ventilation and cooling, so the risk for overheating is impressively reduced.

This one also comes in a solid carry case with a handle which fits nice and securely the tool inside.

We have to highlight that the 4200 presents an ergonomic design which provides easy and comfortable use by a left handed person. You can grip it in various ways, according to the job you’re doing.

The series includes 3 different kits and each of them comes with a comfortable number of attachments and accessories to use.

For instance, the 4200-4/36 comes with 4 attachments and 36 accessories, whereas the 4200-6/40 includes no less than 6 attachments and 40 accessories. The largest in the series is the 4200-8/64 which comes with 8 attachments and 64 accessories.

Here are the main features:

  • It runs on a 1.6 Amp motor
  • The speed is adjustable and ranges between 5,000 to 35,000RPM
  • The ergonomic design ensures easy and comfortable use
  • It presents a tool-less EZ change system

Dremel 4000 vs Dremel 4200- A closer look

Not only that the two models differ when it comes to weight and dimensions, but they also look nothing alike when it comes to the accessory change system and the kit options. Let’s take a closer look for better understanding:

  • Accessory change system

The chuck system or the accessory change system is that piece that you need to tighten around, securing the shank on the accessory bits. The rotary tools need it for performing their tasks.

The chuck systems come in various sizes and types (1/16, 1/32 and 1/8 inches- these are few examples) and they both play a part in the type of accessories that a rotary tool is going to take. They also related to how easy is going to be for you to change them.

One great thing about the Dremel rotary tools is that they’re designed to take different accessories and attachments. However, different models are going to use various chuck systems.

As we mentioned previously, the Dremel 4000 uses the EZ Nose Twist Cap that helps you change the accessories fast and easy every time. The chuck system comes with a built-in wrench that is going to let you use the nose cap as a wrench for loosening/tightening the collet nut while you’re changing the accessories.

In the case of Dremel 4200, the change mechanism is an EZ Change mechanism type. The mechanism comes with built-in pull lever system that is going to help you replace the standard collet nut on your Dremel. You’re going to be able to change the accessories without using a wrench.

Either way, changing the accessories systems is fast and easy in both models, but it’s going to be a bit easier in the case of Dremel 4200 simply because you’re not going to need a wrench at all.

  • The kit options

Many of the Dremel rotary tool kits come with various kit options and there are two numbers that give you a hint about the numbers of accessories.

The numbers placed after the model number is going to inform you on the number of attachments and accessories on the kit you’re planning to get. If the first number is 2, you’re going to receive 2 attachments, whereas the second number (let’s say it’s 30) is going to indicate that the tool comes with 30 accessories.

Dremel 4000 comes with 4 kit options: 4000-2/30, 4000-3/34, 4000-4/34 and 4000-6/50. There are only three options available for the Dremel 4200 series: 4200-4/36, 4200-6/40 ad 4200-8/64.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the models from each series:

  • Dremel 4200-4/36 High-Performance Rotary Tool Kit with EZ Change, 4-Attachments and 36-Accessories

This model comes with 4 attachments and 3 accessories, which gives you amazing versatility. The attachments you get are:

  • the sharpener for lawnmower and gardener tool
  • the sanding/grinding guide
  • the shield rotary attachment
  • the multipurpose cutting kit

the tool kit also includes an adapter and driver coupler of attachments. The 36 accessories are going to be plenty of help for various jobs. There are:

  • 25 sanding accessories
  • 2 for cleaning and polishing
  • 2 cutters for engraving and carving
  • 3 for grinding and sharpening
  • 2 for cutting.

You also get 2 extra miscellaneous accessories. Don’t worry about the impressive number of accessories. The rotary tool comes with the EZ Change quick-change mechanism so you’re going to be able to switch them without even using a wrench.

The rotary tool has a speed range of 5,000 to 35, 000RPM. It presents an electronic feedback circuitry which is going to ensure consistent speed under load.

  • Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit – Corded

This rotary tool kit comes with the EZ Twist to use when changing through the accessories. The system is reliable and changing through the accessories is really a breeze.

You’re definitely want to try all the accessories, especially since this one comes with no less than 30 of them. Here they are:

  • 5 for cutting
  • 1 high speed cutter for carving and engraving
  • 3 for polishing and cleaning
  • 3 for grinding and sharpening
  • 3 miscellaneous accessories
  • 15 for sanding

The model also includes the grinding/sanding guide and circle cutter/stretch edge guide.

Working with this one is really easy, especially since it comes with all the accessories that one could use. It’s not the strongest out there, but its gentle force is going to allow you better control and better precision on the jobs.

The speed goes up to 35,000RPM, but it’s adjustable so you can use the speed you need for a specific job. In addition, the rotary tool is also going to maintain the speed even under load.

The rotary tool presents an amazing grip which is going to ensure better control for the detailed work. It doesn’t heat up easy thanks to its cool-running ball bearing build.

The battle is on!

The 4000 may be a bit more versatile since it takes more than just the 1/8th shank. By contrary, the 4200 series is limited to this one, whereas the 4000 is able to collect shank from between 1/32 to 1/8 of an inch.

The 4200 makes a better impression thanks to its reliable cooling ability. The ergonomic and venting design of the 4200 is going to reduce the heat by up to 20%.

You’re also not going to need to use a tool for changing the bit. Nevertheless, you may still get a tool-less chuck for the 4000.

The performance is pretty similar for both series and the differences aren’t that big at the end of the day. Some may like the 4200 a lot better, but that’s simply because it includes the EZ chuck which eases the changing of bits.

The motor is the same power and even the speed has the same range. Both come with electronic feedback circuitry which keeps the speed constant when under load. There’s also separate on/off switch and speed dial for both models.

The 360-degree grip is comfortable for both models and there’s a durability feel to both of them.

The 4200 also comes with build-in pull lever system and not a standard collet nut. Even though you’re going to need a wrench for changing the accessories, some bits may get loose in the chuck which is only going to slow you down.

Both the 4200 and the 400 are compatible with all Dremel attachments and accessories so you can basically get a kit with any number of accessories, buying the extra whenever you need more.

What’s the final verdict?

Going through all the details gets us to one fair conclusion: it’s a tie when it comes to the Dremel 4000 vs. Dremel 4200.

However, they’re not the same and the changes aren’t major. In addition, the changes don’t bring any groundbreaking improvements anyway. For instance, the 4200’s EZ Change system is a bit confusing for some.

This doesn’t turn the Dremel 4200 into a no-go. as a matter of fact, the 4200 is going to be the perfect choice for many. it should be set in stone that the 4000 has been a valid option for a good amount of time. Even though the 4200 is the newer model, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better than the previous model.

At the end of the day, one could say that the 4000 is always a solid option. As for the 4200, the debate is still on. Long story short, you’re not going to take a stab in the dark with the 4000, but you may take a leap of faith with the 4200.

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