Energy Saving Tips for Hotel Owners

The Ultimate Energy Saving Tips for Hotel Owners

Running a hotel isn’t always a simple task. Not only does it involve high operational costs but it’s also an energy-intensive undertaking. Implementing energy-efficient strategies and switching to cheaper energy tariffs can lead to substantial savings.

There are numerous ways to reduce your energy consumption with just a few adjustments. Keep reading to discover more about the hotel business and how to save energy.

Use Timed Thermostats

Install a programmable thermostat in your hotel. Plus, you should avoid operating your heating and cooling systems simultaneously. When a room’s temperature reaches about 21 Degrees Celsius, switch off the heating system. Don’t switch on the air conditioning system until the temperature exceeds 23 Degrees Celsius.

Doing this will help you save up to ten percent on your heating costs. To achieve more savings, consider servicing your boiler and HVAC equipment regularly.

Lightbulb Moments

Invest in low-energy light bulbs. These lighting fixtures typically consume less power and will last longer than traditional bulbs. Installing daylight and occupancy sensors in your hotel is another you to minimize energy consumption.

Avoid Hot Water

Don’t overheat your water. Simply heat it up to about 60 Degrees Celsius and you’ll be good to go. To minimize heat loss, consider insulating your water pipes with high-quality material. Fitting spray water taps in your faucets can also help in reducing energy loss.

Work As a Team

Educate your staff about the importance of embracing energy-saving practices. Encourage them to come up with creative ways of reducing energy consumption. Utilize signage plus notes to remind visitors of energy-saving practices, like re-using towels.

Work With Experts

Hire an energy broker to help you compare different energy rates. These professionals have the required expertise to compare energy quotes and devise energy-efficient strategies for your hospitality business.

Shopping around will help you identify the best rates and switch suppliers. And this could save you up to forty percent on your energy bills. Plus, the energy broker will tailor an ongoing energy-saving strategy that’s perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Choose The Right Energy Plan

There are several energy-based plans out there. You should conduct your research before choosing a particular plan. Look for a supplier with flexible plans. Consult an expert to guide you select the best plan for your hotel. Avoid plans that can result in an excessive amount of utility bills. Use Utility Bidder to switch to a supplier of your choice. The process isn’t that complicated.

Think LED Lighting

Choose efficient lighting fixtures in your hotel. For instance, LED lighting fixtures consume less energy, are brighter, and last longer. Thus, replace the old energy fixtures in your home. LED lighting fixtures will help you save up to 80 percent in terms of energy costs. Make your hotel efficient with LED lighting fixtures.


By saving energy you’ll also be saving money. At the same, you’ll be protecting the environment. It’s also imperative to note that becoming energy-efficient will keep your guests happy and comfortable. And this will in turn increase your earnings.

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