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Ionic air purifier vs Hepa air purifiers

Even though the both devices clean the air from impurities, they do use different methods for clearing out the air. The more you know about each of them, the easier is going to be for you to decide which type…

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Air purifier vs ionizer

Both air purifiers and ionizers are made to eliminate various contaminants from your house. The filtration air purifier simply uses a different air-cleaning technology than the one used by ionizer. Let’s see the details for a better understanding. How does…

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Air purifier vs dehumidifier

The air purifier is designed for circulating and filtering air. It’s able to trap dust, smoke and various allergens, leading to a fresher and healthier air in your home. You should use one no matter if you’re dealing with asthma…

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Air purifier vs. humidifier vs. dehumidifier

When we take a look at the air purifiers and dehumidifiers, we realize that they’re both made to reduce allergens in a room, making it more comfortable for anyone dealing with asthma and allergies. In the case of air purifier,…

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Do HEPA air purifiers work?

There are plenty of filters out there that aren’t HEPA filters per se, you should pay attention when buying. Having said that, keep in mind that True HEPA filters actually come in two types: A very dense paper filter that…

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Do air purifiers work for dust?

Dust is another thing to worry about, especially when you’re struggling with allergic reactions. It may contain an important allergen trigger- dust mite dropping. Inhaling dust that contain the microscopic particles is going to lead to allergic reactions. In addition,…

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Do car air purifiers work?

The indoor air is what causing us the allergic reactions most of the time and we do forget that the air in our car may be bad for us too. The engine air filters in cars The engine air filters…

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Do UV air purifiers work?

if you’re looking for an air purifier that destroys germs from the air in your room, the UV air purifier is a dependable choice to have in mind. Here are some of the benefits of this type of air purifier:…

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Do ionic air purifiers work?

In order to see if an ionic air purifier works, it’s important to know some basic info about this type of air purifiers. How do they work? The ionic purifier is also known as the ionizer/ozone generator or ion generator…

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