Air purifier vs dehumidifier

The air purifier is designed for circulating and filtering air. It’s able to trap dust, smoke and various allergens, leading to a fresher and healthier air in your home. You should use one no matter if you’re dealing with asthma or allergies as breathing a cleaner air is good for everyone’s lungs.

The dehumidifier is made to lower the moisture content in the surrounding area. You should use one if the humidity level is higher than 50%. This type of device isn’t filtering air per se, but it reduces the development of mold and dust mites, which may cause allergic reactions in the first place. Therefore, a dehumidifier is good to have for a healthier environment- just as long as the humidity level is higher than 50%.

If we take a look at the variety, we notice that there are several types for both the air filters and the dehumidifiers. You should do due diligence and seek the best model that fits your needs. Even if the main purpose is the same, the way they get it is different and the efficiency may vary too.

You should get an air purifier if you have someone in the family struggling with allergies or asthma. Get one if you simply want a fresher air inside your home.

Get a dehumidifier when you have to reduce the allergic reactions caused by mold, mildew and dust mites or there’s too much moisture in your home. Either way, we all want to breath a fresher and healthier air any given day.

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