Air purifier vs humidifier for the baby

When it comes to babies, we all know that they’re the most precious human beings in the world so keeping them safe and sound is fundamental for all of us. No matter which type of parent you are, we all have to agree that we’re thinking of their best interest. Using an air purifier or a humidifier is on that list, but does our baby really needs it? Does he needs both? Can you use both? Let’s take a closer look and see if we can get to a conclusion.

  • Does your baby need an air purifier?

No matter the type of air purifier you’re deciding to go with, the main purpose is the same: filtering the air and giving you a fresher and healthier air. There are plenty of air pollutants out there that aren’t good for anyone, baby or not.

Many of the pollutants are difficult to avoid and quite common. You’re going to find particulate matter like dust in any home. The effects are pretty unpleasant: nausea, dizziness, sinuses and you want your baby away from that.

A good quality air purifier is going to be able to remove most of the small particles from the air and you should get one in your home. You should focus on removing pet dander (if you have any pet), dust and various irritants. If you’ve just renovated your home, get an air purifier that is better for removing gaseous pollutants.

If you’re really stressed out about the airborne irritants, you need to get an air purifier with a pre-filter and a HEPA filter too. The HEPA filters trap the small airborne allergens, the main cause for scratchy throats, itchy noses and headaches. Add an activated carbon filter if you’re also dealing with pervasive odor in your baby’s room.

  • Should you also use a humidifier?

When it comes to the moisture level in a room, an air purifier has no ability whatsoever. If the humidity in your home is just fine, you shouldn’t worry about it all

However, when the humidity is too low (this is a common situation during the colder season), a humidifier is the best solution. Luckily for all of us, the air purifier isn’t able to remove any moisture from the air, so it’s never going to make the air dryer than it is.

A humidifier is going to add the moisture the nursery’s air really needs. When the humidity is too low, your baby may develop reactions similar to those caused by airborne particles. Get a digital hygrometer to check the air’s humidity in your home. A normal level should be ranging between 30% and 50%. Should it be lower than that, get a humidifier and pay attention to your baby. If the reactions don’t disappear, chances are you’re also going to need an air purifier.

  • Can you use both in your baby’s nursery?

The air purifier works just fine along with a humidifier and either of them is going to reduce the performance of the other one. You can use them for cleaning the air and adding moisture to the nursery air.

Remember to take good care of them so they don’t lose their efficiency. Clean the humidifier on a regular basis and change the HEPA filters on the air purifier every six months or so.

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