Do air purifiers work for mold?

If you’re dealing with mold problem, you should put your money and faith in an air purifier with HEPA filter and an activated carbon pre-filter.

Mold spores are typically around 1-20 microns and the HEPA filers are able to catch 99.97% of 0.3ciron particles, making the best option for filtering the mold spores.

As for the activated carbon pre-filter, it’s going to eliminate mold odors as it may absorb VOCs and MVOC mold creates.

The first thing to do when dealing with mold is to remove it from your home. No matter how performant an air filter is going to be, it’s still not going to be able to kill the mold growing on various surfaces. They do, however, eliminate mold from the air.

Even if you are able to eliminate the mold problem, there may still be some mold spores left in the air. Getting rid of all mold in your home is a bit impossible as little specks of mold growth may put some spores into the air.

Running an air purifier in your home is going to reduce the airborne mold spores, making the air you breathe cleaner and healthier.

In addition, the air purifiers are also going to reduce the risk for mold growing in the future. As air purifiers eliminate mold spores in the air, they’re actually blocking new mold colonies from growing.

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