Do ionic air purifiers work?

In order to see if an ionic air purifier works, it’s important to know some basic info about this type of air purifiers.

  • How do they work?

The ionic purifier is also known as the ionizer/ozone generator or ion generator and emits electrically charged molecules (known as ions into the air). It’s the charged ions that are going to attach to the particles of mold, dust, pollen, pet dander and various irritants and allergens in the air. The particles are going to attach to each other, which makes them heavier and larger, settling way faster. Soon enough they’re going to cling to walls, furniture and floors. Some of the particles are still going to be inhaled, though.

An ionic air purifier isn’t going to capture particles per se nor eliminate them from your house. Particles of mold charged by ions may still grow and even spread, clinging to various household surfaces.

  • What are the benefits?

Many models are more affordable than other types of air purifiers, but the price range is pretty wide for any type of air purifiers.

Compact and easy to move around the house, this type air purifier is a great choice for cars. They are easy to maintain and there are no filters to clean or replace on a regular basis.

As they’re not able to capture nor collect particles the way mechanical air filters, there’s no standard way to actually measure the efficiency of air ionizer purifiers.

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