What does an air purifier do?

A portable air purifier is going to eliminate pollutants from the air and there are several categories of pollutants that we should take under consideration:

  • Gaseous pollutants: adhesives, varnishes, pesticides
  • Particulate matter- it’s the biological pollutants that we all know about: dust mites, molds, animal dander, bacteria and viruses.

Air purifier is going to filter the contaminants out of the air and it’s a great appliance to use by anyone sensitive to allergens or dealing with asthmatic symptoms.

As a matter of fact, everyone wants a cleaner and fresher air atmosphere and the air purifier should be on your essential list, no matter if you have any allergies or not.

Keep in mind that an air purifier isn’t going to eliminate the need for constant cleaning or ventilating the home on a regular basis. The most efficient way to keep pollutants at bay is not to allow them in your home in the first place.

Not smoking indoor, vacuuming on a regular basis, keeping all solid surfaces sanitized and allowing fresh air in your house as much as you can be still the best ways to prevent any indoor air problems.

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