FiiO BTR3 with Bose speaker on laptop

FIIO BTR3- The High-Fidelity Bluetooth Amplifier that Does It All

FiiO BTR3 with Bose speaker on laptop

Informinc’s Review of the FIIO BTR3 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Amplifier

Like it or lump it, Bluetooth isn’t going to go away anytime soon and it has become one of the main ways for audio delivery for our mobile devices.

It was only few years ago when FiiO made the first impression with the amazing BTR1 Bluetooth audio receiver. Even if it did have some limitations related to the code support, BTR1 still managed to win over plenty of fans.

The China-based audio firm FiiO has recently launched the BTR3 portable high-fidelity Bluetooth Amplifier. It’s supposed to be the first amplifier that takes all wireless audio codecs: LHDC, AAC, SBC, LDAC, aptX HD, aptX and aptX Low Latency.

At a glance- what is FiiO BTR3?

Even if it’s a bit pricier than the previous models, BTR3 is also more powerful and manages to overcome some of the downsides of the past versions.

You’re going to recognize the upgrade right out of the box as BTR3 has a clearer appearance. It’s a small rectangle with rounded edges and the entire metal housing has a durability and strong feel to it.

The BTR3 comes with a glass front and a rear clip, which is already an improvement from the previous models.

It’s a bit heavier and larger, but it’s still a comfortable and easy to use device. The controls are well placed on the side and the BTR3 also features a microphone for the wireless calling. The design is well thought out and the USB-C port and the headphone jack are places on the bottom of the BTR3.

The 300mAh battery inside is only going to need 90 minutes for a full charge, lasting 10hours later on.

You may even pair two Bluetooth devices at the same time, but it’s going to be a challenge to use both with anything but the USB-C cable or the headphone plug.

fiio btr3 usb dacLet’s take a closer look at the features

The broad codec support and the one-of-a-kind feature set is what makes the BTR3 so different from the previous models.

  • The Bluetooth format support

The BTR3 takes almost every Bluetooth audio code on the planet. It’s also able to display the decoding format as it used the RGB-backlit logo placed on the front of the device:

  • Cyan for AAC
  • Blue for SBC
  • Purple for aptX/aptX low latency
  • Yellow for aptX HD
  • Green for LHDC
  • White for LDAC
  • Red is for charging

You’re going to be able to support USB DAC mode by triple-clicking the power button, using the connected USB cable. BTR works also with the Nintendo Switch and with your iPhone.

  • Powerful audio performance

The BTR3 comes with the Qualcomm CR8675 Bluetooth chip is a low-power option created for improved audio applications. The chip is more stable in signal strength, especially when the risk for interference is rather high.

  • The battery

The 300mAh battery only needs 1.5 hours to charge completely, giving you no less than 11hours of playback.

  • The volume adjustments

The BTR3 comes with volume control for the finest adjustments of your music. When you’re pairing the smartphone with the BTR3, you may adjust the phone’s volume independently from the BTR3’s volume control. Therefore, you’re going to get two sets of volume control for more accuracy on the volume. In addition, the BTR3 also remembers the last volume level that you used so you’re not going to have to constantly reset it after turning it back on.

  • The built-in microphone

Not only that BTR3 comes with a built-in microphone, but this one comes with Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation technology. The built-in amplifier improves the quality of your music sound, but makes sure your call has better sound as well. The Qualcomm’s cVC noise cancellation technology is going to automatically adjust the microphone, suppressing the background noise so that you hear loud and clear your calls too.

  • Using it and driving

You may connect the smartphone to the BTR3 through the Bluetooth, and continue with connecting the BTR3 to the car’s audio system, using the 3.5mm audio cable. You’re going to be able to listen to your favs through the car’s speakers and also answer your phone, hands-free.

  • Easy pairing

You may pair BTR3 to any compatible device with a tap, using the NFC wireless short-range communication protocol. No need to go through a sophisticated process for pairing the devices.

BTR3 also supports the Fast Pair Bluetooth functionality, which helps you pair it with your Android device. Hold the multifunctional button on the BTR3 and tap on the notification on your device.

  • The Type C-connector

The BTR 3 uses the Type C-connector so it’s easier to use it with the symmetric connector. You may insert the cable either way and the USB DAC functionality is provided.

  • A fresh start for your home theater system

If your home doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity (just yet), you can easily connect the Bluetooth source to the BTR3, and then connect the BTR3 to your current home audio system, using the 3.5mm audio cable

  • The smart assistance

Give Siri a call in iOS whenever you find yourself in a pickle. A double click of the multifunctional button from the BTR3 is going to help you get the answer you need.

  • The design

The BRT3 has an aluminum alloy body and 2.5D glass wraps it, for better appearance. The oleophobic coating protects it from fingerprints, whereas the smooth texture and the high contrast black font give the BTR3 a classy appearance that makes a great first impression.

  • The versatility

You may wear the BTR hanged from a lanyard or attaching it with the rear clip. The rear clip is created so that it’s easy to hang on most surfaces, eliminating the carry problem.

What are the pros and the cons?

There are plenty of things to like about the BTR3 and here are the most important ones:

  • The broad codec support
  • The high-quality audio performance
  • It comes with a built-in microphone
  • The battery lasts for a good amount of time
  • You get support from Siri
  • It’s easy to carry around
  • It has a nice looking and tough body and build
  • It’s easy to pair
  • It’s easy to adjust the volume

The downsides aren’t deal breakers from our point of view, but it’s always better to have the full picture:

  • Not everyone goes for its flashing logo
  • The placement of the USB port and power could be better
  • The lack of Line out in USB mode
  • The USB file resolution support isn’t the best

What’s our conclusion?

Even if the BTR3 isn’t all roses and rainbows, it sure makes a great impression with its broad Bluetooth codec support and USB DAC functionality. It’s a device that stands out with its versatility and flexibility, without breaking the bank. What’s not to like?

Here’s an in-depth presentation video made by Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews:


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