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Best Filter For Goldfish Tank

Despite what one may think, goldfish need to have a filter in their tank for so many reasons. Goldfish aren’t just supposed be fun as they also produce toxins (through their respiration and waste) that gather in the aquarium. Unless you get rid of that, you’re going to find yourself in a big trouble.

A good filter is going to help you get rid of the unpleasant toxins so you want to maintain your goldfish happy and safe.

Why do you need a filter?

You don’t always need a filter, but there’s a big catch to it: you’re going to have to do impressive daily water changes. You can totally remove the toxins and keep the water clean enough for your little finned friends by doing it so.

The big downside? You need to carry buckets all the time and… use a lot of water. Apart from the time, effort and water you’re going to use, you’re also going to have to pay a lot more for your water bill.

Therefore, it all comes down to filters as they are the most comfortable and economical solution, on the long run.

3 things to consider

No matter the final choice, when it comes to filter for your fish tank, there are 3 big things to keep in mind.

  • It has to be safe!

Many of the filters out there are made so that they need cleaning on regular basis as you want to keep debris at distance. Once debris starts to build up in the filter, the filter can become pretty toxic and, therefore, unsafe for your goldfish.

Sludge (the brown gunk building up) and mulm (the white gunk) are stressful for the immune system of your finned pals so you want to always clean the filter.

  • The current has to be strong!

This is one conception that works for many fish as the high volume of water flowing means less oxygen for the bacteria to stay alive.

Unfortunately, when it comes to goldfish the situation is pretty different. As their fins are long, catching the water current, the goldfish are going to find themselves struggling to stay in place.

So, it’s all FALSE that you need a strong current in your goldfish tank. Once your goldfish stressed out, it’s only a matter of time until they get sick. Therefore, you may want to check up the flow rate on your filter right from the start.

  • It needs to be efficient

Obviously, this has to be TRUE. Filtration isn’t just about catching particles of fish poop or some clear water. It also has to do with eliminating ammonia and offering a lot of surface for beneficial bacteria to grow.

One last thing

Go online, get informed and check your wallet before buying. The price range is quite wide and the options are so many.

TOP 5 Best Filter For Goldfish Tank Reviews

1). Bacto-Surge High Density Foam Filter

Stop searching high and low for a good sponge filter for your goldfish tank and give it a go with the Bacto-Surge High Density Foam Filter.

One thing you can’t complain about this sponge filter is its installation, as it’s quite a breeze. The filter has a weighted base so it’s going to stay in place.

Made with high-quality foam, the filter is very useful and efficient. Sidenote, it’s also pretty easy to hide it behind some plants too.

The filter gives no noise, but it does keep the water nice and clear. It’s low priced and fairly easy to clean. You simply squeeze it under some water from the tank. Remember to never use tap water for cleaning it.

We also like that the filter provides plenty of surface for the beneficial bacteria to grow on. After all, it’s quite a big sponge and you’d better use it for tanks bigger than 10 gallons. You don’t want to fill up too much space in your tank with it.

The filter is well made and you don’t need to use air stone with it.


  • The filter is made with high quality foam
  • It has a weighted base so it doesn’t float
  • It has a big surface for the beneficial bacteria to grow
  • It’s silent and easy to maintain


  • You can install an air pump for better performance
  • Some needed to add weight for keeping it in place

However, as it’s reliable and well made, the sponge filter is an option for anyone going shopping on a tight budget.


2). Marina Power Filter

Easy to find its place in your goldfish tank due to its slim profile, the Marina Power Filter is a filter you shouldn’t skip on when shopping.

The filter is made for tanks up to 20 gallons, but it comes in various sizes.

One thing to begin with it’s the self-priming feature that saves you time and effort right from the beginning. The filter comes with 3 filter cartridges: 1 Bio-Clear and 2 Bio-Carb. The cartridges are made with Ceramitek so the filter ensures good biological filtration.

The versatility of the filter is great as it comes with adjustable flow control, allowing you set the flow rate according to your needs. You want to go with less current though, in order not to stress out your goldfish.

The sponge pre-filter is a nice addition to the filter, increasing the safety of your fish.

The build is good and the design is well thought out. The filter features several media compartments, increasing the efficiency of the whole filter.

As the filter comes with a submerged pump, it runs pretty smooth so you don’t need to worry about the noise level either.

The filter comes with instructions that are easy to follow so setting it up is quite a breeze.

The small footprint and the durability feel complete the description, giving you the image of an effective and well-made valid option you shouldn’t miss out when shopping.


  • The filter comes with 3 filter cartridges
  • It keeps the tank clean and doesn’t stresses the goldfish
  • It’s well made and has a slim profile
  • It runs smooth


  • The cartridges could be better
  • They’re clear so you can see algae and dirt building up, which some may not like

Slim, efficient and quiet, the filter is a dependable choice and money well spent for your goldfish tank.


3). Marineland Emperor 400-Power Filter

Strong and capable, the Marineland Emperor 400 Pro Series Bio-wheel Power Filter is a filter to keep in mind when your goldfish tank is up to 80 gallons.

The filter gets a flowrate up to 400GPH and is packed with many functional features. It stands out from many filter as it has a two-pump design, which sure explain the flow rate and the overall performance.

The double capacity of the filter cartridge adds up on the list of features and note that you need two Rite-Size E filter cartridges for the filter.

The spray-bar driven Bio-Wheel wet/dry biological filtration is another thing to mentions and the filter provides multi-stages filtration. The Bio-Wheel is easy to adjust and the filter moves a lot of water. It maintains your tank nice and clear for quite some time, oxygenating the water at the same time.

Additionally, the carbon compartment is easy to remove, increasing the versatility of the filter.

Easy to install and to take care of, the filter is one versatile option you shouldn’t forget.


  • The filter provides multi-stage filtration
  • It’s versatile and efficient
  • It’s adjustable
  • It moves a lot of water


  • It may require a new impeller if it gets too noisy
  • Some doubt its durability

No matter what your standards are about the filter on your goldfish tank, you still need to give it a try as the filter checks many quality boxes, overall.


4). 200 Gallon Filter Aquarium Tank Fish

If you’re not just looking for a good filter for your goldfish tank, but also for one that takes the use for a good amount of time, no matter how big your tank gets, put your trust and faith in a filter like the 200 Gallon Filter Aquarium Tank Fish Canister 9 W Sterilizer.

The filter is made to maintain clean tanks up to 150 gallons and has a flow rate up to 525 GPH. Its pump power is 55W and the filter comes with plenty of things you need for installation.

The one things that counts a lot on the filter is the 9Watt UV sterilizer that is able to control algae, bacteria and spores, keeping the water crystal clear.

The versatility is another important quality of the filter and you can easily adjust it for larger tanks. Even though the instructions are a bit poor, installing the filter for the first time isn’t that complicated, after all. Some may feel a learning curve when it comes to its cleaning, whereas most find the cleaning of the filter quite a breeze.

The filter is well made and has a durability feel to it, with minimal risk for leaks.

It comes with a priming button and its output is adjustable. It has a good flow and is a good investment to make anytime.


  • The filter is well made and seems durable
  • It features UV sterilizer
  • It can be adjusted for larger tanks
  • It’s reliable and effective


  • The hoses are a tad stiff
  • The instructions are poor

For the efficiency, reliability, adjustability and power, the filter is worth a try and comes for a bargain price too.


5). Fluval External Filter

Packed up with so many features, the Fluval External Filter is one filter you shouldn’t sit on the fence about getting it whenever in need.

The filter performs multi-stage filtration on both fresh and saltwater tanks. It’s made to keep clean tanks up to 100 gallons and has a flow rate of 388GPH.

The first feature to mention is the sound dampening impeller design which explains why the filter runs quietly. The filter has a square-shaped canister design that holds up to 50% more water than a round canister filter. Despite its large capacity, the filter is lightweight, even when filled with water.

Additionally, the shape of the filter also improves the water flow through a sophisticated cleansing path, for higher contact with the filtration media.

Another important feature to mention is the clog-proof intake strainer which minimizes risk for clogging. The dual foam screen adds up, increasing the overall quality of the filter.

The filter is made with the patented Aquastop Valve, rim connector assemblies and several filtration baskets, for better performance.

The simple locking/unlocking clamps are easy to operate, keeping motor in place. The filter is made with class fibers for more durability.

The vibration is minor, but the flow rate is high. The filter has a narrow profile for easier placement. The suction cups are strong and the filter doesn’t disappoint.


  • The filter features a sound dampening impeller
  • It has small and narrow profile
  • It’s strong, but runs silently
  • It’s well made and packed with impressive features for higher performance


  • It has an industrial look
  • The instructions aren’t that easy to follow

Nevertheless, as it’s dependable, well-made and able to keep your tank nice and clean for a long time, the filter sure deserves the chance for a try.

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