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Best 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

If you’re planning to become an aquarist, you should know that getting the fish isn’t the first thing to do. On the contrary, it may be one of the latest, as you need to start with buying all the equipment you need for your fish.

Even if the tank seems like a significant investment to make, you cannot use it without a stand. Tanks can be cumbersome and quite impossible to move around once you’re done installing everything.

And no, you cannot put the tank on a piece of furniture either, as no furniture can hold the weight of the water.

TOP 7 Best 55gallon fish tank stand

   1. Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand 55

Truth be told, the price may seal the deal for many when it comes to Aquatic Fundamentals AMZ-102551 Aquarium Stand 55. However, the stand is a lot more than just an affordable option, and you should keep reading for the details.

The stand is made with steel, and it’s moisture resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for a tank. The powder-coated finish looks nice and protects the stand from water and wear too.

The classic scroll design is quite appealing, and the stand manages to be both sturdy and elegantly looking. Its profile is rather subtle, and the decorative details improve its appearance.

The back of the stand is open for a single support brace, allowing you to route chords of tubes from the tank inside the stand. You no longer have to cut away any panels to do it.

It’s going to take you less than an hour to put it together. The classic scroll design running down every side of the stand looks lovely in any décor. The stand isn’t just functional, but also nice looking and elegant.

Here’s our take on the pros:

  • It’s made of steel and has a powder-coated finish
  • It has an attractive design
  • It’s easy to put together
  • It looks beautiful, and it’s affordable

Don’t let the minor issues stand in your way when choosing:

  • It doesn’t have a flip to prevent the sliding of the tank
  • Some note that it doesn’t have a durability feel to it

Beggars cannot be choosers, and, for the buck, you’re paying, the stand is quite an attractive and functional option to use for your 55-gallon tank.

   2. Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Stand

The Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallons Stand brings plenty of good things to the table, and its overall value for the price may be the most important to highlight.

Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallons Stand


The stand ensures a sturdy and solid foundation for your 55-gallon tank. One thing that sets it apart from its opponents is the versatility, as the stand comes with reversible bottom panels. Therefore, you may choose the color of the stand between cherry and black finish. It’s a fantastic option to have on a stand!

But it’s not only the versatility that impresses us. The top and the base are all powder-coated to resist moisture. The stand supports the weight of the tank without compromising on the looks. It comes with a hinged door that is easy to open for accessing the storage space. It’s easy to keep the nets, food, water treatments, cleaning supplies in just one place, and the stand delivers.

The stand comes with easy to comprehend and to follow instructions. It’s going to take you less than 30 minutes to put it together.

Here’s our list of pros:

  • It comes with reversible bottom panels
  • The top and base are powder-coated for moisture resistance
  • It provides storage space behind a hinged door
  • It’s easy to put together

The cons are minor:

  • It doesn’t come with adjustable feet to level it
  • It has no shelves

Regardless of the minor issues, the stand is a dependable, nice looking, and easy to assemble option that doesn’t empty your wallet. Why not take the plunge?

   3. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

For those of you that don’t go for the storage space and only look for a simple, yet effective, stand, the Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand is one model to keep in mind.

The stand has a basic design that looks good in any décor, providing a clutter-less feel. It’s made with long-lasting and sturdy steel, which is why it’s reliable and dependable.

One feature that you will appreciate is the adjustable feet that allow leveling before adding the tank.

Thanks to its design, the stand is rather easy to put together. It looks fantastic with any tank or terrarium, and the black finish gives it an elegant vibe.

Let’s give the positive aspects another look:

  • It’s made with long-lasting steel
  • It has a solid build and an elegant appearance
  • It comes with adjustable feet
  • It’s easy to put together

Don’t mind the shortcomings as they’re minor:

  • The top isn’t just one piece
  • The instruction could be better

Be that as it may, the stand is robust, elegant, and straightforward. Its basic design is functional, and the build takes the weight of your tank. Isn’t that enough?

   4. Aquatic 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

If there were just one word to describe the Aquatic Fundamentals 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand with Shelf, durability would be that word for sure.

The stand is sturdy and seems very well made. Apart from the rugged feel and durability, the stand comes with a powder finish, which improves the moisture resistance.

The design is smart, and the stand is highly functional. It includes shelves so that you may store all the tank essentials in just one place.

Not only that, the stand is moisture-resistant and powder coated, but it also presents metal-to-metal cam locking. The powder-coated steel legs give it strength and stability, eliminating the wobbly effect.

The stand is an excellent combination of strength, looks, and functionality. It’s made with long-lasting MDF (medium density fiberboard), and it features a rugged top for increased stability.

It comes ready-to-assemble thanks to the metal-to-metal locking cam. The instruction is explicit, and the steps are easy to follow for the correct assembly.

Let’s take another look at the best parts:

  • It’s made with moisture-resistant and powder coat finish
  • It presents metal-to-metal locking cam assembly
  • It looks great and has a durability feel to it
  • It’s sturdy and has powder-coated steel legs

The shortcomings shouldn’t stress you out:

  • The door magnets don’t line up, according to some
  • It doesn’t have edges

A penny saved is a penny served, and the stand is one perfect example of durability, appearance, and affordability.

   5. Imagitarium White Gloss Fish Tank Stand

When you’re looking for a soft and subtle way to display your terrarium or aquarium, the Imagitarium White Gloss Fish Tank Stand is an excellent option to have in mind.

The stand has a solid build, and it presents an excellent durability feel to it. It’s not going to take you more than a couple of hours to put it together.

The design is smart, and the stand features an adjustable shelf for more versatility. It also comes with a hook for more convenient storage. This way, you can easily stow some of the maintenance accessories you need for the livestock in your tank.

The profile of the stand is sleek and matches the contemporary design. It’s why the stand will look almost perfect in any décor, providing a seamless fitting.

The white gloss finish is elegant and warm, and the stand isn’t obtrusive in any way.

Here’s our take on the pros:

  • The stand comes with an adjustable shelf and hook
  • It has a sleek profile and a contemporary design
  • Its white gloss finish is elegant
  • It’s well made and seems durable

The downsides are nothing to worry about:

  • Some note that the panels are lavender
  • It may arrive damaged from the transportation

All in all, the stand is an elegant, warm, and subtle way to make your aquarium pop out, and you should give it a try.

   6. Aquatic Aquarium Stand with Storage

The Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage is a wise investment to make for your 55-gallon tank on any given day.

Not only that, the stand seems long-lasting, but it’s a quality option that will take the weight of any rectangular 55-gallon tank. It has an incredible finish and a modern design, looking lovely in any home.

The stand is made with dense fiberboard and has an appealing melamine laminate cover. The top is solid, and the tank handles the weight of your tank. It has a robust design that ensures safe use with all sorts of tanks and pet habitats.

The front of the stand is covered so you may comfortably store the equipment you need for the tank. The two paneled doors ease out the access of the accessories inside, whereas the back of the stand is open except for a single support brace. The detail allows you to get the chords/tubes from the tank inside the stand so that you don’t have to cut away the panels.

Rugged yet elegant and subtle, the stand is worth every single penny.

Here’s our opinion on the positive aspects:

  • It has a modern appearance and a solid build
  • It’s made of dense fiberboard and has melamine laminate cover
  • It includes two paneled doors and storage space
  • It’s well made and has an open back

The pet peeves aren’t major:

  • The screws aren’t great
  • It has no pre-drilled holes for the magnet door spring installation

Regardless of the minor problems, the stand is a robust and elegant option to use for your 55-gallon tank, and you shouldn’t sit on the fence when deciding.

   7. Ameriwood Home Aquarium Stand

Any passionate aquarist is willing to pay the extra buck for a long-lasting and elegant stand for the 55-gallon tank. The Ameriwood Home Aquarium Stand perfectly fits the description and ticks most boxes within the category.

Ameriwood Home Aquarium Stand


The stand is made of laminated particleboard and MDF, and the looks draw attention no matter where you put it. The dark espresso woodgrain finish makes an appealing contrast with the brushed nickel door handles.

You won’t have any problems storing the tank’s essentials with the stand since it features two open shelves in the middle and two shelves behind every one of the two doors on the sides. The open shelves provide effortless access to essentials, and you may easily store the water treatment or cleaning supplies behind the doors.

Thanks to its rectangular shape, you will be able to fit the stand snugly up against the wall, for a 3-sided view of your tank.

The stand has a suitable footprint, and durability feels to it. It’s going to take two adults to put it together because the parts are quite heavy. It can hold up to 75-gallon tanks or 900lbs, whereas every shelf can take 40lbs.

We’ve shortened the best parts to the following:

  • It’s made of laminated particleboard and MDF
  • It features two open shelves and two shelves behind the doors
  • It provides generous space for storing
  • It looks beautiful and powerful

The downsides aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • It’s cumbersome so make sure you know where you’re installing it
  • The center bows a bit

Even if this stand isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s really close to being the most elegant and durable stands for your 55-gallon tank.

What’s the best way to select your stand for a 55-gallon fish tank?

If you’re still wondering why a stand is necessary for a fish tank, here are some benefits to check:

  • Safety

Buying the proper fish tank stand is fundamental for protecting the tank and your livestock. The stand isn’t an accessory that you can easily skip on; it’s something you need for your tank, no matter the size. You want a stand that handles the weight of your 55-gallon tank and takes a splash of water as well.

  • Appearance

Needless to say, the fish tank will even look better when sitting on a stand. Most models come in dark colors or natural shades that fit in any décor. It’s not a great idea to get something brightly colored, as it’s going to draw attention away from your fish. The stand is supposed to help the fish tank stand out, not to be the center of attention.

Which factors to consider when selecting the fish tank stand?

In all fairness, some aspects are more important than others, but you sure need to check them all before placing your order. The fish tank stands don’t come cheap, and you don’t want to invest once again any time soon.

Here’s what to look when selecting:

  • Size of the fish tank

Merely taking a look at the market is going to help you see the impressive variety of models, designs, and materials that you can choose from. The selection process may become overwhelming soon enough, so having some criteria is going to help.

The first criterion to use is the size of the fish tank. The number of gallons that your fish tank is fundamental when selecting the stand. You don’t want to end up with a stand that cannot handle the weight of your 55-gallon as you may endanger the livestock and yourself too.

  • Solid build

The stand has to be made of rugged and robust materials that take the weight of the fish tank. You don’t want a stand that has poor stability and presents a risk of wobbling. Look for durable materials such as wood or steel as they take the weight of 55-gallon tanks for a reasonable amount of time. The craftsmanship has to be impressive, too, for more stability.

  • Moisture and rust resistance

The metal used for the stand has to be treated against corrosion. If the stand is made of wood, wood has to be treated and coated for strong water resistance. You want the wood to be treated with a dark powder coat for moisture resistance.

  • Adjustable feet

It’s not a fundamental feature, but it’s nice to have it on a stand. You need to level the fish tank for reducing the risk of cracks or water damage. A stand with no adjustable feet is going to make the leveling of the fish tank a lot more complicated.

  • The material of the fish tank

You may not be aware of it, but the content of the fish tank also counts when selecting the stand. A 55-gallon fish tank made of glass will require a stand that provides edge support exclusively. However, an acrylic fish tank needs a stand that offers support for the whole bottom of the fish tank.

  • Type

The variety of stands for fish tanks is quite generous, and you can choose from wood, metal, and mixed media. Metal stands are quite famous and pretty affordable. They’re a reliable option for the glassfish tanks, providing support for the edges of the tank. The metal has to present corrosion resistance.

The wood stands work primarily for the acrylic fish tanks. They typically come with cabinets and drawers for storing the equipment or accessories for the fish tank. No matter the design, you should always make sure that the wood is powder coated so that it can handle some water and now and then.

  • Price

As a general rule, metal stands are cheaper than the wood opponents. Keep in mind that an acrylic fish tank cannot make use of a metal stand because of the lack of support.

One last piece of advice

The 55-gallon fish tank will probably weigh something around 550pounds when full. You have to use a rugged and robust stand for this kind of weight. You should never place the stand in the middle of the room, since it may sag the floor. It’s wiser to put it near a support beam. Either way, you want the stand to fit in the décor and, more than anything else, support the fish tank for many years to come.

FAQs on stands for fish tank

Q: Are stands easy to put together?

A: If you’re an entry-level aquarist and don’t know if you’re going to move around the tank a lot in the future, it’s better that you select a stand that allows easy assembly. Stay away from the models that come with metal-to-metal cam fitting. They’re actually more difficult to assemble than wooden screws.

Q: Is there an ideal height for the tank stands?

A: It goes without saying that the height of the stand will impact the visibility and access of your fish tank. When you have a small tank with only a few species of fish, a tall stand will allow you to see it better. Don’t forget to check the stands with adjustable feet, which let you raise/lower the tank according to your décor.

Q: Does the look of the stand matter?

A: If looks matter to you the most, it’s better that you prioritize the appearance of the stand when buying. There are many styles of tanks to look, so take your time while scrolling through the forms. Black, sleek, modern, subtle- are only some of the many to choose from. Keep in mind not to sacrifice the stability for the looks. The stand is supposed to handle the weight of the tank, more than anything else.

Q: Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor stands?

A: Nine times out of ten, people install the fish tank indoor, and you rarely notice an aquarium outside the house. Should you decide that you want to install the fish tank and the stand outside, you need to look for the models that handle the elements. No matter the final choice, fish tanks outdoor need to be under something protective at all times. Too much sun, rain, and snow can be fatal for your livestock.

Q: What materials work best for indoor fish tank stand?

A: As the stand will not be exposed to the elements (except for the water that is), all kinds of materials can be used for stands. Stainless steel or particleboard is quite common as materials. However, if you live in a salty or humid climate, you should keep in mind that salt leads to corrosion of the steel, whereas wood can grow mold from humidity.

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