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How to Reduce Back Pain?

If you have back pain, do you need a posture corrector at all costs? The answer is no, not at all. Similarly, the right chair support for lower back pain is just a tiny percentage of the solution. Back stretching machines are not all that you need. Instead, a perfect blend of activities, exercises for core strengthening and physical therapy will improve your condition dramatically. Here are different ways of alleviating back pain. Instead of finding on Google, which are the best office chairs for back and neck pain, apply these guidelines in your life.

Restrict Bed Rest

Research has shown that those people with back pain who rest more find it much harder to do daily tasks as compared to those who are active. People must avoid more than three days of bed rest. Encourage patients to move as soon as possible.


Often, activity is the best remedy for back pain. It removes people from the sitting posture putting their bodies in an upright and neutral position. However, moderation is the secret, according to experts and physicians. Avoid strenuous acts like gardening and prevent yourself from that motion, which gave birth to the pain. Back stretching machines should not be overused.

Good Posture

The pain might start after you have done a significant workout in the gym, but the strain which initiated it was perhaps building up for years. Many people happen to have poor posture while doing their daily chores, which put needless stress on their backs. Little things do matter a lot. For instance, you increase pressure on the back a lot when you lean over the sink wrongly for brushing teeth. Maintaining the correct curvature in your back will take the pressure off your nerves and, thus, eliminate back pain. The right chair support for lower back pain can also be considered.

Seeing a Specialist

Having and following a personalized exercise plan is a must to manage chronic back pain. We don’t have any magical aspirin to eliminate the back pain of everyone. Some people require higher core strengthening, whereas others benefit most from stretching or improving flexibility. Find a therapist, physiologist or chiropractor with specialization in back care. They will guide you, giving the perfect exercise plan for your case.

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Strengthening Core

Many people are having chronic back pain benefit from powerful abdominal muscles. The torso combines many muscle groups working simultaneously. If your abdominals are not active, other parts will pick up the slack. If you strengthen your abdominals, it will lessen the strain on your back.

More Flexibility

A lot of tightness and tension also causes back pain. Increasing flexibility puts equal weight throughout your body from your feet to your head. A useful exercise is sitting on your bed’s edge with one leg extended while the other is on the floor. Stretch your hamstrings by leaning forward and keeping the back in a neutral pose.

Avoid Brace

It is enticing to pamper your back muscles, but experts say braces should use occasionally. Braces do help in strenuous acts like heavy lifting but remember to wear them only for 15 minutes in one go. If you put them on all day, your muscles that must provide stability will become weak, and you will possess less core strength.

Ice & Heat

Heating pads, as well as cold packs, grant comfort to tender trunks. Many doctors suggest utilizing ice for the first two days after injury, especially if there’s swelling and then opting for heat. We can’t say whether ice or heat benefits more. It is recommended for patients to use that which they find comfort with their skin protected.


Sleeping Rightly

In sleep, both quantity and quality matter. Not only is the amount of rest essential but the actual position in which you sleep also matters a lot. Sleeping in an awkward pose or on a mattress with no support causes back pain. Back sleepers must place pillows under the knees. Side sleepers must put pads between the knees for keeping the spine in a good position. Stomach sleeping makes your neck or head twist and could put unnecessary stress on your back. Also, considering the mattress, make sure to research the best options for people dealing with back pain. One of such options is Puffy, which can be a great deal during the Puffy mattress Black Friday period.

No Smoking

Smoking not only damages your lungs. It can hurt your back as well. Research featured in the American Journal of Medicine stated that smokers are likely to develop back pain more than non-smokers. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels decreasing the flow of blood to the tissue. Quitting smoking can alleviate your back pain.

Try Talk Therapy

Back pain link with depression or anxiety, according to experts. Our emotional condition paints the perception of pain. Thus, therapy is an essential part of the overall treatment.

Using Relaxation Techniques

Studies have shown that meditation, tai chi, deep breathing and yoga, which put our minds at rest have the potential to do wonders for our backs as well. If you get some relaxation response, it reduces the level of perceived pain.

Pain relievers

There are two types of pain relievers, i.e. non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and acetaminophen. Both do have side effects and, thus, everyone cannot take them. Speak to a doctor before using pain relievers but do not expect the only medication to solve your problem. Research has shown that you would perhaps need more than a single kind of treatment.


Even if you are not a patient of depression, the doctor might recommend antidepressants as part of your treatment for back pain. Scientifically, it is not yet clear how antidepressants reduce chronic pain. It is believed that their impact on chemical messengers might affect signals of pain in your body.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists teach you how to stand, sit and move in such a manner which ensures your spine is in correct alignment alleviating strain on the back. They also teach specialized exercises which make core muscles stronger for supporting the end. A powerful core is among the best ways of preventing back pain. Experiments show that if you improve your flexibility, strength and endurance, back pain will be reduced, but it does take time.

Hands-On Therapy

Does massage reduce back pain after you have left the spa? Research by experts discovered that a weekly massage for ten weeks helped people with back pain. The positive impact lasted for six months but declined after one year. Similarly, another treatment is spinal manipulation. If performed by some specialist, it relieves structural problems of your spine and restores diminished mobility.

Nerve Stimulation

Recent studies conducted by a team of medical scientists show that treatments which stimulate nerves decrease back pain. If you don’t find relief, the doctor might add acupuncture to your plan with additional conservative care. Another method is TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) in which mild electrical pulses are given to your nerves for blocking incoming signals of pain.


Biofeedback utilizes a particular machine which helps you in training your brain in controlling your response to pain. You learn to moderate your heart rate, breathing, muscle tension and blood flow. Few studies have shown that it is better than medication in reducing back pain by around 30%. Its best aspect is that there are no side effects.

Spinal Injections

Some doctors might suggest a spinal injection for reduction of back pain. There are various kinds of needles which doctors who specialize in pain relief might use. For instance, an injection of corticosteroid can relieve inflammation, which causes pain. For the avoidance of potential side effects, the doctor might restrict the number of doses in a year, depending on which type of injection he is using.



The best office chairs for back pain would not solve the problem at all. You need to apply a lot of different things in your routine to get rid of back pain forever.

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