History of Spider solitaire

History of Spider solitaire: When It All Began?

Spider solitaire, a popular card game, now also coming in numerous exciting variations, is enjoyed by many. Before people started to play Spider solitaire online or on a computer/mobile device, they initially used real cards. And this is not the only thing to know about this game. Read on, and you’ll dive into the origin of Spider solitaire and it’s an evolution. You’ll also get a share of interesting historical facts at the end, so keep on reading!

How Did It Start?

As with most card games, there is no exact information about when Spider solitaire was created. But, the Oxford English Dictionary states that the earliest written record of the “Spider solitaire” word appeared in 1746. However, this reference was probably about a board game called “peg Spider solitaire”, which uses marbles and pegs. So, when did the classic Spider solitaire card game start?

Timeline: From Then to Now!

  • 1765: There was growing interest in the Baltic region of Europe about cartomancy, which is a fancy word for fortune-telling about what card is present in a deck. At about the same time, Patience (the other name for Spider solitaire card games) was recorded in literature. Fortune-reading with cards led to a surge in the popularity of Spider solitaire as well. However, the game is thought to have a German origin (or a Scandinavian origin in other sources).
  • 1788: The earliest written record of Patience appeared in the German gamebook, Das neue Königliche L’Hombre-Spiel.
  • 1870: Lady Adelaide Cadogan published the first collection of Spider solitaire card games in English, in her Illustrated Games of Patience.
  • 1874: the names “Patience” and “Spider solitaire” were used interchangeably around this time.
  • 1990: The classic Klondike Spider solitaire game was released by Microsoft. Free Spider solitaire on your computer, began!
  • 2008: MobilityWare launched Play Solitaire Masters Card Games Online for the first time as a mobile application. Playing Spider solitaire on your mobile phone while traveling got available!
  • Present: There are numerous Spider solitaire apps (e.g.: Spider solitaire Masters by Monster Brain Studios Limited, Spider solitaire by Spider solitaire Fun, and more!) with many versions of this game (e.g.: Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Yukon, etc)

Interesting Spider solitaire History Facts You Probably Had No Clue About

  • Spider solitaire is still known by its other name “Patience” in countries such as France, Poland, England, and Germany.
  • The word “Patience” has a French origin, calling the card games “an exercise with patience”.
  • The word “Spider solitaire” has a Latin origin and it means “lonely”. Actually, Spider solitaire games are one-player, although multiple-player versions are now also available.
  • For more confusion, Spider solitaire has many other names! For instance, in Scandinavian countries, Spider solitaire is known as “Cabale”.


Spider solitaire has come a long way! What initially began as a real card game, that grew in popularity due to fortune-telling with card decks, evolved to become a computer game loved by many. Now, you can play Spider solitaire wherever you go on your mobile phone. Being known as an exciting brain teaser, Spider solitaire continues to be a fun-filled game among youth and adults, and hopefully in the centuries to come too!

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