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Tools You Need In Gardening

If you are new and have limited ideas on gardening, it is confusing to get started. Even the experienced gardeners must have the right and proper tools. Depends how lovely or develop your garden is, you need different kinds of tools to be able to finish your garden exactly what you want. If you have a lot of potted plants, you need more tools to suffice, but if you planted only a few plants, you only need a few hand tools. If you plant a garden with a lot of plants that you plan to harvest soon, you are going to need more good tools for a job well done. Our list of necessary gardening tools will help you go on the proper way to a beautiful and lovely garden. And if you want to know more about gardening, click here.

Introduction to Gardening Tools

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Even with all the simple garden tools, you are going to find a number or collection of sizes and designs – sufficiently confuse during shopping. There are reasons for more options, like using a specific tool for you to make your job more convenient and more comfortable.

When choosing the tools for your garden, you have to make sure that you will get the right tools. Try to think what would be the feeling after using it for a few hours, will you be comfortable while using it or not? Do not forget as their size also increases the weight. The larger tools are practical and efficient; just remember the right tools that won’t deteriorate you quickly.

Here is our list of the essential tools for gardening that you must have.



These come in many sizes and shapes and are usually made of wood handles or plastic and stainless steel.  A trowel is essential in gardening, planting potting and transplanting.  Please choose the one with a strong connection between the handle and the blade and have a comfortable hold on the handle to give optimal control and to avoid tiredness of the hand while using it. It is the most important and uses tools in your garden. It allows you to excavate or dig exact holes in planting. The blade is narrow and longe and is useful for digging the roots of the plant for transplanting.

Garden Scissors, Shears or Hand Pruners and Loppers


Scissors or Cutting tools are extremely important to successful gardening. Cutting tools are an essential but frequently overlooked tool by some real gardeners. The explanation is simple – they are highly an all-around piece of equipment that can be used doing a lot of simple jobs. First, do with a robust pair of shears or hand pruners and loppers. You can use them to open seed packets, to the delicate cutting of small flowers, and you can even use them to dig out weeds if nothing is available. You have to be ready to make or invent when the correct tool is not available – being a resourceful gardener; you can bring out anything with very few tools. Hand pruners are the tools used for stems up to almost an inch thick. It is a tool for pruning or deadheading perennials, snipping squash stems and thick pepper, trimming the new shrubs. With loppers and hand pruners, a blade design (blades do the job like scissors) gives more cuts and able to do many things in the garden. Also, you must invest in tools to sharpen some type, come with lessons on use. Sharpen and clean the cutting blades in a regular manner to stay them in the highest point of the shape. Lastly, choose a good pair of solidly made scissors with bright handles are always preferable; this will help not to lose them in the garden.

Weed Puller or Weed Trimmer

man handling electric weed trimmerThere are a lot of tools in the store near you that could help you weed the garden; some tools can perform better than the other designed particularly to pull weeds. There is a more easy way to dispose of weeds than doing it manually.  You can go with a high caliber weed trimmer.  A brush cutter is a more heavy-duty version for reserving on top of rough areas. The main benefit of using these machines is they do not cut out the roots of the weeds.

Spades and Shovels

common spade and shovelSpades and shovels are important tools for any garden. The shovel is the workhorse and the mainstay of the garden shed while spades are a smaller version of shovel with a flat blade.

A round shovel is not the only shovel you must have in your garden; they all have specific jobs and limitations. Mainly, they are not suitable for edging. If you want to try to move some sections of the grass to make or assemble a new plot in the garden, a curved shovel is the best to use.

A shovel is needed for most of the job in the garden, especially those that include addition or removal and digging of loose gardening materials like fertilizer, soil, compost, etc.


classic rigid rake for leveling and flexible rakeA rake allows you to get rid of rocks, stones and even the clogs from the garden before planting. It is also used for smoothing and leveling the soil’s surface, or for gathering leaves and weeds.   They come in any kind style and size. A leaf rake is very useful for moving pines cones, leaves, and fallen fruit and more.

Watering Gear

watering hose on lawnWatering the plants is the top tasks you will tackle. During summer, watering plants in the garden necessary so your plants will not die. Invest in a quality hose that you can use it in a long period and with easy-to-use storage. Choose a hose with end watering wand and nozzle with a different pattern with a detachable rose. Choose a sprinkle for the large gardens. Also, when you buy a hose, choose a flat washer that fits your hose.

In gardening, you need to study and be wise in choosing the tools you buy. And choose the best location, use the right soil and moss killer and fertilizer to ensure the health of your garden.

Happy planting and good luck with your garden!

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