Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan

We all love our time out on the front deck, but it’s a lot nicer when you’re also able to cool out for a bit on a hot summer day. The outdoor ceiling fan may be the best addition to make on your patio. Not only that it’s affordable, but it’s also cost-efficient, eliminating the need for installing an air conditioner.

The market gives you many options to choose from, so you should do due diligence before buying. Let’s go over the most critical aspects related to the outdoor ceiling fans.

Do you plan to install it in a “damp” or “wet” area? Are there any differences?

The UL (Underwriters Laboratories) defines the “damp” location as a covered place. Therefore, the ceiling fan is under a roof or a porch, without having any direct exposure to rain, snow, or water.

A ceiling fan that is “wet” rated, on the other hand, is sealed and can handle direct exposure to water. However, it’s fundamental that you use the required hardware when installing the “wet” rated ceiling fan. Protecting the internals and electrical connections of the fan from water are essential for its efficiency and your safety too.

Where are you going to install the ceiling fan per se?

If you’re installing a ceiling fan in an enclosed (on more than one side space or entirely undercover), a damp rated ceiling fan is enough. Any outdoor ceiling fan is going to work in this type of situation. It’s a good thing since there are multiple options to choose from.

When the ceiling fan is going to be exposed to any splashes of water, you’re going to need to get a wet rated fan. A ceiling fan of this kind should come with IP rating and present several layers of protection against liquids and solids in an outdoor application.

Let’s say that you live in a coastal area near the ocean, in which case the risk of rust is high. You should look for an outdoor ceiling fan that comes with a coastal rating. No matter if you install the fan indoor or outdoor, you still need a coastal rated ceiling fan. The fan has to have a low risk of rust and takes use in the salty air.

Some materials present better rust resistance, with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel for the body and blades being the most reliable option. The housing for the motor and the blades should be made of plastic. These materials are more resistant to the elements and maintain their abilities for a long time when you take care of them properly.

How much air does the ceiling fan have to move?

You must know the level of airflow that you’ll find comfortable. Do you want the ceiling fan only to create a light breeze or to be very strong and effective?

Many models come with speed settings so that you may use the speeds according to current needs. A standard AC ceiling fan presents three-speed levels, whereas a DC type gives you five or six speeds to choose from. It means more flexibility of control over the airflow.

The highest level differs from one model to another, so you should look at the numbers when buying. Anything with airflow of 9,000 to 10,000 m3 /hr is standard, whereas models that give more than 16,000m3 /hr standing out with the power.

You should remember that a small fan can provide high airflow, but cannot cover an ample space, just a more giant fan would do.

There is also the category of fans that are made to move slower, creating a gentle breeze on lower speeds. Take a look at the revolutions per minute (RPM) when choosing.

Does the style matter?

The outdoor ceiling fan’s style should match the rest of your outdoor space. A traditional ceiling fan may complement a Victorian porch, whereas a rustic model could bring out the best out of a Tuscany dining area.

No matter the style on your outdoor space, try your best to select a ceiling fan that doesn’t alter it, but instead takes it to a better level.

One last thought before you go shopping!

The variety and a high number of models may intimidate you, but you should only take a deep breath and be done with it! Don’t take the fun part out of the process and keep your eyes wide open when buying!

   1. Best outdoor oscillating ceiling fan

When your mind is set on installing an oscillating ceiling fan on your covered patio, the Bentley II 18.90 in. Indoor/Covered Outdoor Natural Iron Oscillating Ceiling Fan with Wall Control is a great choice to check.

The ceiling fan presents a caged fan design which allows you to direct the air circulation where you need it the most. The oscillating function sways back and forth, leading to a soothing breeze. You may operate the oscillating feature only when installing a three-wire conducting cable in the current wall switch to the ceiling junction box.

Thanks to the wall control that you may install on a current wall switch, operating the fan are effortless. The fan is rated for damp locations, allowing safe use in under covered outdoor places.

We also notice the attractive canopy ring and the coupling cover which hide the exposed hardware, for better appearance.

The ceiling fan looks and works excellent, performing better than expected.


  • The oscillating function is easy to operate
  • It’s damp rated for covered outdoor places
  • The canopy ring and coupling cover include the hardware
  • It looks beautiful and works well


  • It doesn’t come with remote control
  • Not everyone is going to find the installation a breeze

At the end of the day, the oscillating ceiling fan looks beautiful and performs reliably, so it should be enough for you.


   2. Best low profile outdoor ceiling fan

Anyone having to install a low profile outdoor ceiling fan should take a look at Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan.

The fan is powered by Whisper Wind motor which manages to move a lot of air without making a sound. It’s a reversible motor on the fan so that you may change the direction from downdraft mode (in the summer) to the updraft mode (in the winter).

The ceiling fan is also ETL damp rated, which makes it safe to use in covered patios, porches, or sunrooms. Thanks to the low profile housing, you may fit it flush to the ceiling.

The 48-in ceiling fan comes with white finish and five white plastic blades, making an excellent addition to any décor.


  • It has a low profile for the flush mount to the ceiling
  • It presents a white profile and white blades
  • It’s ETL damp-rated and has pull chain for smooth operation
  • The reversible motor runs quietly


  • It may give a plastic smell on the first use
  • The blades are made of plastic, even though they look better than expected

Stay focused on the positive aspects, since they’re so many and give this one a try on your covered patio.


   3. Best 72-inch outdoor ceiling fan

For the big spaces that require a 72-in outdoor ceiling fan, the Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove 72 in. LED Indoor/Outdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan may be a great choice.

The ceiling fan features eight silver blades that are both modern looking and weather-resistant. The build of the fan is smart so that it’s Energy Star rated for the low-cost operation.

Thanks to its design, the ceiling fan is also easy to install, whereas the canopy ring and coupling cover hide the exposed screws. This way, the ceiling fan looks excellent entirely.

An energy-efficient DC motor powers the ceiling fan and you can use one of the nine-speed settings, according to your needs.

The ceiling fan has a durable build and comes with built-in LED for versatile use. With the reversible motor running quietly, you may install the ceiling fan both indoor and outdoor.

On top of everything else, the blades are two-sides, which gives you more options for use.


  • It allows various mounting options
  • It comes with remote control
  • The reversible motor has nine-speed settings
  • The two-sided blades look beautiful, and the ceiling fan is silent


  • Some expected it to be stronger
  • It’s a massive ceiling fan, so make sure you have someone helping you with the installation

Nevertheless, the outdoor ceiling fan is a dependable option for the large spaces, indoor and outdoor.


   4. Best 60-inch outdoor ceiling fan

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Energy Star 60” Outdoor Ceiling Fan is one beautiful ceiling fan, and nobody should skip it when buying.

The ceiling fan comes dark Walnut and Balsa wood blades that were hand-carved. The DC motor is energy efficient, saving energy. You may efficiently operate the ceiling fan from a distance with the hand-held remote. Don’t hesitate to have your pick between the matte black or the brushed steel housing finish. You can select one of the six speeds for the ceiling fan too.

The blades are outdoor approved, and the ceiling fan is damp-rated. You can safely install it inside or in covered outdoor spaces.

Despite its build, the ceiling fan is lightweight and runs quietly. Its bold style makes a statement in any décor.


  • It’s made with dark walnut blades
  • It’s damp rated for safe installation in covered outdoor spaced
  • The motor has six-speed settings
  • It has a bold and elegant appearance


  • The downrod is a tad short
  • Some think that the blades could use a better balance

The minor issues shouldn’t make you change your mind since the ceiling fan is elegant, powerful, and silent altogether.


   5. Best 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan

The classic looks of the Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan may be its selling point, but there are many other positive things to consider.

The ceiling fan has a rugged build and presents a bronze finish and 5ETL damp rated fan blades. You may confidently use it for outdoor applications: pergolas, breezeways, workshops, and other outdoor scenarios.

It’s effortless to control the ceiling fan since it comes with traditional pull chains for “on” and “off” adjustments. However, you may also pair it with the Honeywell ceiling fan remotes.

The ceiling fan is powered by a silent reversible motor that has three speeds. You may run it in reverse in the winter, warming the air in a room.

Installing the ceiling fan is straightforward, and the 52-in size recommends it for use in medium to large-sized rooms. It’s highly versatile since it has three different options for mounting as well. You get extra washers and the screws for installing the fan, which doesn’t require balancing either.


  • It has 5ETL damp rated blades
  • The reversible motor runs quietly and has three different speeds
  • You can try one of the three mounting options
  • It’s easy to install and to use


  • Some think that it doesn’t move much air
  • The bronze color isn’t as pictured

Regardless of the minor problems, the ceiling fan is a great outdoor option to consider when looking for 52-in size.


   6. Best 48-inch outdoor ceiling fan

Even if the price may seal the deal for many, there’s a lot more to Westinghouse Lighting 7217000 Contempra 48-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan than just an attractive price.

It’s a traditional 48-in indoor/outdoor ceiling fan that features five blades. It’s large enough to work in rooms up to 225sq.ft. The blades have a subtle Dark walnut finish and are weatherproof, which recommends the fan for outdoor applications.

A high-quality motor powers the fan, running strong and quietly. It’s a standard AC motor that is ETL rated for damp places. You may also use the ceiling fan during the winter season since the engine is reversible.

Operating the fan is easy, thanks to the included pull chain. The low profile of the fan allows mount on low ceilings as well.

The ceiling fan doesn’t come with a light kit, but it takes a light kit nevertheless. It comes with instruction easy to follow so that installing the fan is straightforward.


  • It’s a traditional style fan with weatherproof blades
  • The reversible motor is ETL rated for damp locations
  • The instruction is easy to follow
  • Using the fan is a breeze


  • It’s not the fanciest style in town
  • The fan doesn’t come with remote control

The 48-in ceiling fan is a reliable, durable, quiet, and easy to install model for your indoor/application and quite a bang for your buck too. How does it sound?


   7. Best 44-inch outdoor ceiling fan

When space is an issue, you have to look for specific sizes on your ceiling fan. Should you ever need a 44” outdoor ceiling fan, keep the 44″ Plaza Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan in mind since it has incredible value.

The ceiling fan features three oil-rubbed molded ABS blades that have an appealing bronze finish. The ceiling fan is very well made and has a durability feel to it. The blades are sturdy, and the ceiling fan is damp-rated.

The motor is durable and comes with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. You can use one of the three-speed settings and select the reverse airflow manually.

The hand-held remote control comes with on/off light operation. If you’re planning to get more from the fan, you may add a light kit.

Since it’s operating quietly, the ceiling fan leaves an industrial feeling and doesn’t wobble.


  • It features three ABS blades
  • It comes with reversible motor and bronze finish for the motor
  • Operating is a breeze thanks to the hand-held remote control
  • It’s quiet and very well made


  • Not everyone finds the instruction easy to follow
  • It’s not the most silent ceiling fan out there

For reliable performance, durable build, and industrial appearance, the ceiling fan is a wise buy when you’re looking for 44-in outdoor ceiling fans.


   8. Best 42-inch outdoor ceiling fan

Matthews IR3H-BN-WA-42 Irene 42″ Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan makes a great first impression since it’s a beautiful ceiling fan that improves any décor.

The three-joined walnut tonewood blades have a subtle finish, and the DC motor is powerful. The hand-held control eases out the operation, with the remote control letting you select one of the six speeds and the reverse function.

The ceiling fan is approved for damp locations, and it’s made with cast aluminum and heavy stamped steel. It’s energy-efficient and runs quietly.


  • The fan looks amazing
  • The remote control allows the smooth operation
  • You may use six-speed settings
  • The ceiling fan runs quietly, and it’s strong


  • It’s not the cheapest ceiling fan
  • The risk of getting a faulty remote isn’t null, but the customer service is willing to help

Should you ever need a 42-in outdoor ceiling fan, you shouldn’t skip this one when shopping.


   9. Best 32-inch outdoor ceiling fan

For the customer that fancies the vintage feel outside their home, the 32″ Vintage Breeze Industrial Cage Outdoor Ceiling Fan is an excellent option to install.

The ceiling fan comes with 30” blade span and the cage is 32”. The ceiling fan draws attention with its looks but doesn’t disappoint in terms of performance. The oil-rubbed bronze finish on the blades and motor looks fantastic with the black finish cage.

The damp –rated ceiling fan is ideal for covered decks, kitchens, and patios. It allows manual reverse airflow and comes with hand-held remote control. You may use one of the three-speed settings, with the motor running quietly every time.


  • It’s UL listed for damp locations
  • It looks impressive and has a rugged build
  • It has three-speed settings
  • It comes with remote control


  • It’s not very cheap
  • You can only use it with the coordinating cage

Regardless of the minor issues, the ceiling fan still looks beautiful and is a great choice most of the time.


   10. Best Galvanized outdoor ceiling fan

Stop searching high and low for a galvanized outdoor ceiling fan and take the leap of faith with Generic Home Decorators Collection Grayton 54 in. LED Indoor/Outdoor Galvanized Ceiling Fan.

The ceiling fan has an impressive appearance which doesn’t go unnoticed in any décor. The glass light fixture, the silver blades and the metallic housing for the motor have an industrial feeling. However, the looks are clean and fit amazing with the modern fixture. The galvanized finish gives the fan a rustic/vintage vibe.

Operating the fan is a breeze thanks to the remote control that allows you to adjust both the speed and the level of illumination.

The fan features five attractive silver blades and 14-degree blade pitch, for a pleasant air movement. The blades are weather-resistant, and the housing is wet-rated so that you safely install the fan indoor and outdoor.

You also receive the light kit with seedy etched glass. There’s a dual-mount possible for the fan, which is reliable and quiet.


  • It has a fantastic profile with a galvanized finish for a retro vibe
  • It comes with a reversible and robust motor
  • It features LED lights
  • You may use the remote for controlling the speed and the lights


  • It’s not very cheap
  • Some think that the color isn’t as pictured

Regardless of the inherent flaws, you should always pay the extra buck for the ceiling fan as it’s beautiful, durable, and quiet. Isn’t that enough for you?


   11. Best Black outdoor ceiling fan

Sleek and straightforward, the Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan, with pull chain control – Builder Elite 52 inch, black looks great on any porch. It’s powered by a WhisperWind motor which ensures a lot of air movement, without even you noticing it. The ceiling fan runs quietly at all times.

The reversible motor lets you change the direction for the fan from updraft mode in the winter to downdraft mode during the summer.

The five matte black/stained oak blades are reversible, which makes the ceiling fan more versatile. The build is smart, with the 13-degree blade pitch improving the air movement.

The blades are sealed, and ETL damp-rated so that you may safely use the fan in covered patios, porches, and sunrooms.


  • It has a sleek and simple appearance
  • It comes with sealed and ETL damp-rated blades
  • The reversible motor runs silently
  • The blades are reversible


  • Installation isn’t easy for some
  • Some think that the blades are made of wood

All in all, the ceiling fan has a sleek and black profile which looks great on any covered porch, without disappointing on air movement during summer, nor winter.


   12. Best Wet rated outdoor ceiling fan

Great for wet locations, Emerson Ceiling Fans CF621VNB Batalie Breeze 52-Inch Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan is also nice looking, managing to tick most boxes of outdoor ceiling fans.

It’s UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listed, so it’s safe to install in wet places. Controlling the fan is a breeze, with the four-speed wall control giving you more options for operations.

The ceiling fan is very well made and comes with sloped ceiling kit for the cathedral and sloped ceilings (up to 45 degrees).

Even on the highest setting, the ceiling fan runs quietly, which makes it an excellent choice for a veranda, porch, patio, and so on.


  • It’s made for wet locations
  • It’s very well made and looks nice
  • It runs quietly
  • It includes four-speed wall control


  • One may consider than the fan needs balancing
  • It may shake at low speed, but the poor installation may cause it

The good outweighs the bad, and the ceiling fan is a solid choice for wet locations on any given day.


   13. Best Bronze outdoor ceiling fan

When you’re looking for a bronze ceiling fan for your outdoor needs, the 52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a solid choice nine times out of ten.

The ceiling fan makes an excellent impression with the oil-rubbed bronze finish. The wood walnut finish blades look beautiful in any décor.

No worries about installing the ceiling fan in covered outdoor spaces since it’s UL listed for damp locations. However, you may not fit it in humid climates or places with saltwater exposure.

The hand-held remote control eases out the operation, which is quiet, by the way. You may select one of the three-speed settings of the fan and use the manual reverse airflow whenever it’s necessary.

The blades are thick, and the ceiling fan has a sturdy build.


  • The ceiling span has a bronze finish
  • The blades are thick and look nice
  • The fan is quiet and has three-speed settings
  • It pushes a lot of air and it’ easy to install


  • The size of downrods is unique
  • The remote control is a bit clunky

Regardless of the problems, the ceiling fan is going to work in any covered outdoor application, and you should give it a try.


   14. Best Small outdoor ceiling fan

As long as you’re 100% sure that you need a small ceiling fan, you shouldn’t hesitate about installing Emerson Ceiling Fans CF130WW Tilo Modern  Ceiling Fan.

The round lines and curved plywood blades give the fan a cute appearance. The ceiling fan is small and compact, and it’s damp location approved. It allows dual-mount, which makes it more versatile.

Even if it doesn’t come with a light, the ceiling fan is light fixture adaptable. Putting it together is effortless, and the instruction is easy to comprehend.

Controlling the fan shouldn’t pose any problems since the fan comes with four-speed sliding wall control.

It’s a small and compact ceiling fan that works great for small verandas or sunrooms.


  • It’s small, compact, and looks cute
  • Putting it together and installing it isn’t difficult
  • It features four-speed wall control
  • It allows dual-mount, and it’s light fixture adaptable


  • It doesn’t come with pull chain nor a remote control
  • It’s tiny, so make sure you need this size for your space

Compact, reliable, and plenty robust for its size, the ceiling fan may work in many outdoor applications.


   15. Best Dual/double outdoor ceiling fan

Safe to use in damp locations, the Twin Star II Dual Ceiling Fan in Oil Rubbed Bronze doesn’t disappoint in terms of durability, build, and performance.

The ceiling fans feature wood arbor blades that are hand-carved. The craftsmanship is impressive, and the blades look so beautiful.

The unique ball hanging mount comes with safety cable for vaulted or flat ceilings. The ceiling fan also includes two-speed wall control, with the motors running well and being reversible too. The motors can be set to operate in three positions.

There are several finishes to choose from so go with the one you like the most.


  • The blades are made of hand-carved wood
  • The unique ball mount has a safety cable
  • You can operate it with the wall control
  • It looks amazing


  • You need to put it together
  • It’s not cheap

For those of you needing a dual ceiling fan for the outdoor applications, this model may be the perfect fit.


   16. Best Flush mount outdoor ceiling fan with light

Since it’s approved in wet locations, the Westinghouse Lighting 7204300 Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan can be used both indoor and outdoor. It covers a space up to 360sq.ft. and has three-speed settings for the silicon steel motor.

The ceiling fan also includes a one-light fixture, and a 100watt LED light bulb. The high-quality motor ensures efficient air movement while running quietly. It’s a reversible motor, which you can use in the cold season for recirculating the warm air. Operating the fan is easy since it comes with remote control.

On top of everything else, the ceiling fan allows mount on low, standard, high, and angled ceilings, so flush mount shouldn’t be a problem

The oil-rubbed the bronze finish with dark walnut blades have a rustic feel, which many like a lot.


  • It’s approved for wet locations
  • It has a reversible and robust motor that runs quietly
  • It has a rustic appearance
  • It comes with remote control


  • Some may think that the LED is too bright
  • One may call an electrician for the installation

The good outweighs the bad, and the ceiling fan is a versatile, dependable, and lovely looking model to keep in mind.


   17. Best Outdoor ceiling fan for gazebo

We all love spending some free time outside in the gazebo, and an active ceiling fan is always lovely to have. Step up your game and give your gazebo a fantastic feeling with the Matthews Fan Company DI-TB-MTL Diane 13″ Directional Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

The ceiling fan does make a great first impression, but it’s a lot more than meets the eye. It’s very well made and has a durability feel to it, for instance.

The hand-balanced metal fan comes with attractive metal blade guards and wall-mountable remote control. You can select one of the three-speed settings and control the forward/reverse oscillation too.

The ceiling fan is damp location approved, and it’s made of cast aluminum and heavy stamped steel. It includes vaulted ceiling mount canopy for up to 29 degrees.

It runs smooth and quietly, and it’s highly functional.


  • It has a rugged build and fantastic look
  • It comes with hand-held and wall-mountable remote control
  • It’s made with cast aluminum
  • It runs quietly and has a reversible function too


  • Users want more description about how to use the ceiling fan
  • There is no instruction in the manual in case of troubleshooting

When the ceiling fan is the only thing missing in your gazebo, you should take the plunge with this one.


   18. Best with heater

Reminding of a ceiling fan, the Hiland HLI-1P Electric Parasol/Umbrella Patio Heater is a great electric heater to use with umbrellas.

The heater may heat up to 15sq.ft. And you can use it both indoor and outdoor as it’s IP certified waterproof. It’s made of stainless steel and requires no assembly.

You may adjust the temperature according to your needs. The three burners cover a wide area, and the heater is safe to use around kids too. The safety anti-tilt switch reduces the risk of injuries.

The heater heats up fast, and it’s easy to use. It’s designed to work with parasols and umbrellas, boasting 1500 watts.


  • It’s designed for patio umbrellas and parasols
  • It’s easy to install and to use
  • It comes with safety features
  • It heats up instantly and covers a wide area


  • The light is bright, attracting the nocturnal insects
  • It does consume a lot of power

Whenever you want to warm up your patio with a ceiling-fan resembling heater, this one is a reliable and affordable choice to try.


   19. Best Solar-powered outdoor ceiling fan

If you care about saving energy and want to install a solar-powered ceiling fan on your covered gazebo, the Generic Solar Ceiling Fan (56 inches) is a reliable option.

The 56in ceiling fan comes with a 40W solar panel, whereas the 48in model features a 30W solar panel. You can confidently use the ceiling fan for spaces up to 500sq.ft.

The airflow is impressive, with 73558cfm for the 56in model and 6800cfm for the 48in model.

Reliable and powerful enough, the ceiling fan comes with a white finish, taking the use for a reasonable amount of time. The blades are made with light gauge rigid materials, and the installation of the fan isn’t complicated.


  • You can go with the 56in or the 48in model, according to your need
  • The ceiling fan covers the right area
  • The air circulation is impressive
  • It has a clean design


  • The ceiling brackets aren’t the best quality
  • The control for the fan could be better

However, the ceiling fan is solar powered so give it a try if that’s what you’re looking for.


   20. Best High Cfm outdoor ceiling fan

The more you’re willing to pay for your outdoor ceiling fan, the more you should expect in terms of power, reliability, and size. The Kichler 80 Inch Szeplo II LED Fan is one active ceiling fan delivering more than 9,000CFM at maximum power, and it’s wet rated. You may safely use it for large covered outdoor spaces since it comes with 80″ blade span.

Due to its size, installation isn’t going to be a breeze. Not only that the ceiling fan isn’t light as a feather, but it’s also pretty significant, so you may want to call for help. On the other hand, operating the ceiling fan is a breeze since it comes with remote wall control.

The ceiling fan also comes with LED downlight which you may control from a distance.  It’s one 17-watt LED light in Etched cased opal glass that brings more light in any location.

The blades of the fan are weather-resistant, and you can have your pick between several finishes. Either way, each of the models gives an industrial and modern feeling to any space.


  • It’s outdoor wet rated
  • It gives excellent power (more than 9,000CFM)
  • It comes with remote wall control
  • It also includes LED downlight


  • It’s not a cheap ceiling fan
  • It’s not easy to install it on your own

Whenever you need a high CFM outdoor ceiling fan, you should check this model since it stands out with the build, power, and consistent performance.


   21. Best Modern outdoor ceiling fan

When you fancy a modern feeling for your covered patio, go ahead and install the 60″ Turbina Max Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

The ceiling fan features six metal blades that have an attractive oil-brushed bronze finish. They match amazingly with the oil-rubbed bronze finish of the motor.

It’s a 60” ceiling fan that comes with a three-speed motor, running quietly. You may reverse the motor manually and use the hand-held remote control for operating the fan from a distance.

The ceiling fan is well made, and its new industrial profile stands out in any décor. It’s UL listed for damp locations, but you need to mount it at least 10ft. from the floor.


  • It has a modern industrial appearance
  • It features six oil-brushed bronze metal blades
  • It’s powerful but runs quietly
  • You may reverse it manually and use the hand-held remote control


  • Some find the top cover challenging to install
  • It’s large, so make sure you’re not alone for the installation

For those of you loving the modern feeling in their garden, this ceiling fan may be the ultimate addition to try.


   22. Best Brushed nickel outdoor ceiling fan

When your décor calls for a brushed nickel outdoor ceiling fan, the Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN High Power Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a fantastic option to consider.

Not only that the ceiling fan features attractive brushed nickel blades, but it’s also rated for damp locations. You can operate it on three forward or three reverse speeds.

The reversible motor runs pretty quiet and provides three-speed settings for more versatility. The ceiling fan has wall control and has a perfect build.

You can also Sync the fan via Bluetooth, which may seal the deal for the technical frenzies out there.


  • It’s brushed nickel blades look great
  • It runs on a reversible motor
  • You can operate it from the wall control
  • It has three speeds and a perfect build


  • It doesn’t come with light
  • Some think it runs a bit loud on the high speed

As long as you stay focused on the positive aspects, you shouldn’t hesitate when buying the ceiling fan.


   23. Best Stainless steel outdoor ceiling fan

Truth be told, the stainless steel finish always gives a room a modern and industrial feeling. It’s the case of Hanlon 52 in. LED Indoor/Outdoor Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan which looks excellent in any covered gazebo.

The ceiling fan features five weather resistant silver blades, whereas the dome style light has a pleasant opal frosted glass.

There’s a 21-watt LED light source for the ceiling fan, with the stainless steel build looking nice and presenting a durability feel. Moreover, the fan can be installed indoors and outdoors as it’s wet rated. It allows tri mount installation, for more versatility.

The wall control lets you adjust the ceiling fan the way you want. The ceiling fan remembers the last setting, and the operation is a breeze.

However, the sleek profile remains its selling point.


  • It presents a stainless steel build and a sleek profile
  • It allows tri-mount installation
  • You may operate it with the wall control
  • It remembers the last setting


  • Some doubts its durability
  • Installation isn’t effortless for some

For the sleek and elegant appearance, but also its performance, a ceiling fan is a reliable option for many.


   24. Best Portable outdoor ceiling fan

When you don’t want to install an outdoor ceiling fan, but a portable model, the Allen + Roth 20-in Valdosta Dark is a keeper.


The ceiling fan is quite the looker with the oil-rubbed bronze finish, featuring three cinnamon finish blades. Since it’s ETL listed, you can safely use it indoor in wet locations as well. It looks adorable on a patio or a porch in the summertime.

The 20-in fan has three-speed settings and allows angle mount (up to 30-degrees). Installation goes smooth, and the fan runs pretty quietly.


  • It has a pleasant bronze finish and cinnamon finish blades
  • It’s easy to install
  • It runs quietly and has three-speed settings
  • It’s rated for wet locations


  • Not everyone likes where the speed control is placed
  • Some think it’s a bit heavyweight for a portable model

Portable, nice looking, and efficient, the ceiling fan keeps your guests fresh on a summer night. Why not give it a try?


   25. Unique outdoor ceiling fans

Even if it was designed by Chicago architect Stephen Katz a couple of years ago, Matthews EKH-WH-WH Eliza 56″  looks impressive still.



It’s a 56” ceiling fan that combines both technicality and form, resulting in a beautiful and robust ceiling fan. The one-of-a-kind blade shape is going to improve the air movement, with less blade rag and better motor performance.

Let’s not forget the visual statement since the ceiling fan impresses with the minimalist geometry. It’s powered by a reversible DC motor and has six-speed settings.

It comes with hand-held and wall-mountable remote control, for straightforward use. The ceiling fan is ETL, and CETL approved for damp locations.

The hardware isn’t visible after installation, rending the ceiling fan to look fantastic in any inch of it.


  • The ceiling fan has a minimalist geometry and looks amazing
  • It comes with reversible motor
  • You can use six-speed settings
  • It also includes hand-held and wall-mountable remote control


  • It’s not very quiet on the high speed
  • The remote is a solid black, which is anything but subtle

We know that the ceiling fan isn’t all roses and rainbows, but it’s a unique model that is worth every single buck.


FAQs on outdoor ceiling fans

Q: What’s the minimal fan clearance?

A: You should consider the standard measurements when mounting a ceiling fan. The following numbers count a lot when selecting the size of the outdoor ceiling fan:

  • No less than 12in from the ceiling
  • No less than 84in above the floor
  • No less than 24in from the blade tip to the closest wall

Q: Is there an ideal size for a ceiling fan?

A: Different sizes of ceiling fans can cool specific spaces, so you should always buy according to the size of the area you’re trying to chill with the fan. Here are some numbers to consider:

  • 36in ceiling fan covers 144sq.ft.
  • 42in ceiling fan can cool up to 225sq.ft.
  • 52in ceiling fan cools an area of 325sq.ft.

Q: Which kind of mount works best?

A: Briefly put, there is no ideal mount for the outdoor ceiling fan. You need to identify the ceiling height so that you can decide if you need a down rod or a close mount. Sometimes, your outdoor application may require a “hugger” mount, so get the info you need when buying the ceiling fan.

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