Automating your home with smart devices

How to Fully Automate Your Home

Automating your home is not nearly as hard as it looks. There are several devices these days designed to make the process easier. Home automation comes with an array of benefits. Automated homes tend to be more secure, more convenient to live in and easier to control from anywhere.

It’s also easier to control appliances including the HVAC system in an automated home. This may ultimately help you save on energy costs.  Besides, automating your home will enhance its value in the long run. Well, in case you’ve been thinking about home automation, we may have a few ideas to get you started. Here they are:

Start With Smart Lights

Smart lights are some of the most common entry-level home automation devices. They are cheap and so easy to install. Smart bulbs are connected via a network to your mobile phone or tablet. You can switch them on and off using your phone from anywhere.

Smart lighting will also allow you to establish an automated lighting schedule for your home. For instance, you can set specific times and days when the lights go on or off. Modern smart lights also feature outstanding lighting effects. This allows you to set whatever ambiance you want by controlling the lighting as you see fit.

Security and Surveillance

Automated security and surveillance are a little bit more advanced compared to smart light bulbs but it’s necessary. After all, you want to leverage the latest technology to make your home safer. However, home safety is much more than keeping burglars or intruders at bay. While installing motion detectors, security cameras, and sirens is a good step, you may also want to install smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors too. Flood sensors, glass break sensors, pet cameras, and light sensors may also be important additions in overall home security and safety.

Automated Blinds

Automated blinds are also an entry-level home automation option that requires very little capital to buy and install. Motorized blinds can easily be programmed to shut and open at specific times. The blinds can also detect temperature and light levels inside the room and open or close automatically, even when you are not there.

use automated blinds to prevent outside view and penetrationThis is important for two reasons. First, it ensures just the right amount of light and heat enters the home. Secondly, this automated operation saves you from the hassle of closing and opening blinds with your hands. Besides, smart window treatments including motorized blinds may enhance energy efficiency in any home, leading to lower energy costs.

Installing Smart Locks

Are you still using the old lock and key to secure your home? Well, it is probably time to move towards something more advanced than that. Smart locks are automated locking systems that remove the traditional key from the equation. In essence, these locks have replaced keys with passwords and biometrics. Several smart locks may require retina scans before they let you in.

Smart locks offer some amazing benefits. First, you will never have to worry again about losing a key. Even if you forgot the password to your smart lock, there are easier ways to retrieve it than breaking down the door or calling in an expensive locksmith. Secondly, smart locks are far more secure. There is no risk of someone stealing your keys or replicating it.

Although smart locks are considered entry-level home automation devices, some advanced locks may cost more money. It all depends on the level of security and sophistication you are looking for. However, even a basic biometric or password smart lock can be an effective home security solution.

Automating Your Landscaping

Home automation does not happen indoors only. Some devices can help you automate your outdoor living area, including your landscaping. Automatic irrigation systems are some of the most common systems in this category. These systems are programmed to water your yard at specific times. The systems can also be programmed to water the landscape for a predetermined amount of time.

For instance, you can have the sprinklers run for 5 minutes two times a day. You don’t need to be home for this to happen. The system simply takes away the stress of having to water your yard each day. Automated irrigation systems may also help to save water. They also ensure that moisture is properly distributed on the entire lawn.

Programming the Thermostat

Smart thermostats have been in the market for years. They are designed to automatically detect temperature levels inside your home and control the HVAC system accordingly. This helps to maintain proper environmental conditions inside the house. It also ensures that the AC system and heating system run only when it’s needed. This enhances energy efficiency in the long run. It is estimated that smart thermostats can save you between 15% and 20% in energy costs each year. These are also basic gadgets that can be purchased and installed without spending too much money.

Automated Voice Assistant

If you are going to have so many smart products into your home, then it’s only fair to make sure that you have an easy means to control them. One way you can consider is a smart voice assistant. Imagine controlling all smart devices in your home including water heaters with voice commands? You don’t even have to move, just say the word and everything works.

Voice assistants can now be connected to any smart device including appliances, security cameras, smart TVs and audio systems, and a host of other gadgets.  Right now there are three major voice assistants for smart homes. They include the popular Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and an Apple home kit. However, before you buy, make sure that these assistants are compatible with your smart appliances and other devices at home.

Smart homes are becoming very popular around the world and looking at the amazing benefits they offer, it’s not hard to see why. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a budget or not. There are several affordable and reliable ways you can explore to fully automate your home. The simple options above should definitely be a good place to start.


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