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Mi Air Purifier 2S – Who Doesn’t Want Fresher Air In Their Home?

If you’re big on air purifiers, then you should definitely try the latest model from Xiaomi. The Air Purifier 2S makes an incredible impression with its features and many of its competitors lose the contest at the moment.

What is Mi Air Purifier 2S? A brief description

Mi Air Purifier 2S is the latest model of air purifiers from Xiaomi and stands out with its Wi-Fi connectivity and remote management from the Mi Home app.

Even if the new model is similar to the previous models when it comes to color and design, it sure surpasses them with its tower structure and compact footprint. Able to fit in most households, Mi Air Purifier 2S isn’t the air purifier to skip on when in need.

Let’s take a closer look at the details

There are many things to highlight on the new model so let’s go over the main features:

  • The OLED display

This is definitely the first thing to notice on Mi Air 2 S and the OLED display is going to show important data. You can find out about the current PM2.5 reading (this is a measurement of fine particle concentration and relates to the quality of the air).

Not only that is easy to view the current PM2.5 reading, but also the humidity, temperature from the physical OLED display and the Mi Home app as well.

  • The air circulation

The new model comes with no less than 943 holes that are going to increase air intake, improving the air circulation. And this can only make the new model perform better.

  • The 360 degree ventilation filters

Mi Air 2S comes with a 3in1 air filter, which is a cylindrical cartridge that is very easy to remove (you just open the back panel).

Mi Air Purifier 2S open with filter visibleYou may select one of 3 different filters: the standard one,then the imbued one which comes with more properties for removing formaldehyde from the air (this is very helpful when moving to a freshly renovated place). The third one is good for superior trapping of bacteria.

  • The performance

The new air purifier from Xiaomi is designed to be kept switched on throughout the whole day. It spins up automatically when it senses pollution and goes back to a low-speed operation once the air is improved.

The fan is going to keep on spinning, unless you’re going to turn the device down. However, keeping it running isn’t going to make a dramatic change to your electric bill.

According to Xiaomi, the custom-made motor draws only 4.8 watts in normal operation and this is a lot less than a regular energy-saving light bulb.

  • The use

Using the air purifier is quite fool-proof and you only need to take it out of the box and plug it in the power cord. The air filter is ready to go out of the box, and replaceable too.

You need to download the free Mi Home app in order to make the configurations on your Air Purifier 2S. you identify and add your Air Purifier 2S from the app, choosing the right Wi-Fi network, adding the passphrase. You’re all done.

What are the big selling points?

There are many good things about Mi Air Purifier 2S, so let’s take a closer look:

  • The automatic response

The new model is able to automatically respond to the quality of the air, adjusting the fan speed. The higher the speed, the more air is going to be forced through the filter. The same is going to happen to dust and other PM2.5 nasties.

  • The high-precision laser sensor

Mi Air Purifier 2S comes with a high-precision laser sensor which uses the scattering of laser irradiation, to identify the presence or particles in the air a lot more accurately.

  • The adjustments

You may also adjust the fan speed manually when the air purifiers are in auto mode by default. You simply tape on the “manual” button in the Mi Home app and adjust the slider.

mi home smartphone app for air purifier

  • It’s quiet most of the time

The fan is really quiet and it may get a bit louder when you dial up the setting. When you’re using it at maximum speed, it may get louder than an air condition, but overall it will give you the comfort of a quiet home.

  • The night mode

You may use the night mode when the air purifier gets too loud. You may activate it from your app or by tapping on the physical power button.

  • The built-in light sensor

This feature is great to use at night as it’s going to automatically dim the brightness of the OLED display in the evening.

It’s also possible to switch the display off completely as you tap on the display button from the back of the device.

Are there any downsides?

The main drawback of the new model is that there is no obvious or easy way to clean the internal fan. However, it’s designed to blow air upwards so when the fan is dusty, you’re probably skimping on changing the air filters.

Xiaomi recommends changing the filter every 6 months. However, the app is also showing an estimate of how much of the filter’s lifespan you got left.

What’s the short list of pros & cons?

Packed with so many good things, Mi Air Purifier 2S is always a good investment so here are our pros:

  • It comes with an easy-to-read OLED digital display
  • You get Smartphone App control
  • It features a light sensor
  • It has triple-layered filter
  • The design is compact and easy to fit anywhere
  • It’s pretty quiet
  • It has low power consumption
  • It comes with several modes
  • It purifies the air automatically

Far from being major, the downsides complete the image:

  • The fan gets rather loud when it works at full speed
  • You cannot clean the filter

What’s our final take?

Even if it’s not revolutionary, Mi Air Purifier 2S impresses with its OLED display and its user-friendliness. The laser sensor is a great asset as well and you should take the leap of faith with it.

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