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A Crisp VoIP Phone System Guide for Your Business

Since the time Graham Bell invented the first telephone, it has witnessed many changes and upgrades. Though each invention has made telephony better than ever, no invention has changed the face of telephony as a business VoIP phone system has done.  It has set us free from the tangled wires and hefty calling charges.

VoIP or Internet phone number is the cutting-edge telephony system that uses internet connections for calls. These are one of the fastest calls, unlike relying on the network calls one can make a fast call, it won’t take much longer to connect.

The reason for this fastness is because of its format of sending data, in small packets named as codecs. The fastest ones are with international codec designs such as G.711, these codecs are generally of two types some are hardware-based while others are software-based.

If we talk about the prod of VoIP, the best one is cost-effectiveness. They are portable which makes them easy to use, lastly, it can be integrated with other application, thus one can not deny the use of this wonderful technology.   

Is There any Specific Reason to Use Internet Telephony?

Of course! In fact, many reasons lure businesses to adapt to an internet phone system. Some of the key ones can be explained as:

Low Operational Cost

 Unlike traditional PSTN-based telephony, internet telephony doesn’t exert high set-up, maintenance, and running burden on the end-user. You can cut down your regular telephony bills by a great extent as making calls on the internet is way cheaper than using copper-based telephony for the job.  The latest VoIP product, cloud telephony, has made things further easy-to-handle.

With cloud-based internet phone service, you do not need to bear any of the hardware and software deployment expenses. Everything will be ready-to-use for you. Just a subscription package and you are good to go.

Reaching Out Global Markets is Easy

If you are using non-fixed VoIP than you can easily reach out to the international markets. Non-fixed VoIP is not attached to any of the specific locations and comes with great flexibility. You can set-up a remote location call center for your international business by using online phone numbers.

Features that You Never Imagined Before

Internet telephony is far different than your regular telephony. It’s a well-planned business mechanism that enables a business to unfold new opportunities and meet customers’ expectations each time you serve them. With features like call waiting, call transferring, IVR, voicemail transcription, and auto call attendant, it reduces the operational burden of your team.

On the other hand, it helps you serve your customers with par excellence customer support. You can reduce the call waiting time, offer them a self-serve portal, and do targeted marketing. All these features help you to serve your customers with more customized services.

Leveraged Marketing

Internet telephony offers you detailed call analysis and reporting service at your disposal.  You can get details like which number has got maximum calls. You can attach a specific number with a specific marketing campaign and get to know which is actually driving success for your business.

What All You Need to Bring it to Your Service?

One of the key prerequisites of business internet telephony is a stable and constant network connection. Without this, it can’t exist in your ecosystem.   The call quality of a local phone number is directly proportional to the robustness of your internet connection. The more stable it would be the lesser you will face issues like jitters, latency, and data loss. Though internet telephony can operate on your mobile phone data as well, using a Wi-Fi connection is what ensures you uninterrupted services.

The second thing that you would need is the telephony adapter (TA) which requires converting your voice signals into the data packets. This one device can turn any of your existing business/residential phone system into an internet-driven device.

Can You Use it on Your Current Phone System?

Yes. In fact, you can retain your existing phone number for once and for all. You can convert your traditional PSTN-based telephony system into a fixed VoIP phone system by using the telephony adapter.

What Are the Limitations of Internet Calling?

 The offerings of internet calling are wide and diverse. But, just like everything, it has some shortcomings as well. The first one is that it limits you to make emergency service calls. Calling 911 is not possible with every sort of residential/business VoIP phone service.   Emergency calls are diverted differently. Hence, there is no guarantee that you will be connected. However, some of the key VoIP service providers have started offering emergency calling facility as well.

Also, if the key source of your internet connection is satellite then you may face big disappointment. The satellite receives data faster than it receives. Hence, you can have trouble calling. Also, if you are using it for a business purpose and at a large level then you might lose on-going call as your modem and TA work on power. But, all these shortcomings are far less than its offerings and can’t hinder its growing popularity.

Another issue is voice quality, many people say that if there are weak signals then no one can have a good quality call. This is a set back, lastly, the energy dependence can also make it worse. Those areas where internet is available but power facilities are not very advanced people tend to avoid this technology as much as they can, because having Ups or generator is not cost effective at all for them.    

Before Wrapping Up

Internet telephony has really changed the way we communicate. It has made business communication not only affordable but also feature-rich.  By using it, you can even reach out to the global markets easily.  Making a shift towards it indeed what you need at this point. So, make the right moves and choose the right thing for your business.

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