Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages – Comparing The Software Tools

A common comparison and debate over internet marketing and conversion channeling are the Clickfunnels vs Leadpages use, and which software has the edge over another. The principal purpose of both Clickfunnels and Leadpages application is to provide users with a powerful tool to increase online traffic, capture more leads, and convert a prospect into sales for revenue generation.

What is the Difference?

Both software platforms share the same objective of lead generation; however, they have different applications and tools to achieve the traffic generation. ClickFunnels is a complete software solution to create sales funnel and includes tools and controls to manage everything such as getting leads and convert a prospect to sales. ClickFunnels offer all these operations from its software platform.

Leadpages is a unique application that has an exclusive purpose of creating the landing page. Landing pages are a powerful mean of online marketing and promotions. Using Leadpages, the user can create compelling landing pages and capture sales.

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages- Understanding the Similarities and Differences.

Both applications share many similarities. However, they have unique differences that set them apart and make them a different choice for internet business, marketing, and promotional campaigns. Both software assists in building landing pages, collect data such as email address, names, other details and allow a platform where the business can follow up with the prospect through email and SMS.

The main difference is the options that both systems have that set them apart even though they both help in creating landing pages. ClickFunnels offer more functions along with the creation of landing pages for business marketing. Clickfunnel offers email autoresponder, sales processing, and hosts even from the tasks that are available within the application.

Leadpages is an exclusive landing page software that is easy to use for creating optimized landing pages including the lead capture forms. For businesses looking to have sleek looking landing pages, this software allows to create, use or custom build landing page designs that are a notch-above from what Clickfunnel has to offer.

Clickfunnel is all about creating sales funnel from scratch to full completion. Leadpages have a single point solution for internet businesses to let them design beautiful and captivating landing pages. Since the leadpages is focus-oriented on building landing pages, it is a more powerful tool for landing pages than the Clickfunnel. The software has a simple drag and drop interface that is similar to the Clickfunnel. It also includes page elements such as the addition of headers, subheaders, including text blocks, use video player and timers, all added easily by using the software interface.

Leadpages offer hundreds of landing page templates, these templates are compatible with desktop and mobile use, and it also helps the user to set up a two-step form that is a useful tool to get leads from blogs, web content and other articles. All in all, since Leadpages is a single purpose application, dedicated to landing pages, it offers more features for landing pages when compared to the Clickfunnels.

When a business is seeking more online activities along with the creation of landing pages, the Clickfunnel software provides all such options. It helps create sales funnels for a variety of operations. Whether you want to sell a product or service, or you want to run a webinar, Clickfunnels offer easy tools to set up such sales objectives. In a situation where you need to go beyond a landing page and want to communicate with your target market, you will find Clickfunnels the better option. Granted that this software is limited in good designs for landing pages, but it is a complete sale suite for web businesses.


If your primary objective is to create useful landing pages, there is no doubt that leadpages are the better software when you compare the two applications. If you prefer more options and want to use funneling to capture more audience with better interaction options, you will find Clickfunnel a better utilization of the two. In the end, it all comes down to your online business objectives and marketing needs.

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