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This Is How You Create a Brand without Any Design Skills

Now, whether you’ve been keeping a close look at the marketing world or not, we all know that the common path to building a brand from scratch is to hire a designer or a marketing agency that takes care of your brand’s identity for you. However, not every start-up has the resources to hire someone else or an agency, but you can still create your brand without any design skills! How? You could start to make your own logo, for example. Read on to learn more about this brand building for rookies!

What are Big Brands Doing?

Fact: Consumers are always attracted by compelling and unique brand identity. Certainly, a unique brand identity can help you gain trust, attention, and loyalty from your customers. As a result, you would sell more, reach further, conquer more. Think about your most admired brands, how did they gain your trust? What is it that you truly love about those brands?

The success of any brand depends on their ability to recognize their target audience, to focus on user-engagement and performance metrics based on experiences. Let’s see how you can make a brand identity powerful and appealing without any special design skills. That’s right! We will even look at how you can make your own logo on your own if you use the right tools!

Building Your Brand Identity in 3 Essential Steps

   1. Your Brand’s Identity

Communicate with your consumers using your brand’s identity. By this, I mean all of it, not only your brand’s image but your style, your language, your core values. Use everything that represents your brand and find different channels to reach your audience. What channels, your customer service, your social media, your videos, your stores, your packaging, everything communicates!

Leave a significant impression on your target audience. You achieve this by noticing who are your competitors, what they are doing and making something different from it! Ask yourself the right questions, what, where, why, who… Think about your brand as a whole!

For example, take a look at Dairy Queen’s Blizzards, they are the exact same ice cream like any other but you can completely turn them upside down and they will stick. That’s the beauty of thinking different to offer a unique product and brand experience, and from there, they have established a difference in their brand from other regular ice cream brands. So think about this, what is your brand’s core identity?


To design your own logo first you need to brainstorm ideas. Gather a few pieces of information on what kind of logos you can choose:

  • You can go for a font based simple logo like IBM.
  • An illustrative logo that displays in its design what the company does, like Condor Airways
  • Or, last but not least, an abstract logo. Now, this one requires way more attention than others because just by looking at it, your customer won’t guess what your brand does, for example, Nike’s swoosh logo.

But I promised you that you wouldn’t need any special design skills, and you are probably wondering right now, how am I even going to make a logo? Easy, simply use a logo maker online. Whether you decide to go for a font-based logo or a more creative approach, you can find anything inside these templates.

Keep it clean and functional, no matter the platform, the size, or the format, your logo should always look sharp. If you still don’t have a clear image of what you want, you can take a walk around all kinds of templates to get inspired.

   3. Social Media Matters

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Your customers are online and most likely on mobile. No matter your target, you should always consider social media and search engines where your brand should be visible for everyone. Which ones? This depends entirely on where your target is. This is why it’s so important that you really know your audience. Where do they usually shop? What kind of entertainment do they like?

Engage with new followers! With over 4,400 million users on the web, according to recent studies and a good 48% of this number in mobile devices, you have to consider your digital outing to the world! Create user engaging content, attract traffic to your website, your store, your online shop, etc.

Digital 2019 Global Overview Internet Users Over Time

Evolution of Mobiles Share of Internet Time in 2019

Always Be Perceptive to Improvements

Evaluate your brand constantly and listen closely to your customers’ reviews. Improving is an essential part of any good brand. Also, check your stats, your numbers, what efforts have more positive results? Make tests and more importantly when something is working for you, keep trying new things even then!

Make valuable connections with relevant brands. Joining forces with other emerging brands is a great and powerful strategy to boost your brand! You can write guest posts, and publish guest posts from others,  make collaborations in products, social media, etc.

Keep in mind brand consistency! Now that you have your logo in place, you should keep a brand style by using the same colors, fonts, graphics in any other design piece you may create for example digital posts, videos, flyers, and more.

Improving also means asking yourself constantly what else can you create to grow your brand. Making videos is always a great tool for brand awareness, plus, as we talked before about the digital share of consumers, you should also notice that video is the content leading format on the web! What’s your presentation card? It seems like an old move today with all these new technologies and possibilities but still, making a business card design gives a brand a professional look like nothing else.

Final Words

Sometimes it’s hard to understand priorities when starting a small business, so here are some tools you can use to keep track of everything. Every task is actually very important and it takes time to develop something great! So don’t lose your way you are not alone that are tons of websites and apps out there to help you build and maintain a great brand even when you are not an expert designer.

After all this, you are still doubting yourself? Branding your small business helps you connect with your targeted audience and being identified by them too; so yes, it’s worth it and you have all the tools at your disposal to make anything you want!

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