Technology Trends in 2021

5 Technology Trends You Can Expect in 2021

Have you ever imagined your life without modern technology?

Just think about it: writing long letters instead of video calling, going crazy over a map instead of using a GPS and listening to the radio. No Instagram. No Facebook. No nothing!

In 2020, technology is everywhere around us: in our cars, in our houses, and even in our beds. It’s easy to get used to it because it makes our life effortless and comfortable. These days, you don’t even need to leave your house to get what you want.

However, nowadays, modern technology means much more than just the newest iPhone or AirPods. With the new systems being released every year, we can expect significant innovations in the near future. And the change runs deep, as it might completely transform our lives.

With 2020 slowly coming to an end, you might be wondering what new technology trends are waiting for us in 2021. To find out, follow us on a little time travel.

The Internet of Behaviors

In short, The Internet of Behaviors is the use of technology to monitor and analyze people’s behaviors. It allows companies from the private and public sectors to adjust their offers and strategies to the clients based on the acquired data. Commonly used information includes a person’s location, their view history, data obtained from the facial recognition system and much more.

IoB provides organizations with a great tool to fit their service to the customer’s needs, so it’s expected to get even more popular in the upcoming years.

Artificial Intelligence

It should come as no surprise that intelligent, self-learning machines will continue to conquer our world. Actually, Siri and the rest of her AI friends are becoming increasingly more popular (and smart!) with time.

In the future, we can expect further improvements in the system of AI, as well as its implementation in more branches of life, such as manufacturing. According to experts, AI technology is expected to get more intertwined with other tech innovations, which will help producers create devices that are more secure, intelligent and with better system performance.

Natural Language Processing

NLP is a branch of AI that focuses on analyzing human language; the machine can learn to understand and interpret human speech. It concentrates mostly on examining the speaker’s intention, rather than just the structure of their speech.

Along with all the AI improvements, as well as enhanced algorithms and more big data available year by year, NLP is also expected to have significant advancements. That means that soon you can expect your Google searches to be even more precise.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the trends that, in a few years, might completely transform the world. Although currently they are mostly used in entertainment, the experts predict that their usage will also be implemented in other branches, such as education or business.

Virtual Reality is a technology that enables the user to enter a digitally-constructed simulation of life, which is already making its way in many industries. For instance, it’s frequently used by real estate agencies, which can’t organize live tours due to the pandemic.

Augmented Reality – the technology that overlays a piece of digital content onto the real world – is already widely used in gaming. Yet, as it’s a subject of further improvements, we might soon expect new devices to implement AR technology in a broader context.

Digital Twin

Digital Twins are virtual models of real-life products, services, devices, or processes. Going hand in hand with the physical product, they are frequently used to predict the possible problems in its system through a simulation. The technology also enables continuous monitoring of the device and analyzing its data to provide the best performance and maximum data security.

Moreover, Digital Twin technology is often used to examine business models to make proper predictions for the future and implement suitable improvements. In 2021, its role is expected to get even more significant.


Whether we like it or not, technology will keep us company for the years to come. Although we might not always be able to use all its wonders, it’s still useful to try to stay up-to-date with the newest trends. This way, we can benefit from all the possibilities that the digital era gives us and gain awareness on how to use it in our favor.

(Małgorzata Koch)




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