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Importance of Plagiarism Checker for a Writer

The internet provides you with an opportunity to learn new things anywhere and anytime you want to. You can also access any information that you wish to know by staying at home only. With time, this has helped in the e-learning industry also and it has also become easier for the learners to plagiarize content. The educational institutions also use this tool to check whether the work they have done is 100% original or not before submitting it. The wordcounttool.com will be the best website to approach if you need any details.

About Plagiarism

Plagiarism Checker is a process of detecting whether anything has been copied from anywhere or not.

  • The necessity of using a Plagiarism

Plagiarism Checker is used to see whether the content that you have written is a unique one or it is copied from somewhere else. This software is basically for those writers who wish to create new ideas and write on new things. These plagiarism checkers are available online.

  • Allows the writer to search in various databases

As some you use a Google search engine to check for plagiarism, the plagiarism software usually provides you with a lot more options. The search engine will not be able to search the contents that are in the books which are not available online. But the plagiarism checker has access to all these kinds of books also.

  • Highlighting the Exact Words

The software highlights the content that has exact words.  In other words, you can check if the content you have written contains any such sentence or not which has been already used by some other author.

  • Percentage of Similarity

This software gives you an idea about the percentage of similarity. Many institutions use plagiarism software to evaluate answer sheets and to check if anything is copied or not. When this software is used in the institutions, a similarity percentage is stated to both the teachers and the students. Students must remain below this similarity level that is mentioned by the institution.

  • Paraphrasing Features

Another factor is checking your paraphrasing abilities. Plagiarism will highlight that part of your writing which means the same with the actual author.

  • Plagiarized

The plagiarism checker will also tell you that you are not plagiarized. Saving a copy of the document will help you to provide the document as proof that you haven’t copied from anywhere.

  • Opportunity to learn more

Students who know about plagiarism will be keener in making a successful academic career in the future. Using this kind of software helps the learner to develop morally as well as ethical boundaries. It help the learners get optimum experience, however, they will have to know how to put the information in order to write in their own words.

  • Deters Learners

When someone will have an idea that the word tool can identify words that are copied then the plagiarism checker will be able to detect it, so they will also not copy and will try to form their own ideas. At times, simply stating that you are using a plagiarism checker even though you are not using one will be enough to defer copying.

  • When to use it

At times, when you are not interested in reading or you don’t have time to check every project, then you can use a plagiarism checker. You should have knowledge of when to use it and also be familiar with the features associated with it.

  • Consequences of Plagiarism

The consequence of Plagiarism is that if you write something that is not your own words, then the plagiarism will be able to detect it. If the writer knows about these, then he or she will be more conscious while writing. Usually, it takes time for a new writer to start writing new things but with the time you will start developing new writing skills.

  • Include a Plagiarism Policy

Make sure that you are providing a plagiarism policy in your e-learning syllabus. Try to teach them about the advantages of using it. Also, make them aware of the fact that you use a plagiarism checker for verifying all the assignments.

  • About Content Writing

Content writing is a part which is there in any company. With the rolling time, content writing is constantly becoming popular. Initially, it was a field which was quite famous in abroad only but with time it has gained popularity in the developing nations also. When it comes to promoting a particular product or a business or a hotel, content writing is quite essential. It is used in various places such as brand stories, market products, and services and much more by any organization.

With the evolving time, content writing is advancing in many different ways around the world. Many more queries and questions are loading in the minds of writers and website managers. One of the important factors among them is content length is important or content quality. There is no proper answer to this question as both should be kept in might while writing.

Tips that are needed to be considered while writing

  • Have Something Unique to Say

You must have an idea about what you are writing. The content should not be irrelevant from the topic provided to you. If you have nothing to say, and then write in such a way that it sounds meaning full.

  • Be Specific

While writing, be very clear about what you want to write.  Don’t include unnecessary topics to increase the volume of the content.

  • Choose Simple words

Don’t use unnecessary words; always try to use simple words. Use longer words only if it is necessary.

  • Write Short Sentences

You should write short sentences followed by a short paragraph. Don’t drag the sentence or make too big paragraphs as now a day’s people don’t like to read the long ones. It is better if you provide the details in pointwise.

  • Eliminate Fluff Words

Try not to use these words such as very or little or add nothing, etc.

  • Don’t Repeat

Try not to repeat the topics that you have already written once in the content because nobody wants to read the same thing again and again.

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