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Spend Some More Time In Your Renovation

Kitchens have to be the most crucial space in a house, is a part of a home and not a house, it’s the space where the health of the family cooks. But the most important thing about wanting to work and set the mood right is for the place to motivate you to work. When the place is put up the right way, is when you are set to move forward with your daily chores. Thus, mentioned below are a few ideas or basic structural ideas to help you move forward with your kitchen design in the best way possible.

Small Space, Yet High Utility

For people who think that nothing much can be done in small spaces these few ideas are for those confused minds, it is essential that you come out of the misconception that nothing much can be done. You can go for soothing colours like white or grey to give an illusion of spacious kitchen design, colours like red or orange cabinets may make it look smaller than it actually is. To add a pinch of glass to it, you can always opt for glass top or glass textured shelves over matte or veneer textured if you have the confidence to maintain it.

Creative Enthusiasts

This is for those outgoing people who want to try and inculcate a piece of their personality into decorating their kitchen, then one of the most creative ways to accentuate it is by putting up patterned tiles, this can also ensure that most of your curry spilling adventures would not be evident, and also cleaning up tiles can get as simple as wiping it with a cloth. As the tiles would be the centre of attraction of the kitchen, it is important to underplay the color choice of the cabinets, you could always pick subtle or sorbet shades of color, to balance the enthusiasm around the tiles.

The One’s Wanting High Storage Space

For some people more than just how the kitchen looks, their main concern happens to be having more room for storage or more cabinet space. We totally understand their concerns, and do not want to leave them out, so this for those who don’t give to much importance to the looks, you can always have big shelves with big single doors and accommodate smaller cabinets or sections in it, to make it look  neater and organized, that way you also don’t have to compromise on the looks of your kitchen completely, you could always invest in a tall unit or also otherwise called ceiling-high cabinets and pull out pantries for the look of it and also more storage. Pick eclectic colours like grey, black, navy blue etc. We finally decided on one of Cabinet Select’s top sellers for our RTA cabinet setup, and I have to confess, it was a lot less nerve-racking than I thought it would be.

The Breakfast Junkies

For those of you who believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, these is for those people, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you can invest in a breakfast counter in the kitchen. All you have to do is extend the counter of the kitchen and make it a breakfast corner, you can opt for a marble top or granite top slabs for the counter, and choose two high-rise stools for you seating, as the counter is kept simple, you can definitely play with the colours of the stools, a vibrant yellow or any other colour that would team up with the interiors of the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen Design

The Natural Light Lovers

For the natural light lovers, some people definitely choose to have great lighting in the kitchen, definitely makes food look yummier, but there are also another set of people who prefer natural lighting over these fancy chandeliers. Definitely opting for natural light is zero investment, but here are a few tips as to how you can utilize this natural resource to the maximum. The first one is the most obvious to have big windows in the kitchen. Another way of making it look beautiful is by being wise while choosing your curtains, a sweet suggestion would be to opt for the roll up wooden curtains, which when shut while not completely shun the light off but dim the light and set the mood.

The Perfectionists

You all might have heard of the golden triangle, well it might sound silly to most people,  but yes this is a concept used in designing your kitchen as well. As unique and astonishing as this idea sounds, it is also essential to follow the golden ratio rule. This rule mostly used to decide as to where the kitchen equipment is needed to be placed to have the most order in the kitchen even if there is more than one person working in the kitchen. One important rule to follow according to this rule is to make sure your sink, hob and the refrigerator are in a triangular order to avoid bumping into people when more than one is working.

For The Modern Twist Lovers

Another easy way to create depth in your kitchen design is by using frosted shelves or in other words, the translucent shelves. This adds a lot more dimension to the room and also gives it a very edgy look.  Some shelves can also have glass shelves for the same reason as to why you would install the translucent ones. It is obvious that you can have only frosted or transparent shelves all around the kitchen. Since there has to be some amount of privacy to be maintained, you can also opt for the opaque ones for your other storage, and hence you can make it a combination of all three kinds for a modern twist to the kitchen.


These are very few common categories of preferences and tastes for a kitchen, it is obvious there are many other ways one would want to decorate their kitchen and go about experimenting their style, but if you’re one of those people mentioned in the above few categories, believe it you’re going to really enjoy setting up your kitchen, and the tips will definitely leave you on a happy note.


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