pebble pico powerbank in white and black

Pebble Pico-The UltraSmall Power Bank

pebble pico powerbank in white and black

Informinc’s Review of the Pebble Pico

No matter how much we love our smartphone, we all hate it when it lets us down as its battery is all drained out.

Getting a power bank seems like the best thing to do, especially if you’re always on the move. Getting a power bank that is both small and effective, that’s another challenge and you may find yourself in a pickle when shopping.

What is Pebble Pico?

Pebble Pico is the new power bank from Pebble and makes an incredible first impression with its 10000mAH battery capacity.

According to Pico, the Pebble Pico is the smallest size power bank in its category at the moment.

Don’t let the appearance of Pebble Pico mislead you. Even if it’s smaller than a deck of cards, the power bank is strong and effective, nevertheless. It’s really lightweight (0.044lb) and it’s all about features in a small package.

The power bank is more than meets the eye and features a digital capacity indicator, for tracking the charging level of the power bank.pebble pico comprehensive circuit protection

What are the features that count?

Even if it’s small, the power bank is practically loaded with features so let’s take a closer look:

  • The size

If there’s one thing we cannot deny to the Pebble Pico is the size. Palm sized, the power bank is definitely one of the smallest power banks at the moment.

  • The smart features

Even if it’s small, the power bank comes with dual USB outputs so you’re going to be able to charge 2 devices at the same time.

The small power bank also features a digital display which informs you about the remaining power that you get to use for juicing up your gadgets. The display is in digital (25/50/75/100) format so it’s easy to read and to understand.

  • The design

Truth be told, the incredible small size and the elegant design is going to make a great first impression. Not only that is small, but Pebble Pico also has a subtle and sleek appearance. Slipping it into your purse is going to be a breeze and using it isn’t going to be challenging at all either. Due to its small size, finding a place for placing it is never going to be an issue.

The power bank comes in combination of white and black color so it’s a classic option for most.

  • The compatibility

The Pebble Pico is effective and compatible with tablets, cameras, iPods and phones.

  • The buildu0026amp;speed

The small power bank is made with Grade A Li-Io battery cells so it’s ready to take to use for quite some time. It also takes fast charging with DC5V-2A input.

dual usb port charges two smartphones at the same timeIts 10,000mAh capacity explains its reliable performance, for sure. The power bank provides high-speed and high-efficiency charging up to 2.1A output, using a conversion ratio of 65-70%.

Pebble Pico is made from high-quality material. The core is made with advanced high-voltage Li-Polymer, just in the case of iPhone’s Pebble Pico.

  • The safety

It’s pretty clear by now that Pebble Pico isn’t just about the small size, the compatibility or the cute appearance. By contrary, the build is well thought out and the power bank is very well made. It features a 10-way Circuit Protection Mechanism Safeguard which is going to ensure a safe operation, expanding the life span of your mobile devices and the power bank itself.

The power bank comes with several features for safe use:

  • Over discharge protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • Short circuit protection

Any downsides?

At the moment, the only thing that may be a bit of downside is the poor selection of colors. However, this is a very small issue to consider as it’s way more important for a power bank to be functional and reliable.

The conclusion

Small, reliable, powerful, easy to use and fitting in your palm, the Pebble Pico is a great choice for a power bank, especially if you need to charge 2 devices at the same time. It’s a lot more than a small power bank and you should give it a go asap.


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Pebble Pico is a ultra small 10,000 mAh power bank for Rs. 1599


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