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Review of PetChatz HD- Two-way premium audio/HD video pet treat camera w/ DogTV

Modern pet owners know that their pets need love and attention even when they’re away. Video surveillance cameras sure can give peace of mind, helping one see how the pet is doing throughout the day, but pets and humans need a lot more than that.

Pet cameras are a popular solution amongst the pet owners since they come with functions that conventional video surveillance system cannot provide. Two-way sound communication, play features, or treats tossing are only some of the tasks that pet cameras present nowadays.

What’s the story with PetChatz HD?

The PetChatz HD–  isn’t a regular pet camera, but a device that entertains your pet when you’re not home. It’s an interactive pet camera that comes with two-way video chats, calming aromatherapy, treat dispenser, and brain games. The PawCall lets your pet get in touch with you. Everything is safe and secure for viewing since you need to subscribe to DOGTV.

Since top pet experts create it, the PetChatz HD-  is easy to control from anywhere through the iOS/Android app or desktop computers.

What are the technical specifications?

PetChatz HD details

The PetChatz HD-  has a subtle design, with no edges, corners, or cords that your dog may chew. You can attach it to a wall or kennel, to watch your dog while you’re away. The device is made in the USA and fits any décor, for sure. It’s more durable than it looks since it’s able to handle 100lb pressure.

Due to its round shape, the device is safe for the pets, and since it has no cords whatsoever, it presents no risk for chewing. The risk of an electric shock is rather slim.

Unlike its competitors, the PetChatz HD-  ensures two-way video with a full-color LCD screen, which means your pet can also see you. It’s a low light intensity camera on the device, allowing you to check your pet even in dim light conditions. The resolution for the camera is 1280×720 pixels, whereas your pet can take a look at you through the bright screen.

If you think that your pet is a bit tensed, you may disperse calming aromatherapy while you’re chatting with your pet. It’s going to help with the anxiety of being all alone at home.

You may think that the PetChatz HD-, but the list of functions doesn’t stop just yet. You can teach your pet how to use the PawCall and get in touch with you when they want to hear from you. A particular ringtone is going to inform you when your pet is giving you a call. The built-in speaker and microphone let you talk to your pet and hear from him as well.

The design of the PetChatz HD-  is well-thought-out, and the device comes with motion and sound detection features. Not only that the pet camera identifies motion and sound, but it’s also capable of sending you notifications. The sensors may sense motion and sound within a range of eight feet and send notifications accordingly. You can check your pet’s behavior, and safety since the device stores 30 seconds increments of his activity. You can watch it in real-time or whenever you feel like it. Either way, you’re going to be able to watch his action while you’re away.

How to mount the pet camera? What’s it like when using it?

using PetChatz HD

As with the significant majority of smart home devices, installing and setting up the PetChatz HD-  is rather straightforward for most people. Ideally, you should install the equipment with the mounting hardware that comes along, plugging it into the wireless router later on. The quick start guide is what you find in the box. It explains how to connect it to the Wi-Fi and the device.

It’s not complicated to install the PetChatz HD-, and you should do it on your own, especially when you don’t want to spend another dollar on the pet camera. Should you encounter any challenges, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the company. You can call, email, or have a chat with them. They’re thrilled to help. Don’t forget to download the app on your Android, iOS, or computer for completing the registration.

Since you’re mounting the device near to the floor, keep in mind that this may be a bit tall for a tiny cat. You’re not going to be able to see much of it (probably only its ears). You can improvise and place a folded blanket to lift it when the pet is around. Since the PetChatz HD-  has a wide-angle lens, you can see the whole cat when it’s a couple of steps away.

When it comes to the functions, many are going to enjoy a variety of options. Apart from communication, the PetChatz HD-  also allows you to reward your pet with a tasty treat (it’s made from natural ingredients and meat). The treat is free of corn, grain, or fillers, which means it’s healthy and safe for your pet. You can find salmon or chicken treats to use with PetChatz HD-.

Note to self: not all cats are going to like the PetChatz treats, so you can have your trial and error until you get the right ones. They should be the same size as the treats provided with the device (or even smaller than that).

The treat dispenser function is one of the many tasks that you and your pet are going to love. It’s the same with the scent dispenser, which is going to calm your pet whenever you feel like your pet is a bit anxious. You shouldn’t worry about the scents not being safe for the indoor air quality. The PetChatz HD’s scent doesn’t alter the indoor air quality since it’s made with natural ingredients (lavender oil, jojoba seed oil, oranges, citrus oil, and many more).

On the side note, remember that some pets are sensitive to scented items, which is why you should make sure that it’s safe to use the scent dispenser function around your pet. You don’t want to find out that the scent is terrible for them when you’re not home.

What is it that we like the most about the device?

The PetChatz HD-  stands out with its functions, build, and overall performance, so listing only our favs don’t come easy.

Here’s the list, nevertheless:

  • It has a round shape that is safe to use around pets
  • It’s easy to install and to set it up
  • It comes with two-way audio communication
  • It also features two-way video function, so your pet can see you too
  • The resolution for the camera is excellent, and the image is clear
  • The sound is crisp, and the sound communication is efficient
  • You can release treats for your pet
  • You can also release soothing scents for your pet
  • Your pet can get in touch with you through the PawCall feature
  • It has motion and soundtracking functions
  • It comes with an app so that you can check and get notifications when you’re not home

Any flaws with the device?

The PetChatz HD-  is close to being perfect, and its inherent flaws don’t hold us down when deciding:

  • It’s not a cheap pet camera
  • The screen could be clearer
  • The audio quality could be better

What’s the final word?

Impressive within its functions and safe for your pet, the PetChatz HD-  is a wise investment to make for you and your pet. Some think it’s life-changing, and you should give it a try next time you worry about your pet when you’re not home.

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