Petzi Treat Cam Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Review of Petzi Treat Cam Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Owning a pet is easy; caring for your pet should also come easy since there are so many devices out there to help you.

Working from home is a luxury that not many of us enjoy, and we all have to leave the house sooner or later. And when you’re not home for many hours, you’d like to know that your pet is fine and dandy. Tossing him a treat (one way or another) is just the tip of the iceberg, for sure.

Petzi Treat Cam- why take a look at it?

Petzi Treat Cam is a fun and easy way to get in touch with your pet wherever you are. It allows you to watch it throughout the day and even spoil it from time to time. The Petzi Treat Cam comes with a treat launcher that all pets are going to enjoy, eventually.

The Petzi Treat Cam comes with designated iOS and Android app so that you may control it and even share the content on social media. The list of functions is pretty long, which is why you should keep reading for a detailed image.

Check the detailed description of the Petzi Treat Cam!

Petzi Treat Cam

The first thing to notice on the Petzi Treat Cam is the shape, which is rectangular. The device includes the storage recipient for treats and allows wall-mounting. It’s made with white plastic material and looks quite subtle, matching any décor. Pets cannot open the treat dispenser, so no worries about that. You shouldn’t try using it handheld, as its design doesn’t make it more comfortable that way.

The camera comes with fixed-lens with autofocus, with the images presenting a fair amount of barrel distortion. It’s not the most precise image, but it’s not what makes the camera so dependable, anyway. The resolution could need some improvement, nevertheless. The camera wins back some points since it’s capable of taking a screenshot and saving it to the camera roll. You may capture cute pics of your pets and keep it/share it later on social media. The camera comes with IR light, so night mode allows you to see your pet even at night. The “night mode” activates the infrared light, switching to black and white and making the camera functional even in dim light conditions.

It’s a one-way audio device, allowing you to talk to your pet from time to time. The speaker works fine and lets you say a couple of words to your pet when he’s not behaving.

The selling point for the camera is the treat dispenser which any pet is going to like. The device throws the treats really well, even halfway across the room. The Petzi Treat Cam is also Dash Replenishment Enabled, so it checks the levels in real-time. You may quickly and automatically reorder when the level of treats gets too low.

You can use the Petzi Treat Cam with your Smartphone app, which ensures remote operation.  It has designated an iOS and Android app that control it, letting you even share the content straight to social media.

Is the installation difficult? What about using it?

Installing the best dog camera should be straightforward, and you only need to make an account on Petzi network, pairing your phone with the camera with the app. Remove the plastic cover, fill the recipient with treats, and take a look at your pet’s reaction.

At home, the Petzi Treat Cam is going to play a chime for noticing your furry friend you’re checking upon him. It all depends on your pet if he likes it or not. If you have a cat, it’s a gamble- you never know when he/she is around or interested in you being there.

If you travel a lot or you’re not around all day long, the Petzi Treat Cam is a great device to get. It works with dogs right out of the box, since they’re happy to see their human all the time. It’s not the same with cats, which any cat owner may know by now. They may need a bit more time for getting the device, as well.

The tossing of treats may involve a learning process for your pet and yourself. It also depends on both of you just how much the process is going to take.

As for the social network function, some pet owners may fancy the idea of their pets having their profile on the Petzi Network. It’s a wash if you ask some of the owners.

Should you encounter any challenges while installing the Petzi Treat Cam, don’t worry. The support team is online and therefore guiding you throughout the process.

What is it that we like the most about the camera?

The camera brings many good things to the table, so here’s what we like the most:

  • It allows you to check on your pet any now and then
  • You can take snapshots of your pets
  • You can toss treats to the pet
  • It will enable remote control from your smartphone
  • It has a good build and ensures wall mounting
  • The treats recipient isn’t easy to open by pets
  • You can share pics of your pets right on social media
  • It comes with Night Mode function
  • You can use it for cats, dogs, and other pets able to learn how to use it

Are the flaws major?

The inherent flaws aren’t significant, not many, but it’s better that you complete the picture:

  • The camera resolution could be better
  • It’s not two-way audio enabled
  • The angle could be wider
  • There’s 3-5 seconds delay
  • You need to use the proper treats
  • There are no pan/zoom/tilt functions for the camera

What’s the conclusion?

Even some don’t like the camera for not being able to provide two-way sound communication, and the Petzi Treat Cam still is a solid choice for many pet owners. It lets you check your furry friend day and night, talk to him, take some pretty pics, and even toss him a treat any now and then. The installation and use are a breeze, which is why the Petzi Treat Cam stands as a wise buy on any given day.

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