Taking Good Care of Your Dog- The Useful Considerations for the Basic Needs

Taking Good Care of Your Dog- The Useful Considerations for the Basic Needs

If you’re planning to become a dog owner really soon, there are some things to consider. You need to learn about his needs so that he stays healthy and happy. Along with the good food and the health monitoring, some other things are going to be considered so scroll down for the useful tips.

One note before we proceed

The way you see the whole dog ownership is going to be fundamental for the relationship with your dog. It’s not a burden, but a possibility for joy that makes your life rich and makes your dog feeling loved and protected. Your dog needs good food, water, shelter to survive, but he also needs physical care and nurturing for living a good life.

   1. Ensure the right nutrition

A balanced and healthy diet is essential for the basic dog care. Take your time and look for the high-quality ingredients and not the fillers. Your dog should get a good quality diet, but pay attention to his tastes as well! It doesn’t make sense to pay the extra buck for the holistic diet if your dog doesn’t even touch it.

One of the most popular choices out there is the Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe High Prairie Premium Dry Dog Food. Made with high protein ingredients, vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables, the dog food contains fatty acids for the skin and coat and has no corn, grain, wheat or filler. It’s highly digestible and contains proprietary probiotics that are good for your dog too.

If you’re planning to ensure a homemade diet for your dog, you should have a talk to the veterinarian first to make sure that it’s a good choice for your pet. It’s wiser to make small batches in the beginning- your dog may not like it. No matter the changes that you’re going to make in your dog’s diet, you should always do it gradually so that you maintain the risk for gastrointestinal upset really low.

Water is also important for your dog so make sure that he always has fresh and clean water to drink.

   2. Create a space of its own

We all know that dogs love to be around you and your family. Even if they have to live outside in some situations, most of them are going to want to spend time inside the house.

It’s best that you create a space for him (a kennel, a bed or a crate). Not only that it’s going to be his very own space, but it’s also going to teach him to respect both your space and his too.

It’s best that you also teach your dog that some areas are off limits for him, setting the ground rules right from the beginning.

If your dog likes to spend time outside too, it’s best that you ensure access to a doggie dog or a temperature-controlled doghouse. You shouldn’t leave your dog outside without any shelter, especially when it’s really cold or really hot- you may put his health at danger.

Do you spend a lot of time away from home? If you do and want to keep an eye on your dog, you should consider installing some pet cameras. Some of them are two-way cameras so that you can talk and hear your dog, not only see him while you’re away. Take a look at the models that feature treat dispensers as well-your dog is going to feel loved even when you’re away!

   3. Nurture your dog

Despite of what one may think, dogs actually love the structure and discipline. Good training is going to improve your dog’s life and you should go with a program that fits your dog’s needs and lifestyle.

Some may want to select a training class with a professional instructor or do it on their own instead. No matter which way you go, it’s best that you see yourself as the one in charge, reinforcing the good behavior and correcting the misbehavior. Be consistent and wait until you see the positive outcomes.

Keeping a human-canine bond is fundamental for your dog and no one should forget about it. Domestic dogs are social animals and they need the human interaction. It’s best that you make time for bonding with your dog. Play with toys, pet him, talk to him and take him on a ride in the car- these are only some of the options you have.

For instance, the Pacific Pups Products supporting pacificpuprescue.com Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers – Set of 11 Nearly Indestructible Dog Toys includes a nice variety of dog toys that are going to help you play with your dog in a fun way. Your dog can play with the toys and improve his dental health as well. They’re not squeaky toys and handle the aggressive chewers pretty well.

   4. Make time for the physical exercise

Regular exercising is going to preserve the health of your dog and prevent many health conditions. It’s a good thing to create an exercise routine- it can even be one stroll around the neighborhood once a day. The breed of your dog has a lot to say on the amount of exercise he needs for burning off the extra energy. You don’t know the breed of your dog? Get yourself the Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit so that you can identify the breed of your dog. You only need to take a cheek swab at home, activate the kit online, send the kit and wait for the results. This test is able to identify 250+ breeds, types and varieties so you’re going to find out the breed of your dog, for sure.

   5. Prevent any problems with your dog

Any part of the dog basic care can be customized and adjusted to your dog’s needs and likings. Even if the crate training is important, some may think that the dog needs an open living arrangement, training the dog to obey the rules without using a crate. As long as you never forget that you always have alternatives, taking care of your dog could be easier than you’d think.

Don’t hesitate to talk to the vet for some advices. Not only that he knows about the health aspects, but he also knows a lot about taking care of a dog.

What’s to know about the crate training?

Crate training is a common way of house training of your dog. You typically use the crate for keeping your dog confined when you cannot supervise him. Most dogs aren’t going to urinate nor defecate in the same place they sleep; therefore, you need to train your dog to hold it in when he’s in the crate.

The variety of crates is really generous and you can choose between wire cage, plastic pet carriers, nylon crates or soft-sided canvas models.

  • The wire crate

The wire crate is the most common model as it lets your dog see what’s going on, while keeping him contained. Many models come with an extra panel so that you make the crate smaller/bigger- it all depends on the size of your dog.

A reliable choice for crate is the MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate | iCrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates. The crate has a long lasting design and build, creating a safe place for your dog when you’re away. It comes with two strong slide-bolt latches that lock the door in place, keeping your dog safe inside the crate. The crate is easy to put together and folds flat when you have to store it away. It comes with roller feet which protect the hardwood and ease the repositioning.

  • The plastic pet carrier

This type of crate is also good and many are using it for airline travel. As it encloses on three sides, it doesn’t let much light inside so your dog isn’t going to be very happy in it. Cleaning this type of crate isn’t easy either.

  • The soft-sided crates

Lightweight, these crates are easy to carry and a great option when travelling with your dog. However, your dog may chew or scratch at the sides and the risk for escaping should be considered. You may not want to use it for a puppy.

No matter which type of crate you’re using, the size is essential. You don’t want the crate to be too large, as your dog may use a part of the area for sleeping and the other one to eliminate. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too small as your dog needs the space for lying down in a comfortable way.

Is crate training good for your dog?

Even if you may not fancy the idea of the crate, keep in mind that dogs actually like having a secure and safe place of their own as it calms them down. As long as the crate training is done properly, the crate should become one of your dog’s favorite places in your home. Some dogs may even look for the crate once the whole housetraining is done. The moment your dog is able to stay alone for several hours without becoming destructive in any way, you should stop using the crate and let your dog run free when you’re away. Especially if there are some pet cameras watching J

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