Review of Hitachi Metabo HPT C10RJ 10 inch Jobsite Table Saw

Review of the Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw

If you’re a DIY fan, you know that having the right tools in your shop can help you in so many ways. Not only that, you get to do a better job, but you also get to finish it faster and more accurately.

What is a table saw? How does it work?

The table saw is rather a simple tool, and many described it to be like a circular saw flipped upside down. It’s mounted to the underside of a table, which gives it the name too.

You get to control the cut when using the table saw, since you may raise/lower the blade for controlling the depth of your cut. You can also pivot for altering the angle of your cut, and thus controlling the bevel of the cut.

How to select a dependable table saw?

The first thing, to begin with, is to know how you’ll use the saw and where do you plan to use it. There are many, and various types of table saws even for DIYers, and some may need it for the basic cuts, whereas others need it for making furniture.

Where you’ll use the table also saw matters since there are portable models and more rugged types that cannot be moved easily.

You also have to decide the category of the table saw you want, with benchtop, cabinet, and contractor being the most significant.

Don’t forget to think about the features you want in a table saw, since many of them are easing out your typical DIY projects. Miter gauge, flat top, power, dust collection, fence type, wind additions, blade factors, and bevel ability are only some of the features to name,

Table saws shouldn’t pose safety issues when used right, and all guards are in place. Should you worry about your safety, it’s better that you select a saw with an automatic blade brake that activates automatically if the blade touches the skin.

How to describe Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw in a nutshell?

The Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw is a dependable and robust tool to use in many DIY applications. It has a rugged build that recommends it for heavy-duty use. It’s loaded with features that make DIY projects more comfortable to do, and its performance is always reliable.

It’s the same Metabo HPT, but with a new name. The quality and value are even better than before, so keep reading for the details.

Let’s take a closer look at the technical specs!

Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw makes a great first impression and has a rugged appearance and a durability feel. You don’t even have to check it carefully to see that Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw is ready to take a beat in your DIY shop.

Since it’s a powerful tool, Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw comes with a 15-Amp motor that produces 4,500RPMs, giving you the power you need in your shop. It’s a dependable tool to use for cross-cutting and rip-sawing hardwood, plywood, ordinary wood, and even composite wood materials.

The fold& roll stand of the table saw comes with rugged legs so that you may easily set it up and breakdown, without losing the stability during your job. The stand also features wheels so that you may handle it through various surfaces nice and smooth.

Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw is loaded with great features, like the soft-start, electric brake, and a generous working table. You will appreciate the soft-start function since it reduces the level of noise, whereas the recoil at start-up makes the usage more comfortable.

Hitachi C10RJ folded uprightMany consider the telescoping table extension helpful, supporting a maximum rip capacity of 35” to the right. It has a 22″ rip ability to the left.

You can use the table saw for 3-1/8” cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/4” cut at 45 degrees. It features with a ¾” T-slot miter gauge that comes with an extended scale. You may customize positive stops at the level at 0,15, 30, 45, and 60 degrees to the left and right for guiding your material precisely. You will get a more accurate cut when doing so.

Safety wasn’t skipped with the Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw since it features an oversized power switch with emergency off safety cover. Should anything go south during a job, the table saw is going to reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw is designed at the knee level for instant shut down when things get out of control.

You will be able to make simple dado cuts thanks to the 8×13/16” dado ability. It’s a high table saw for any job site and workshop, with user-friendly design and features.

The Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw comes with a single dust port, which will be enough on most jobs and may surprise you with its size. Many have highlighted that it’s larger than anticipated.

You can confidently use Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw in your shop for making precise cuts with less wobble, and high accuracy every time.

What is it that we like the most about Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw?

Hitachi C10RJ in use at work

The Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw comes with many useful features that turn it into a reliable option for most DIYers out there.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s a user-friendly table saw
  • It comes with a strong motor
  • The working table surface is generous
  • It has a soft start and recoil at start-up
  • It features a telescoping extension
  • It includes an electric brake
  • You may adjust positive stops from 0 to 60 degrees
  • It comes with legs for more portability
  • It ensures precise cuts with less wobble
  • It has safety features and automatic shutdown at knee level
  • It comes with dust port
  • It’s quiet
  • It’s larger than expected
  • It has a stable and rugged fold&roll stand
  • It’s dependable for rip-sawing and cross-cutting various types of woods and composite wood

Is there something we don’t like?

None of the inherent flaws are deal-breakers, but they complete the image of Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw:

  • It’s a massive tool, so portability is questionable
  • It’s difficult to find replacement parts
  • It needs some minor tweaking in the beginning

Should you get it or not?

All in all, the Hitachi/Metabo C10RJ Table Saw is a reliable tool that gives impressive power, adjustability, and precision for your cuts. It’s great to have it in your shop for cross-cutting and rip-sawing wood materials, especially since it ensures safe, quiet, and dependable performance at all times.

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