Purchasing for Pollution Prevention

INFORM’s Purchasing for Pollution Prevention Project is designed to help federal, state, and local governments purchase safer alternatives to products containing persistent, bioaccumulative toxic chemicals (PBTs) such as mercury, lead, and dioxins. INFORM staff are identifying products that contain PBTs and working directly with purchasers and policymakers to identify, evaluate, and specify less toxic alternatives.

    1. What are persistent, bioaccumulative toxic chemicals (PBTs)?
    2. Which PBTs are targeted in this project?
    3. What products contain these PBTs?
      • Lice and scabies treatments
      • Mercury-containing lamps
      • Exit signs
      • Vehicles
      • Medical and surgical supplies
      • Industrial thermometers, manometers, thermostats, and switches
      • HVAC and building equipment


  1. Where can I find alternatives?
  2. How is INFORM helping government entities to buy products without PBTs?
  3. How can I contact INFORM staff about this project?
  4. PBT Links
  5. Environmental purchasing links
  6. Purchasing for Asthma Prevention

You can also download a PowerPoint Presentation on this project .

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